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[OOS] Day 6, 11:30am-?, Military Visit with Shadow
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This is topic [OOS] Day 6, 11:30am-?, Military Visit with Shadow in forum Mars Academy RPG at The Nice.

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Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-12-2002 12:42 PM:
*Notice/Disclaimer: Do to complications, this event will merely be a possible scenario that does not really occur at the Mars Academy.

Day 6, 11:30pm, Mars Orbit
Meanwhile, roughly 100,000 miles from the Mars Academy outpost, a large spacecraft carrier ominously drifts through deep space having recently exited the jump gate from Cyantia. Near the bow of the carrier on both sides are the large characters in native Cyantian Mouny which translate to "M.S.S. Reliant". The massive carrier spans more than 250 meters in length and appears to be capable of housing a fleet of at least 30 attack fighters, safely stowed behind four massive docking doors on both the port and starboard sides of the vessel. Upon arrival in the Sol system, the docking bay door closest to the bow of the ship on both sides begin opening permitting four Archangel-class heavy attack fighters per side to exit the carrier and begin escorting the carrier as it plots its course toward the designated location of the Mars Academy outpost, while at the same time activating long-range scans to pintpoint the exact location of the outpost on Mars during its current revolution.

After travelling at a relatively low velocity, the Reliant locates the outpost and enters geo-synchronous orbit above the Mars Academy. The carrier's communications officer attempts to contact the Mars Academy outpost.

Comm. Guy: "Mars Academy, this is the MSS Reliant of the Mounty National Armed Forces requesting docking clearance for a shuttle transporting General Arthur Mc'ro and some escorts."
Posted by Owen, Sally, Adonis, and Tippy (Member # 2452) on 04-12-2002 12:59 PM:
Admin/Comm Room/North Docking Bay/Securtiy ready room

    quote:Originally posted by Shadow:
    Day 6, 11:30pm, Mars Orbit
    Comm. Guy: "Mars Academy, this is the MSS Reliant of the Mounty National Armed Forces requesting docking clearance for a shuttle transporting General Arthur Mc'ro and some escorts."

Comm Room:
The wolf curently on duty recives the call and relays it to Admin.

An Ocolot takes the bounce of the call to admin.
"MSS Reliant you are being bounced to control for the North Docking bay."

North Docking bay:
The Avistarian on duty after reseving all the apropriate clerences radios the ship in orbit. "Reliant, this is North Docking bay control, you are cleared to set down one shuttle in berth 3, two security guards will be ariving as escourt for the general."

Security Room
Loud Speaker "Team Six to North Docking bay, escort General Arthur Mc'ro of the MSS as needed."

Tim turns to Bob, "I wonder what a tactition of his value is doing here, it seems we get to find out."

Note: I am assumeing that the east and west docking bays are cargo only and so the north and perhaps south are people only.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-12-2002 02:15 PM:
[Mars Orbit, MSS Reliant]
After receiving docking clearance from the oupost, the comm. guy replies, "Acknowledged Mars Academy. Shuttle is currently enroute to North Docking Bay, berth 3. ETA ten minutes."

Comm. guy turns to speak to the general, currently in commmand on the bridge. "Sir, we have received clearance from the Mars Academy to dock a shuttle."

General Arthur Mc'ro (Large, muscular build, light brown cougar, approx. 6" tall, age in mid-40s): "Excellent. Signal Ghost Squadron to meet me in the shuttle in docking bay 1 immediately." Turning to the ship's commander, "You have command of the bridge. Keep the communications channel with the squad open."

The general began making his way through the vessels interior and down six decks towards the forward, starboard bocking bay, designated docking bay 1.

Meanwhile, down in the crew quarters on Deck 10 near the stern of the ship, the wall comm. unit activated with the voice of the comm. officer relaying the general's orders. This particular room was assigned only for use by the Ghosts, with all the facilities they would require. Sabre, as he was known, commander of the Ghosts, signaled the bridge acknowledging that the orders were received. He turned to the other three members and responded, "Time to visit an old friend. Lets get moving. We are to report to General Mc'ro in docking bay 1, ASAP." The squad members were already suited up and armed, ready since the carrier exited the warp gate, knowing fully the details of this mission before they even left Cyantian orbit. The crew replied, "Yes, sir," and promtply followed Sabre's lead up to the docking bay.

Docking Bay 1
The General arrives in the docking bay in a matter of minutes, seeing the Ghosts loading into the shuttle as he arrives. Sabre awaits the General's arrival while instructing the squad to enter the shuttle. A designated shuttle pilot is already seated in the shuttle activating internal systems and preparing the vehicle for flight.

Sabre: He salutes the General and says, "The Ghosts are onboard and ready, awaiting your orders."

General Mc'ro: Returning the salute, he replies, "Very good." He enters the shuttle followed by Sabre, after which the shuttle's doors seal and the engines power up.

The pilot announces, "Shuttle active and ready for takeoff. Now departing." The docking bay is cleared and the outer door opens again after the room is depressurized. A low roar resonnates through the shuttle as the engines reach 75% thrust and the shuttle drifts out of the carrier, and begins its short journey down to the Martian surface.

Day 6, 11:40pm, Mars Academy North Docking Bay
As the shuttle approaches the Mars Academy North Docking Bay, the pilot contacts the academy again, "MSS Shuttle 5 now arriving at North Docking Bay, berth 3. Please clear the platform." Seeing the bay empty and having the coordinates of the platform entered into the shuttle's navigation systems, the pilot skillfully manuevers the shuttle into position on the platform perfectly . The engines disengage and the ship waits for the docking bay to close again so it can unload its passengers.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-12-2002 06:23 PM:
The North Docking Bay door seals again and the shuttle opens its loading doors. Four soldiers exit the shuttle, each slightly different in height and size, all wearing identical outfits (which appear nearly identical to the Halo Master Chief's armor) carrying automatic (bullet) assault rifles. Immediately following them is General Arthur Mc'ro, dressed in a formal military dress uniform adorned with numerous medals and awards earned throughout his military career. The soldiers begin moving toward the main bay door leading into the Academy.

Sabre: "General, follow us. Widow, up front with me. Blade, Tank, bring up the rear. Maintain communications contact at all times."

General Mc'ro: "Find the security escorts so we can get moving. They should know where he is."

The docking bay is empty aside from the general and the four soldiers, who meet up with the two security personnel when they reach the exit door. The shuttle remains checking onboard systems and begins slowly deactivating numerous unnecessary systems while it remains docked. Blade pauses momentarily and nervously looks around the room behind them, shortly accompanied by Tank.

Blade: "I swear I heard something moving back there."

Tank: "Don't worry so much, we're at the Mars Academy. Why would they come here? Come on."

Blade and Tank rejoin the group, while the General signals the security officers to join them. "We are here on official business with Shadow. He is an instructor here. Can you guide us to him?"
Posted by Nom De Destiny (Member # 2530) on 04-13-2002 07:22 PM:
Nom's ship, the Inconceivable silently watched from the shadow of a crater on Phobos. Then, bouncing a message off of Deimos, it hit another satelite system on Mars and richochetted back to Phobos. Where it integrated itself into the general datastream from the satelite here and entered the electronic satelite masking system which prevented earth from seeing the events on mars. Which in turn smuggled itself into the security network, then through official channels, into a dummy console somewhere in the desert region. Every 2 minutes, a burst would emminate in a tight beam at the academy. Where one person was listening carefully and sending it through his own decryption devices...

The message was as such. "'Ware. Trouble brews."

Answer "Ours or someone else?"

"Unknown. I'm on site here and I can't hack into their systems without being noticed. Its docked but I have to punch through the firewall and that'll leave a momentary burn trail. I'll have to be on the ship to find out."

"Don't be silly. You don't have a reason or high enough security clearance."



"Hrmmm... Looks like our job yesterday was 100% successful or they would have demanded the schools total eviction by now. I'm clear. You?"

"Run silent and running deep. If need be I can run the warp drive in system. Would cause a lot of damage and be very dangerous... But I can do it. It's my ship after all."

"Anything else due for the month?"

"Try year. Not too many calls for jobs meeting your minimum 80K fee."

"That's not the problem. The problem is that we can't advertise."

"Right... I can see it now. We kill'em and we grill'em. I can see the customers coming now."

"Don't be an idiot..." Dead silence "You going back to doing runs now?"

"Yeah. Plenty of people willing to pay for pure passengers and no questions. Took this old guy, a farmboy and two droids for the cost of a ship. Nice deal that one."

"Were they..."

"Don't worry. No. They were not sex dolls nor were they dealing in the stuff."

"Okay. Good to know you're still working Nom. Happy trails."

"Study hard Grief. For knowledge is power and power corrupts. I want you to be evil."

The call disconnects and the data shadows are evaporated by the light of truth.
Posted by Owen, Sally, Adonis, and Tippy (Member # 2452) on 04-14-2002 08:21 PM:
Tim and Bob snap to attention, "We can take you to his quaters as we unfortunatly have not been able to locate him at the moment. This way General." With military pride and persision the two march toward the door and thence to the south wing of the dorm.
  Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-14-2002 10:50 PM:
When the two security members begin leading them to Shadow's living quarters, the group follows. First are Sabre and Widow, followed by the General, and then Blade and Tank in back. On their way to the living quarters, they pass by the entrance to the cafeteria.

Day 6, 11:45am, Cafeteria
The group momentarily pauses by the cafeteria.

General Mc'ro: Speaking to the security guards, "Wait for a moment." To Sabre, "This is the public cafeteria. Check to see if he is in the vicinity."

Sabre: "Yes, sir." To Widow, "You're with me."

Both Sabre and Widow proceed to enter through the cafeteria doors and stand near the entrance searching the area for any sign of Shadow.

Widow(using suit comm.): "There are several students and residents of the Academy, but I cannot locate Shadow anywhere in here."

Sabre(using suit comm.): "Affirmative. Shadow is not present in the cafeteria."

Both of the armed soldiers exit the cafeteria and continue on their way to the living quarters with the rest of the group.

The group finally arrives at the main entrance to the living quarters, drawing only a small amount of attention due to the relatively few number of locals in the immediate area.

Tim: "Here are the Academy's living quarters. Shadow is registered in the South wing, floor C, room 31. Follow us to the room."

As Tim and Bob lead the soldiers into the living quarters to the main elevator, the group continues to follow.

Day 6, 11:50am, North Docking Bay
Meanwhile, back in the North Docking Bay, the spacious facility remains virtually empty with the exception of the half-powered shuttle. Yet, if anyone else where present they wouldhave noticed the shadows of two individuals moving about in the Docking Bay silently. The two figures reach the secured main control terminal for the North Docking Bay and begin accessing the Mars Academy computer system using a complex computer hack program. The shorter individual runs a standard room resident directory query for Shadow's address, while the taller one stands watch.

Short guy(using personal comm.): "Got it. Shadow resides in room SC-31 of the Academy living quarters."

Tall guy(using personal comm.): "Good. Let's hope he is still there. Now deactivate power to his room only."

Short guy(personal comm.): "Understood. Accessing power grid for living quarters South wing. I have access. Attempting to power down room SC-31. Sh*t. We have a problem. Somebody has detected my presence and is trying to lock me out of the system. Uh. Power is fluctuating throughout the entire living quarters building. The system shows power failures in rooms EA-12, EB-11, SC-31, and the entire floor C in the South Wing. Living quarters power grid is unstable. I cannot control the power grid anymore, I've lost access to the computer system."

Tall guy(personal comm.): "Good enough. Lets go before we loose the element of surprise."

The two individuals then vanished from the console before anyone could have spotted them.

Day 6, 11:50am, Living Quarters
The two security members, general, and four soldiers were presently exiting the elevator on floor C and were about to enter the South wing when suddenly the power in the hallway died.

Tim: "What is going on here?"

General Mc'ro: "I believe the Academy may have intruders."

Blade: "Sir, I thought I noticed another person when we exited the shuttle, in the North Docking Bay, whenit was supposedly empty."

Widow: "He must have slipped onto the shuttle somehow and made his way into the Academy."

Sabre: "We have to locate Shadow immediately."

General: Speaking to the two security guards, "Please guard this end of the hallway. He could be coming from the eleveator or any of the other three wings." To the soldiers, "Set up a perimeter around SC-31 and attempt to locate Shadow."

Blade and Tank randown the hall to room SC-31 and moved down a bit farther, guarding the other end of the hallway. Widow remained back a few feet before SC-31 guarding the other end of the hallway where the two security guards were. Sabre went straight to Shadow's door, followed by the General, and used the doorbell as well as knocking on the door. They received no response at first. After Sabre knocked the second time, they heard Shadow's voice.

Day 6, 11:50am, SC-31
Shadow was busy reading his copy of Sherlock Holmes when the power in his room died. He got up, placing the book on his endtable, and checked his datapad. Hmm. Even my datapad lost its connection with the Academy system. "Computer, lights on." That confirmed that he had no power in the room, yet he had some light entering through his windows. Next he heard a sound that he thought was a knock on his door. "Door, open." It didn't move. He heard another knock, then he moved over to the door and spoke aloud, "Hello. I seem to have lost power to my room. Give me a moment." Shadow moved over to the door, depressed the emergency lock release switch, gripped the doors handle, and forcibly slided the door open. Shadow was somewhat surprised to see General Mc'ro and commander, Sabre.

General: "Hello, Lieutenant Commander Arris Night. We have a situation that requires your assistance."

Sabre: "Good to see you again, Shadow." Commander Sabre removed his helmet, revealing that he was a 6'4" Cougar 39 years of age.

Shadow stepped out of the room to look around, noticing the lack of power in the hallway as well as other fellow soldiers of his. He looked toward Widow just as she turned to spot him. Then he saw Blade and Tank at the other side of the hallway. "Please, come in." He offered the soldiers and the General to enter his room. The two security members chose to stand guard outside of the door since it was stuck open unless somebody wanted to try to force it shut again.

The other armed soldiers also removed their helmets. Lieutenant Widow is a female Leopard, 6' and 30 years of age. Lieutenant Blade is a male Cheetah, 5'11" and 27 years of age. Sergeant Tank is a male Siberian Tiger, 6'7" and 37 years of age.

Shadow: "Hello again, Widow, Blade, Tank." He greeted each person repsectively.

Blade: "How are you doing, Shadow?"

Tank: "Hello."

Widow: She casually strolls up to Shadow and kisses him on the cheek. "Always a pleasure."

Shadow: To Widow, "Yes,it is." To the General, "So, what do you need my help with?"

General: "We've had small problem with Lieutenant Commander Gre'gory Belluum. I believe you remember him."

Shadow: "Striker. Yes, I remember him. What has he done now?"

Sabre: "He finally snapped. He's gone rogue and turned on all of us, particularly you. We believe he seeks revenge for the past incident where you reprimanded him for disobeying orders."

Shadow: "Right, I remember that. He never did accept his fault back then. Unfortunately, Striker had a short temper and forced us to inadvertently combat enemy soldiers though we were given specific orders not to engage the enemy. Still, he swore it was only in self-defense, yet there was no evidence that he was even detected by the enemy. Where is he?"

Blade: "We have reason to believe that he is here at the Academy, and is most likely the cause of this power failure."

Shadow: "Then he would probably be trying to get to me. At least we know where he will be going. Excuse me for a minute while I get my gear." Shadow walks off into his bedroom where he retrieves his armor and his assault rifle.

OOC- Mike, Hu Li, Kika and Anka, PM coming.
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 04-15-2002 03:49 AM:
Kika and Anka are in their quarters when the power fails. Anka was studying her history coursework, while Kika put the finishing touches on a long aquarium that ran the length of the room. The twins stop, and look at eachother, and exchange a sequence of high pitched bursts, incomprehensible to anyone without a fluent understanding of Neefla, and even then, only the occasional word is recognisable.

Anka: Danger!
Kika: ...Home.
Anka: What?
Kika: Malfunction.
Anka: ...Check!
Kika: Corridor...

Kika slips the tool she had been using to seal the next section of fish tank back into a bucket of water. the tool looks like a peice of carved coral, with a collection of suckers at one end. She steps over and unlocks the corridor hatch, and looks out. A security member passes by, and Kika ducks back in side, prompting a curious glance.

Kika: Wrong!
Anka: Boost?
Kika: Light.

Kika and Anka each flip open a pair of silver cigarette cases. Anka takes a thin white rod, with a small ball on the end, places it bettween her lips, and takes several short puffs as she crushes the bulb. Moments later her sister joins her, favoring long draws on her thin white rod. Anka's eyes glow brighter, and Kika's movements seem more languid than ever. Those sensitive to sonar would note that there seems to be an almost continuous flow of low volume, sub audible sound waves in and through the room. The sounds are very hard to localise, and in the darkness of the room, Kika and Anka seem to blend and vanish. Anka opens the closet almost soundlessly, and takes two items from one of the biomat containers there, reaching in and fishing them out with practiced movements, as if to avoid something in the water. The items are slid into oiled sheathes, and she hands one to her sister, who is waiting by the door. The sheathes are slid into waist bands, looking like nothing more nor less than the ordinary daggers or work knives worn by most Cyanthians. Slipping out the door, they make there way back the direction the guard came, towards the point where the three wings join.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-15-2002 09:41 AM:
Day 6, 11:50am, Living Quarters
The sudden power failure alerted additional security personnel to the situation. Currently there were individual security guards checking each floor and wing. The security member currently checking the E wing, floor A, is carrying a flashlight and walking back towards the stairwell at the end of the hallway. The power outtage hit most of the hallways and now the elevators. He continues his journey upstairs, with his emergeny communications unit activating with the voice of other security members coordinating their search.

Security guy: "So far, we have no power in the hallway of Floor A, E wing."

Radio: "Copy. Come to Floor C, South wing, to assist the other guards."
Posted by Mike (Member # 1065) on 04-15-2002 07:39 PM:
Mike had gotten to the cafeteria without incident. He wasn't so sure it was the smart thing to do, as he had voulenteered for the "Bachelor Auction" the night before, and didn't want to be the target of jokes. Still, he promised his friends he would be there, so he went.

He finds he is the first to arrive, and to his relief, nobody is talking about him. He does catch some here discussing two men entering the cafeteria not in Academy guard uniforms, but Cyantian military armor. Someone says he thought he saw a general. Mike curious, listens in, but hears little more real info.

Then the lights go out.

Being a gadgeteer, Mike always had a few devices on him. One of them was his infared visor & light. He doned the visor and looked around. No real danger, but there were a few panicked students, "The monsters are back!!"

The guards here try, with mixed sucess, to keep the situation under control. Not wanting to get into a collision with a scared oversized Mounty, Mike decides it's safer in the hallway.

He tries calling Vedoo on his comm, but finds it isn't working, even when he tries calling others. Thinking about his next move, he keeps an eye out for movement and sound, minus the cries from the cafeteria.
Posted by Shivan (Member # 1745) on 04-15-2002 09:28 PM:
'North bay should be empty at the momment. What better place to test out my armor then a huge open space with plenty of tools around to do mods with.' Loading his light exoframe onto a grav sled Shivan makes his way towards the northern hangers. On route he passes the generals party but pays them no notice.

Upon entering north bay Shivan spots the transport. 'Thats a military transport or I'm a weasles uncle. It must be that little processions ride down, but what would they want here? hmm none of my busness lets just get these tests done and get this baby put away.' Looking around and not seeing anyone he dons the exoframe and starts to run it through some tests. Half way through the test he spots 2 more soldiers leave north bay.

'2 more, strange I thought the entire group had left already. Why would these two wait? Something doesn't feel right here.' Checking the readings and finding them all within acceptable limits he follows them out of the bay.
Posted by Gryphon_2 (Member # 1372) on 04-15-2002 10:22 PM:
"S.a.ow." The radio tried to cut through some static. ".ha.o."

There is a brief and ear piercing scream as the unidentified caller cut through the static.

"Shadow. This is Gr... from ..vestigations. Before the power di.. I did a quick check on the history ac.ess. Found something really ..... Someone ac....ed your profile and .... killed the indent.....tion program. He was at point theta thr.. and moving toward your position! I repeat. Someone knows where you are..."

"I've ........ security and tried to ..... you on the radio. But someone is j...... me as .. speak. I've rigged a temporary ...... but as you can .... the effects aren't temporary. I don't kn.. what is going on here. But I can......" At this point the radio dies completely as the signal loss sound occurs.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-15-2002 11:08 PM:
Day 6, 11:50am, Cafeteria
Another anonymous security guard is walking around investigating the mysterious power outtages just outside the cafeteria. He keeps walking until he spots Mike with his flashlight.

Secuirty: "Hello. Are you lost or something? Try not to wonder about the Academy too much while the power is fluctuating. There is nothing to worry about. Just stay here."

After he speaks to Mike his emergency radio beeps.

Radio: "Still trying to identify the cause of the power failures. They don't seem to be affecting the entire Academy, only different random locations for some reason. The living quarters is the most heavily affected area. Keep a look out for anything suspicious."

A minute later the power in the cafeteria returned, much to the relief of the security guards stationed there.

Security: Speaking into his radio, "The cafeteria has regained power. Is everything else fixed?"

Radio: "We are still experiencing problems in the living quarters. And appearantly some of the communications and datapad routers have also lost power, causing lack of communication with certain areas of the Academy. Stay at your post until notified otherwise."

Day 6, 11:52am, North Docking Bay
After the two mysterious soldiers had accessed the computer system, power failures began appearing at random locations throughout the Academy, mostly in the living quarters. Seeing as they appeared identical to the other Mounty soldiers that passed through earlier, some of these security guards in the vicinity of the Docking Bay assumed they were part of the earlier group that passed through.

Security: Speaking to the two soldiers, "What are you guys doing down here? The rest of your group is still at SC-31 in the living quarters."

Tall soldier: "Right. We came back down to check on the shuttle, and to do a little investigating of the current situation."

Shorter soldier: "Sir, we should be returning to the rest of the group."

Tall soldier: To the other soldier, "Yes, we should." To the security guard, "Keep a watch out near the docking bay so that nothing happens to the shuttle. Thanks."

The two soldiers continue on their way to the living quarters now aware of the current location of the rest of the group as well as Shadow. Luckily, the area around the Academy was becoming filled with the noise of security guards moving about trying to fix the power problem, so they had no reason to try to be more stealthy about their travel. Soon they reach main etrance to the living quarters.

Day 6, 11:55am, SC-31
As Shadow returned from his bedroom donning his military armor and loading his assault rifle, his room comm. unit activated, though with poor reception, with Grief's voice informing them of the illegal systems access.

Shadow: Trying to use the comm. unit, "Thanks, Grief." To the rest of the group, "That confirms it, he's here and on his way to this room. He is the only possible suspect for this situation. Try to restrict the use of your weapons in the Academy. There are a lot of innocent civilians in the area."

Sabre: Speaking to the soldiers, "Only engage in hand to hand combat if necessary to resolve the situation. Our primary concern is protecting the lives of the people here at this Academy. Rely on your martial combat training during this mission."

Tank: "Not a problem. Just let him come, I have a few things to 'say' to him." He makes a fist while saying this.

Blade: "It's our problem and we will take care of it."

Widow: "Well boys, it's hunting time. Coming Shadow?"

Shadow: "Of course. Actually think I'ld miss this?." He flashes a brief grin at Widow. "General, you may want to stay in this room or return to the shuttle."

General: "I'll remain here, in case he makes his way to your room. Try to find him as quickly as possible so we can end this."

Sabre: "Yes sir."

The entire squad of soldiers faces the General and salutes him. After the General returns the salute, the group of soldiers heads out into the hallway of floor C in the South wing, where the poweris still out.

Blade: "The infrared scanners wll be useless if he has his armor on."

The soldiers individually activate the flashlights attached to their rifles.

Widow: "So we'll have to do this the old-fashioned way."

The group starts searching the hallway for any sign of movement.
Posted by Shivan (Member # 1745) on 04-15-2002 11:28 PM:
'Sc-31? thats the south wing teachers area. Don't remember whos in that room but it doesn't matter right now. All that matters are those 2.'

Reaching for a weapon that isn't there Shivans hand comes to rest on the handle of his *Armor torch. Pulling it from the holster and checks the power gauge. 'Your too jumpy Shivs they are probably just spare men for that team. But if they are why did they lie about what they were up to. Something doesn't add up.' Puts the torch on stand-by mode, reholsters it, and continues to follow at a safe distance.

OOC:*Armor torch: A large welding torch used to attach/detach armor plates for medium/heavy lifts in the field

additional information: Shivans Exoframe: his exoframe is nothing more then a modified lightlift. It was adjusted to allow him to make repairs on units in the field so its armor is minimal and it has no weapons other then the various tools located on it.
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 04-16-2002 12:50 AM:
Kika and Anka follow the guard, appearing utterly unconcerned, down the wing of the school, to the central elevator. The only external sign that they are aware that anything unusual is going on is that their handskeep straying to the area of their belt knives. Internally, things are quite different. There is a low grade rave party singing in their blood, as half a dozen different types of biological organisims are activated.

They make their way quietly up the central risers, to floor C.
Posted by Gryphon_2 (Member # 1372) on 04-16-2002 10:25 AM:
Grief watched on with holy dread as the power died in his closet and subsequently his room. Two seconds after total power failure, his emergency back up battery pack kicked in whirring hot and heavy.

"Damn... Life support is going to fail for my little babies in 1 hour. I can't move them... They're too fragile to withstand that much power loss." Grief whispered to himself. "Security can handle it... With time. Time I don't have. Which means... I have to stop the problem now before the time limit is up."

Standing up, Grief reached for Gram... and stopped.

"No. This is no time for vengence. I shall not wield such a weapon here." He spoke, instead going for the Trigun. A modified narcojet pistol customized to shoot nanite packages. Picking out the standard loadout of ammo caskets, he doubled up on Lock Downs, Degenerators and Nerve Cutters.

Shoving a Sedative round into the main chamber, he holstered the weapon and walked outside, heading towards Shadows last known position.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-16-2002 12:42 PM:
Day 6, 11:55am, Living Quarters
The closer the two unknown soldiers get to the main entrance, the more guards they spott around the main elevator on the first floor.

Short guy: "Perhaps we should avoid as much attention as possible."

Tall guy: "Agreed. Follow me."

They paused momentarily to look around, and, seeing nobody paying attention to their location, they move over to the wall of the South wing floor A, somehwere around room 55, and the two soldiers simply pass through the wall as if it wasn't even there.

Day 6, 11:55am, Floor C
The security guard originally from floor A of the E wing finally steps out onto Floor C directly in the middle of all of the wings. It seems floor C was hit the worst, as the entire hallway in the South wing lost power on this floor. The security guard aims his flashlight down the South wing and identifies several beams of light and bodies moving about a good distance away down the hall. He was previously informed that the group of Mounty soldiers were in the area so he naturally assumed it was them.

Security: "Is everything under control down there? I'll move on to the West wing and try to keep everybody calm. The Day 2 incident might be agitating some of the residents unnecessarily."

Shadow: He calls back down the hall to the security guy, "We're fine here. It's best to keep an eye on the rest of the students. We don't want anything worse to happen."

The group of soldiers slowly moves toward the central connection of all the wings of the living quarters. Sabre leads the group with Shadow alongside, followed by Widow, Blade, and Tank. They continuously search both ends of the hallways for anything suspicious, spotting only the occasional passing security guard.

Sabre: "Striker will probably try to avoid the main elevator stairwell area. Blade, watch the stairwell at the end of the South wing." To Shadow, "Wish we could have visited under better circumstances."

Shadow: "This isn't your fault. Striker always was a loose cannon. If he could just learn to control his temper, none of this would have happened."

Sabre: "I'm the squad commander, so if anything goes wrong with the team, it is my fault."

Widow: "Don't blame yourself. None of us could have predicted this. Besides, at least Shadow is back, even if only for this mission."

Shadow: To Widow, "You know the reason why I came here. Even though I volunteered to go undercover, I really did miss you guys, and the missions."

Sabre: "Lets split up Blade, Widow, and Tank, scout the area further down the North wing. Shadow, you and I will take the East wing. Security is already checking the West wing."

11:55am, SA Hall
The taller soldier walks around for a bit in room SA-55, followed by the shorter soldier.

Tall guy: "Looks like nobody even lives here."

Short guy: "Guess there aren't many full-time staff people at this Academy yet."

The taller soldier steps through the room door into the hallway. He notices more security guards moving about near the elevator.

Tall guy: "Let's stick to the rooms. It'll make it more difficult for them to follow us."

Short guy: "Right."

The two quickly move straight across the hall into SA-56, which is currently occupied by a staff member who is not home at the moment. They keep moving to the far end of the South wing by walking through the room walls from one to the next all the way down to room 100, so people passing in the hall would not be able to see them.
Posted by Mike (Member # 1065) on 04-16-2002 07:16 PM:

    quote:Originally posted by Shadow:
    Day 6, 11:50am, Cafeteria
    Another anonymous security guard is walking around investigating the mysterious power outtages just outside the cafeteria. He keeps walking until he spots Mike with his flashlight.

    Secuirty: "Hello. Are you lost or something? Try not to wander about the Academy too much while the power is fluctuating. There is nothing to worry about. Just stay here."

Mike answers, "I figured it was safer out here than in there." He points to the cafeteria. Almost as if on cue ...

"We're gonna die! We're gonna dieee! "

"(oof) Let go of me you ... (uninteligable)."

Then the power comes back on, and the screams of terror stop, replaced by, "You idiot! Look what you did to my lunch..."

Mike looks at the chaos that has simply changed from one form to another, Who needs this? When the guard's back is turned, he slips around the corner and starts going down the halls to his dorm where not only can he get a bite to eat in peace, but he can also monitor events from there through the computer, or his "sound telescope" if power is off.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-20-2002 06:50 PM:
OOC - Hu Li, check your PM.

Day 6, 12:00pm, Far end of SA hall stairwell
The two soldiers make their way to the end of the hall. The taller one glances out down the hallway again.

Tall guy (using suit comm): "They're not looking this way. Go now."

Short guy (using suit comm): "Understood."

They both quickly re-enter the hallway and proceed up the stairwell to floor C.

12:00pm, SC Hall
The soldiers have finished searching the North and East halls, and are returning to the South wing.

Widow: "Still nothing."

Blade: "He can't be far."

Sabre: "He's not in the East wing."

Shadow: "Striker always took his time. I'll bet he's close now. We should return to the South wing and wait for him."

The five soldiers move back into the South wing and position themselves near SC-31 against the walls.

Sabre: "Lights out. Night mode."

The team deactivates their individual flashlights. There is a brief, low hum emitting from each of the suits which then vanishes after a second. The team now waits motionless in the dark hallway, watching for any signs of movement.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-20-2002 06:56 PM:
OOC - All of the people following security guards in the living quarters hallways may now assume they arrived on floor C, in the intersection of all 4 wings by the central elevators.
  Posted by Shivan (Member # 1745) on 04-20-2002 07:59 PM:
"Squid!! Lost em!! Alright Shivs think they said they were part of that team and the team was headed to sc-31 which means I have to get to up to c level." Running to the nearest stairwell Shivan races up 4 steps at a time untill he reaches level c.

Emerging into the hall and finding it darkened he slides the visor down over his eyes and activates the thermal imager. Pulling his armor torch and keying the visor to the trigger to prevent blindness. Spotting several heat signatures nearby he makes his way to them.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-22-2002 11:07 PM:
Day 6, 12:01pm, SC Hallway
The two soldiers finally arrive on floor C and stop, virtually motionless as they attempt to check the darkened hallway for Shadow or the squad of soldiers that preceeded them. They continue to use only their armor comm units to prevent anybody from hearing them as they approach room SC-31.

Tall guy: "Remain still. They must be up here somewhere."

Short guy: "Night vision?"

Tall guy: "Yes, IR will be useless."

Short guy: "Activating light amplification unit."

Near the middle of the hall... (now all soldiers are communicating using personal comm units.)

Shadow: "I think I saw movement in the stairwell at the end of the hallway."

Tank: "I'm tracking a large lift heading toward our position from the hallway intersection."

Sabre: "Confirmed, I have identified the incoming lift as well. Tank, Blade, be ready. It could be him. Shadow, check out that stairwell. Widow, cover him."

Widow: "Understood. Shadow, I've got your back."

Shadow, followed by Widow, proceed very slowly and cautiously toward the stairwell at the far end of the hallway. At the other side, Sabre, Blade, and Tank prepare to face the incoming unknown lift. Sabre and Tank lower their weapons, intending to fight off the lift unarmed. Blade, however, lines up his target with his assault rifle in case they fail to subdue the being piloting the lift.

OOC- Shivan, check your PM. If your thermal goggles are powerful enough, you might see the General and the two security guards in the room SC-31, or perhaps even the other roaming guards in the other wings, but the armor masks the soldiers' heat signatures. You would need a flashlight or light amplification goggles to see them.
Posted by Gryphon_2 (Member # 1372) on 04-23-2002 12:43 AM:
Grief's radio receiver gave a loud SPRAWK which caused him to almost faceplant.

"..... switch .. nano...m...c.tions. .... this. Tan.. .cho Nove...r ..Ray ..dia I.d.a." Came the garbled voice.

Grief stopped, thought about it for a second, and switched to a semiclassified form of communications. Unlike AOHell 56K crash or this walkie talkie balking, this method gave a slightly musical tonal chirp chirp.

Slipping into an alcove Grief responded with the characteristic "Ten-9. How'd you get this frequency?"

"Ten-4. I'm from Security... You Investigations idiot." The unknown person said "Anyway, we lost power to the computer core and we've had to divert power to essential systems."

"Get to the point..." Grief growled.

"Some of our sensor system translators are offline. But it doesn't take a genius to understand our pressure sensors and they're still going strong. Something heavy is stomping through the corridors."

"Let me guess... It ain't your department and it ain't mine."


"It's target?"

"Keep it under your hat- er mask. A high ranking mounty is touring the station. And considering this is mainly a wolf operated base..."

"Right. Might disrupt our allience."

"?" The security member toned "Our? But aren't you?"

"A wolf? Yeah. I might have hanged a lot with mounties in my day. Doesn't mean I've become one."

"... Right... Its moving toward the stairwell, south wing, section C."

"Okay. Ending nanocommunications. Tail high brother." The security wolf said cheerfully.

"Sweet scent." Grief gave back a farewell.

* * *

At the bottom of the stairwell, Grief pauses and kneels inside the doorway. Placing a hand on the pressure sensor, he calls up its history file. The information sparks in a controlled burst and Grief offhandedly noted the fact that he was twenty two point eight four three pounds lighter than he should be. Even with gear and weapons on.

But the most interesting part was the fact that something put down 2 tons worth of force on the pad he was kneeling on. Which meant one of two things. A small heavy lift... Or a bear with light armor. Each had its own considerations.

Skipping the stairs entirely, Grief stalked upwards using the ladder holds generally used for gravity failure. On the borderline between B and C, Grief pauses and peeks up with a spywire. Just in time to see something big and heavy move through the doors real fast.

Keeping that mental photograph, Grief enlarged it, zoomed in, adjusted for lighting and improved clarity. Confused for a second, he called it in.

"Ten 28." Grief said.

The answer was "You're not serious right?"

"I've got a ten 28 and the suspect is rapidly escaping. I want that info NOW!"

"Okay, okay. Booting up that system next. Alright. What's the number?"

Grief repeats the number he pulled off the armor and waits.

"Uh... Okay. Here. Registered to one Shivan Ursus. Um... Well. That's odd. Whats he doing here? Doesn't he know there are dangerous security personell wandering about?"

"Crap. So he's in the clear... What next HQ?"

"Um... Reinforce Tim and Bob. They're currently guarding the package."

"Ten 17. Over and out."
Posted by Shivan (Member # 1745) on 04-23-2002 01:16 PM:
" I can hear someone moving but I don't have a signature which means what? well if thermal doesn't work lets try infrared." Flicking a switch on the visor a pair of Ir floodlights come to life bathing the entire hallway in light.

"Now where are those noises coming from." Continues down the hall.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-24-2002 12:30 AM:
OOC- I'm assuming the IR floodlight shines only infrared light. Interesting fact, only rattlesnakes and other pit vipers can naturally see infrared light. I'll also assume that Shivan and Grief used the central stairwell in the wing intersection area of the living quarters, since I am guessing its closest to the front entrance, whereas thetwo unknown guys walked all the way down tothe end of the hall.

Day 6, 12:03pm, SC Hallway
Blade remains at his position with his rifle trained on the approaching lift, while Sabre and Tank began slowly manuveuring behind the lift. Meanwhile, Shadow and Widow are proceeding to the far end of the hallway (near SC-100) to see if they was any movement in that area. {Any italicized speech in quotes means spoken only over personal comm units.}

Shadow: "Hold position. I think I saw the outline of two bodies, but now they are gone."

Widow: "Did you see where they moved to?"

Shadow: "Negative."

At the end of the hallway, the two unknown soldiers swiftly move into the walls of SC-100 and SC-99 individually.

Short guy: "Do you think they spotted us?"

Tall guy: "Uncertain. We must move carefully now. I'll take Shadow, you take Widow."

Short guy: "Fine."

Sabre: Speaking aloud so the lift could hear him, "Mounty Special Forces. Stop where you are and identify yourself."

Tank remains silent and keeps moving quietly down the other wall in an attempt to come around behind the lift. When he passes the lift, he spots another body moving in his direction from the area of the main elevators and stairwell. It appears to be a human-like shaped figure, somewhat crouched, as if trying to sneak up on them.

Tank: "We've got more company. Unidentified person coming our way. It appears to be too short to be Striker, but the person is partially crouched. Orders?"

Sabre: "Track the new person. Blade and I will monitor this lift."

The two unknown soldiers at the other end of the hall continue moving through unpowered rooms to the approximate position of Shadow and Widow.

Tall guy: "I'll move first, then you go for Widow."

Short guy: "Understood."

Shadow begins sensing another person in close proximity other than Widow, using his highly trained sense of spatial awareness garnered through extensive martial arts training. He just had that feeling that somebody unseen was very close to him. Something isn't right here. Only one person besides my team could have done that. I know I what I saw...Striker?...and who else? Wait a minute, where's Talon? He started training only a week before I relocated to Earth. He should be here. Shadow turns to face Widow.

Shadow: "Where is Talon? Why isn't he with you?"

Widow was surprised by the question because she was too focused on the mission. She pauses, turns to Shadow and is about to speak.
Posted by Shivan (Member # 1745) on 04-24-2002 07:11 AM:
"Mounties? What the squid did I just walk into." Looking towards the source of the voice Shivans eyes fall on Saber and then fall on the gun in sabers hands. "Alright guy with gun at 6 and another at 5 if my guess is right. I left the northern patrol because someone was afrade I would end up on the wrong end of a gun and here I am at Acad at the wrong end of a pair of 'em. Why does this always happen to me."

Spotting a door just to his left Shivan decides to relocate his frame out of the line of fire. Spinning quickly, he kicks the door down and quickly gets in."Looks like I found my two shadows." Pulling the torch from the holster he twists the choke then pulls the trigger to test. For the brief second the trigger was pulled a 2 foot flame was visible. Gripping the torch in both paws Shivan moves so that he has a clear view of the door.

"You people are great actors, you sure fooled those guards back at the hanger but you don't fool me. First one to step through that door gets a taste of my torch!"

(OOC Shivan is in a room on the left side of the hall SC-07)
Posted by Gryphon_2 (Member # 1372) on 04-25-2002 04:58 PM:
Coming out of the staircase doors, Grief had to let himself be profiled for a second before slipping back into stealthy mode. It was unavoidable actually.

However, at this point, both Tank and Grief spotted each other. Checking his six for a second and being sure he was clear, Grief did a crouching lope over to Tank. All the while holding the trigun in the ready position. If he so much as twitched the wrong way, he'd be getting a dart up each nostril.

When they were within angry glare distance of 30 feet, Grief paused, siddled up next to the wall for protection and signed to tank.

"Identify." Grief signed in hand language and tapped his own head as if to ask "Nanocommunication possible?"

OOC: Okay, covering for Shivan here. Looks like the situation so far. Shivan gets noticed by the good guys but rushes into the room anyway. The only reason the Mounties haven't done anything, especially since they caught him in a pincer movement, was because Grief was conveniently watching Shivan's six at the second. Before he went peeling off to go protect the general. However, at the moment, he is temporarily detaining Tank.

Come to think of it, this is sort of the reverse fish eating comic. You know the one where the smallest fish gets eaten by a bigger fish which... ect... Shivan, largest, gets accosted by a medium lift Tank which gets put into check by Grief. Amusing really.
Posted by Mike (Member # 1065) on 04-25-2002 07:03 PM:
Mike had been using the stairs to get to Level D, but after reaching C finds his path blocked by a large cargo hover-platform loaded with bulk supplies. This particular model's guidance system were controled via intstructions from outside. And with communications messed up, it blundered into here, then stopped completely.

Darn it. I'll have to find another way up.

He goes into the hallways to look for another stairway, soon noticing everywhere he looks, the level is without power.

Before finding another passage to upstairs, he hears voices and heads to them - carefully.
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 04-25-2002 08:02 PM:
Kika and Anka were delayed in the central stair well, dodging security and those few other students and instructors about. They arrive on the C floor. brief sonar pulses give them a rough position check of everything in the hallway, without giving away anything but their general position (and that only if the opposition has Neefla or sensitive hearing enhancements, sonar being outside most other species hearing ranges.) Their dark skin gives them a level of low grade camoflage even against light enhancement, though they show up beautifully on IR.

Kika: guns.
Anka: here?
Kika: prep.

The two girls start down the hallway, in absoulte silence. Their left hands are resting lightly on their knives, in a sort of casual position. Kika has a number of darts tucked into the fabric of her sleave.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-25-2002 10:58 PM:
Day 6, 12:05pm, SC Hallway
Tank decides to equip his rifle again after seeing the humaniod person draw closer. When Shivan dives into SC-07, Sabre pauses and signals to Blade to remain in position.

Tank: Speaking to Grief, "Mounty Armed Forces. Identify yourself."

He doesn't react to Grief's motion of knocking on his own head, not quite sure of what he meant by it.

Immediately after Tank replied, all five soldiers (Shadow, Widow, Sabre, Blade, & Tank) seem to emit a low frequency hum for about a second. Blade switches targets from Shivan to the new humaniod in front of Tank.

Meanwhile back by Shadow and Widow...

Widow: "He was..."

She is cut short as another tall soldier leaps out of the wall at Shadow. Shadow had sensed someone behind him and quickly spun around to grapple the soldier as he lept Shadow. Both figures stumble a bit and fall across the hall and straight through the opposing wall, into SC-52.

Widow: "Sabre, Striker is here! SC-52."

Widow gets knocked aside by the shorter soldier charging out of the wall. Sabre turns quickly to look at Widow and Shadow, noticing Shadow out of sight. He also sees another soldier standing there, one he recognizes.

Sabre: "Talon is right behind you Widow. Shadow, report."

Blade: "Go help them Sabre, Tank and I have this under control."

Shadow reponds briefly,
Shadow: "It seems Striker found me first."

Shadow and Striker struggle in the room. Striker attempts to swing at Shadow's head, but he instinctively ducks and sweep kicks Striker. Striker lands flat on his back and loses his grip on his rifle, but he quickly jumps up onto his feet again.

Striker: "It's time I dealt with some unfinished business."

Shadow: "Why did you turn on your own teammates? What happened eleven years ago was your own fault, not mine."

Widow rolls aside and back up to her feet again. Talon enters a fighting stance waiting for Widow to attack first. Sabre begins moving swiftly towards Widow and Talon, while Blade and Tank focus on Grief and Shivan. As Sabre nears Talon, he spots two strange shapes in the distance, possibly Neefla.

Widow: "Talon?! What are you doing?"
Posted by Gryphon_2 (Member # 1372) on 04-25-2002 11:17 PM:
Mounty armed forces? Grief thought to himself.

"I'm... with Investigations." Grief finally answered reluctantly, as if unwilling to speak in the silence. "But you still haven't identified yourself soldier. And there are a lot of branches in the armed forces. WHO are you and what are you people doing here..."
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-25-2002 11:27 PM:

    quote:Originally posted by Gryphon_2:
    Mounty armed forces? Grief thought to himself.

    "I'm... with Investigations." Grief finally answered reluctantly, as if unwilling to speak in the silence. "But you still haven't identified yourself soldier. And there are a lot of branches in the armed forces. WHO are you and what are you people doing here..."

Tank reponds after a moment or two. Investigations is one of the law enforcement groups here at the Mars Academy, if I remember correctly.

Tank: "I am a Sergeant in the Mounty Special Operations Squadron. My callsign is Tank. We are here on personal business with Shadow. Our business with Shadow is classified. Lower your weapon."
Posted by Shivan (Member # 1745) on 04-26-2002 12:02 AM:
"Great just great now investigations is involved, a court martial would be less trouble then what i'm in. Well no point in doing something stupid like going out in a blaze of glory when there's no glory."

reactivating the safety the torch is returned to the holster. Leaving the room slowly with both paws behind his head Shivan stops a few feet from tank.

"I'd ask you not to shoot but... What in then 9 hells is going on down there? Aren't those.. wait a sec, I know that one. < gestures to talon > Thats one of the shadows I followed from the hangerbay. Alright just what the hell is going on?!?"
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-26-2002 09:15 PM:
Day 6, 12:07pm, SC Hallway
Tank turns to face Shivan. Whoever he is, he's the tallest person I've ever seen. Blade approaches Tank and Shivan slowly staying focused on and aiming at Grief until he lowers his weapon.

Tank: To Shivan, "This is an isolated incident regarding classified information. We are handling the situation and I must ask you to stay out of this hallway until we have resolved the situation. Who are you and why are you here?"

Blade: To Grief, "Who, exactly, are you and what are you doing here? This is a personal matter and we a dealing with the situation. We already have the cooperation of the security officials of this Academy. Contact your superiors if you must, but I cannot let you interfere at this time. The Academy is not in any danger."

Meanwhile by Widow...

Talon: "Striker enlightened me on how things work in our little corner of the military, and frankly, I didn't like what I heard."

Widow: "What on Cyantia are you talking about? Striker is the last person in this universe you should be talking to about anything."

Talon: "Why should I trust you, or any of the squad, now that I know what you guys did to Striker."

Sabre: "Don't belive everything you hear, especially anything Striker says. He has a personal vendetta with Shadow and he will take care of that. He's only using you to get to Shadow; think about it."

Talon remains were he is, ready to defend himself if necessary, but contemplating what he has discovered. Widow and Sabre only move slightly closer, giving Talon time to rethink his situation.

Sabre: "You're one of the team now, part of the family. Striker has been manipulating you for his own twisted purposes." He has clearly been manipulated from the moment he was introduced to Striker. I don't believe this is his fault.
Posted by Shivan (Member # 1745) on 04-26-2002 09:35 PM:
looks at Tank and Grief. "Names Shivan Ursus, Formerly a sargent of the 132nd northern patrol, now a student here at the academy. As for what I'm doing here thats easy. I was running some test on my armor in north bay when I saw a pair of guys come out of the transport you arrived in. At first I thought nothing of it until they blatently lied to security who stopped in for a second. When they left I followed them. I tracked them all the way to A level when I lost them. As they had told the guards they were going to c level to join up with you I came here in hopes of finding them but instead I found you guys. Now if you don't mind, and even if you do, I'd like to put my hands down."

Bringing his paws down Shivans stance changes from 'don't shoot me Im not armed' to 'this is not my day'.
Posted by Gryphon_2 (Member # 1372) on 04-27-2002 08:47 PM:
"I am known by many names. The one that has the most application to now is an arm of Investigations. But if you need a personal identifier, you may call me Grief Striken."

"As for my role here, this problem is occuring on my jurisdiction. Not to mention the fact that I've been assigned from said HQ to 'assist' your job in any way possible."

"After all... My superiors have a lot to lose if this turns out badly."
Posted by Mike (Member # 1065) on 04-28-2002 12:07 AM:
Mike begins to hear details as he gets closer. Nagi's friend Shivan? Grief? What have those guys found ... doesn't sound too good.

He then takes a pistol-shaped device from underneath his jacket, one with a thick muzzle, I've checked the scematics again and again, but haven't tested it on a live target yet. Maybe I should have asked Glitch to use it for Netsec class, but I wanted to lend it to Vixaria so she could test it on Varam. Oh well, if those guys get nasty, this'll be one way to test it.

He carefully peeks around the corner, and sees the four men.
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 04-28-2002 04:57 PM:
Kika and Anka have stoped a good distance away, just outside of what would be normal listening distance, Dark clothing and darkened skin blending into the wall. Both girls wait, trying to determine who is responcible for this power outage.
  Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-29-2002 11:29 PM:
OOC- Kika & Anka, check your PM.

Day 6, 12:08pm, SC Hallway
Blade: To Grief, "We currently have the situation under control. The Academy is not in danger at this time, so we do not need your assistance right now."

Tank: To Shivan, "Of course, you are not under arrest. You are free to leave, but you
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Re: [OOS] Day 6, 11:30am-?, Military Visit with Shadow
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2012, 01:10:20 pm »
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-29-2002 11:29 PM:
OOC- Kika & Anka, check your PM.

Day 6, 12:08pm, SC Hallway
Blade: To Grief, "We currently have the situation under control. The Academy is not in danger at this time, so we do not need your assistance right now."

Tank: To Shivan, "Of course, you are not under arrest. You are free to leave, but you must remain clear of this area (motioning down the hall behind him) until we have resolved this problem, for your own safety as well as ours."

Behind the walls in SC-52, Shadow and Striker confront each other.

Striker: "I said it before and I'll say it again, I was NOT the one at fault. I was only following orders; it was self-defense. As if you or any of the other squad members would ever believe me though. But it was you - your testimony in the debriefing - that lead to my demotion and disciplinary action. You were the one responsible for everything that happened to me. You."

Shadow: "My intention was not to harm or punish you in any way. I was not responsible for judging your actions or sentencing you. I was merely doing my job: reporting the factual details of the mission. You always were incapable of controlling your temper, and on that mission it cost several lives. You violated direct orders."

As soon as Shadow finished speaking, Striker struck his right fist forward into Shadow's chest and followed through with a high kick to Shadow's waist, thrusting him backwards across the room. Shadow stood again as Striker moved closer to him to strike again, but this time Shadow caught him off guard. Shadow performed a roundhouse kick to Striker's head, knocking him off balance, and flowed directly into a back kick centered on Striker's sternum, shifting his entire bodyweight and momentum into forcing Striker backwards. Striker flew through the air with the resounding thump of Shadow's boot on his armor, falling back through the wall into the hallway and across it into SC-51. Shadow rushed forward through the wall so as not to lose sight of Striker.

In the hallway, Sabre had arrived within five feet of Talon, who was appearently questioning his own position on the issue, unsure of who his allies and enemies truely were. Talon had not really gotten to know the rest of the squad too well, as he was often assigned to other individual tasks by military command. He unfortunately spent more time with Striker than any of the other team members.

Talon: "If what you say is true, then tell me what really happened eleven years ago back on Cyantia in that mission."

Suddenly Sabre, Widow, and Talon were stunned by the sight of Striker flying across the hallway. Shadow appeared from the room a minute later.

Shadow: "Sorry guys. It seems Striker is somewhat determined to make his point. Where did he go?" To Talon, "And what are you doing here?"

Sabre: "Everything is alright here, isn't it?" he asks Talon.

Widow: To Talon, "We will have time to explain everything later, with less of an audience (she hints at the growing crowd of Mars Academy residents in the hallway), but right now we have to restrain Striker before he cause any mor...ugh"

Widow is cut off as Striker lunges through the wall, with a combat knife in hand, intending to strike Shadow, but unfortunately thrusts his knife through Widow's lower back.

Shadow: "Widow! NO!!!"

Shadow tosses off his helmet as he dives forward to catch Widow when she slumps downward, Striker's knife sliding out of her back while he stands still, shocked by his own mistake.

Striker: "How..I...I didn't...oh my g...What have I done!?!"

Sabre lunges at Striker after Shadow catches Widow and restrains him against the floor.

Sabre: "Damn you, Striker! Look what you have done! If she dies, so help me, I'll..." He stops himself from finishing the sentence.

Blade and Tank swirl around to witness the events down the hall.

Tank: To Grief, "If you wish to help, summon medical immediately."

Blade: "Widow...? But...she can't...she's one of us..."

He rushes down the hall to help Sabre restrain Striker, who at this point provides little resistence. Talon kneels down beside Shadow to help comfort Widow. Shadow removes her helmet to speak to her more easily. All of the soldiers have deactivated the phasing tech on their armor, so they are physically solid again.

Shadow: "Widow...speak to'll be fine, medical is on its way....."

Widow: (In a weak, intermittent voice) "O..Ow...I'm getting cold, can't legs...[choke, cough] me..."

Talon: "I'll go get medical here faster."

Talon rushes up to SC-31, notifies both security guards to get medical here immediately, and runs to activate Shadow's phone system in the room, which he discovers is not functioning. He also notifies the General of what happened.

General: To the security guards, "You heard the man. Go!" To Talon, "Come with me."

The General and Talon hurry out of SC-31, meeting Tank on his way over to Shadow and Widow. The General actives his personal comm unit.

General: "General Arthur Mc'ro to shuttle. Prep for flight, return to the Reliant, and bring down an emergency medical team in case they're needed, ASAP. Soldier down."

Radio: "Understood. Returning now."

Shadow remains kneeling on the ground holding Widow in his arms; a puddle of blood growing on the ground beneath her motionless body.
Posted by Shivan (Member # 1745) on 04-30-2002 01:12 AM:
Looks down the hall to where Widow lies then turns to Tank. "Look, I'm not even going to try to understand what went down here but I've seen enough field action to know a bad hit when I see one."

Reaching over his shoulder, Shivan detaches the emergency field med kit and holds it out to Tank.

"Its not much but it might keep her from bleeding to death until med gets here. Take it."
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 04-30-2002 10:57 AM:
(OOC: I did check, the girls are opperating on sight and sound, no sonar. Which is annoying to them, to say the least, but not crippling. )

The smell of blood is one every Cyanthian undersea native is attuned to, if only because it usually signals that the Craih may soon be coming. Even in the darkness of the corridor, and the thin air of Mars Acad, Kika and Anka smell the blood from the wound. Operating on the mental map provided by there sonar before the soldiers disapeared from it, and by their hearing, the two girls streak down the hall way, bent low to avoid any reaction fire. The two slide past the soldiers, warned by their noses, and by almost instantaneous reflexes. Anka spins, knife drawn, to cover her partner, while Kika drops next to Widow, ripping out a pouch from her belt. A small sprinkle of powder causes the blood spilling from the wound to plasticize, as tiny special purpose bacteria bond to it, and processes the petroleum bonded in side of them into a plasic seal over the wound. Kika tries to sonar pulse Widow, attempting to "see" the wound, and what organs the knife has embedded itself in.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-30-2002 02:33 PM:
OOC- Ok, the message was listed as unread. By now all of the soldiers are visible again using sonar.

Day 6, 12:10pm, SC Hallway
Tank turns to Shivan and accepts the medkit.

Tank: "I'm well aware of that, but thanks."

He proceeds down the hall toward Widow with the medkit. Blade and the General arrive beside Shadow and Widow.

Shadow: To Kika and Anka, "Who are you two and what are you doing to Widow?" He turns back to Widow, "You'll be fine. The doctors are on their way. Just hold on."

Widow: "Uh [cough]...You always d..did try to protect me ever since I first joined the[cough, cough]"

Shadow: "That's what friends are for... save your strength." To the General, "She needs to see a doctor immediately."

General: "I have informed the security guards to summon the medical staff here at the Academy, and sent the shuttle back to return with a medical unit from the Reliant in case we need them." To Widow, "Hang in there, soldier."

Widow: To General, "Yes, s..sir[cough]."

Sabre and Blade have disabled Striker's armor and placed restraints over his hands. Sabre, with Blade's help, lifts Striker to his feet.

Sabre: "You're going away for a long time, I'll personally see to that."

Blade: "I've got him. Help Widow if you can."

Tank: To Shadow, "Here is a medkit, it may help." To K&A, "Who are you?"

Talon moves aside to speak to the General.

Talon: "I want to apologize, sir, and take responsibility for this along with Striker. I assisted him in his actions that resulted in this injury."

General: "Don't worry about that now, we'll discuss it back on the Reliant."
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 04-30-2002 03:11 PM:
(OOC: I get my PM's mailed to me. BTW: Kika is using Sonar to look for internal damage, what does she see?)

those close enough to see Anka's knife will note that it is glistening slitghly, as if freshly oiled,
also that the hilt has a strange, almost orgainc look to it, and that the width of the blade is made up of a thin plastic honeycomb, only the edges are metal. Those edges are razor sharp however, and come to a needle point. Anka holds the knife like she knows how to use it.

Anka: We're paramedics. Kika is fixing her, give her some room.

Kika has her eyes closed, and is using sonar to trace the path of the blade. she is also grumbling in Neefla.

Kika: **heart is there, spleen is there. most of this looks good. Thank god I read ahead in other species Anthropology, or I wouldn't know half this stuff.**

In Cyanthian

Kika: Okay, I've stopped the bleeding, and it wasn't a frag knife, thankfully. unfortunately I can't do anything about toxins. Do you know if there was anything on the blade? If not, I am going to seal the damage, and remove the knife. that should stabilize her enough that we can move her to the medical bay.

while talking, Kika pulls her blade, and opens a chamber on the back, She folds open a sort of square funnel, rips open anouther small bag, and pours it in. She puts momentary preasure on a specific part of the hilt, and the funnel walls become slick with miosture, washing the pwder down into an internal resivoir. A moment later, a bead forms in the needle sharp tip of the blade.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 04-30-2002 04:56 PM:
OOC- Hmm, injuries Widow has. I was thinking something like a long knife wound on an upper left to lower right diagonal, slightly to the right of the spinal column partially puncturing her right lung. Delicate surgery may be neede to repair some nerve damage caused from the knife sideswiping the spinal column. Massive internal bleeding along the wound, right lung is slowly starting to fill with blood and/or fluid. The combat knives are not coated with any kind of poison or anything like that.
  Posted by Mike (Member # 1065) on 04-30-2002 07:24 PM:
MIke hears the scene (and sees it thought IR), "Oh $#@^."

He tries his comm again, hoping he can get some help ...


The reception is unclear, but it's there. The voice seems to be the nurse/receptionist that he vaugely recalls.

"We've got an injury near SC-31, a bad one! Someone got knifed in her back. I don't know what's going on here, there are several soldiers down here, all 'Mounty,' definately not Academy uniforms. You may want to contact security ..."

He then notices the connection is now dead. He grumbles, not sure how much of it went through.

He notices Kiki & Anka helping out, so he decides the best thing he can do is keep an eye on the situation from a short distance, looking from behind a corner or open doorframe, one hand on his special invention underneath his jacket. He pays particular attention to the one called "Striker," but also keeps an eye on the two Shivan and Grief cornered.
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 04-30-2002 09:00 PM:
Kika nods as she assesses the damage.

Kika: You are very lucky. Hold still, this is probably going to feel very cold for a moment.

Kika inserts the needle tip of the knife through the plasticized blood around the wound and in along side the blade already in his back. The specialised biotics spread out along the blade, drawing resources and energy from widow's blood stream to reproduce, creating a membrane around the knife, and sealing off the blood vessels. Kika counts silently to ten, then pulls the combat knife slowly out of the deep wound, letting internal preasure close the wound behind it, and allowing the membrane to take the burden of the added preasure one small area at the time. The membrane will stop blood from leaking into the lungs or other places it doesn't belong, especially since no major arteries were severed.

Kika: I don't want to give you any drugs unless you absolutely need them. The Neefla drugs might not react well with your system, and the Mountie drugs might not react well with the binders I'm using.

Kika slides the slim tip of the working blade deeper into the wound, being careful not to catch on the membrane or scratch it, guiding the tip with sonar. When the tip reaches the lung, she uses it to gently peirce the membrane.

Kika: Hold your breath for a moment.
Posted by Gryphon_2 (Member # 1372) on 05-01-2002 08:22 PM:
Grief, being covered by the sudden appearance of a bleeding, really hurt mounty, pulled off a trick even technomages would like. Disappearing from the rapidly growing crowd with nary a trace. With the injured being treated by some med techs, any interference from him would be tragic at best and fatal at worse.

As they say, blood was in the air. Literally. The hunt was on... And Grief would be best playing vanguard than bodyguard.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 05-01-2002 10:16 PM:
Day 6, 12:10pm, SC Hallway
Shadow looks inquisitively at Kika for a moment. She's in no condition to be holding her breath; she keeps gasping for air every couple seconds.

Shadow: "Considering the condition she is in, are you sure that is a good idea?"

Widow: "[gasp]I'll t..try."

Talon and Tank begin searching each end of the hallway respectively. Talon heads down torwards SC-100, while Tank heads back to the central elevator.

Tank: "No sign of medical yet."

Talon: "I'm sure they're on their way."

Tank: "It appears Grief has left the vacinity rather abruptly. Security also seems to have left the area."

Blade: To Kika & Anka, "Can you really heal her completely with that stuff?"
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 05-02-2002 12:16 AM:
Anka sheathes her knife with something like a wet sucking sound.

Anka: No we can't heal her completely, this isn't magic after all! Just good old home remedies from Cyantia Undersea! But you really want to keep your lungs as still as possible for this next trick! Be glad Uncle was a good knife trainer. Not many people can grow and train a toolknife that will work out of water, not even for a short while.

Kika is carefully stroking the knife hilt in a set of complex patterns, and Widow can feel her lungs begin to clear, and fill with air. Inside the wound, the knife's tip has pierced the lung, and is slowly drawing out the blood in her lung. A small symbiote in one of the honeycomb chambers has been activated by a chemical released by Kika's stroking. It is rapidly metabolising the blood that had leaked into the wound, breaking the blood cells down and ingesting them, and in the process releasing a mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide into Widow's lungs.

Kika: Let us know when you have enough, then very slowly breathe out.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 05-02-2002 05:06 PM:
Day 6, 12:11pm, SC Hallway
Widow's breathing is becoming more shallow and slower, but she nods and tries to hold her breath. She is also becoming more lightheaded and is starting to loose consciousness from the blood loss she already suffered.

She nods abruptly to Kika when she can no longer hold her breath. She gasps slightly when she releases her breath.

Widow: "T-Thank you... It's bet..better now."

Shadow: "Yes, thank you for your help. Is it safe to move her to medical, or should we wait for them to arrive?"
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 05-02-2002 05:52 PM:
Kika pulls the toolknife smmothly out, as Widow gasps, and the membrane seals behind it. Kika sheathes the toolknife.

Kika: I would prefer a float pallet, but she is stable enough that we can move her slowly. I want to get her to medical. I took care of the blood in her lungs, and stopped the blood loss, but I can't replace the blood she already lost, and there are other injuries that will need to be treated.

Anka: We will need something flat to carry her on.
Posted by Shivan (Member # 1745) on 05-02-2002 06:15 PM:
"I got that covered, just give me a second you two." Not wasting any time Shivan turns to the door that he kicked down earlier and gets to work with his torch.

After a few seconds of work he picks up the makeshift stretcher and carries it over to Kika and Anka.

"Here you go, One imprompto stretcher."
Posted by Mike (Member # 1065) on 05-02-2002 06:35 PM:
Mike steps out of his hiding place, and looks at Shadow.

"I called medical, but the connection went down, and I'm not sure how much they heard."

Mike keeps a careful eye out, wary that the situation could turn from bad to worse in a split-second.
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 05-03-2002 10:47 AM:
Kika and Anka carefully manuvuer Widow onto the improvised stretcher.

Anka: Perfect! Now lets get her to medical!

The girls carefully lift the stretcher, and head for the stairs.
Posted by AngelFish (Member # 1521) on 05-03-2002 06:02 PM:
A crackle of energy flares behind the group and a ragged-looking wolf in medical gear appears. He coughs once, regains his balance, looks at them, and activates a larger than normal looking com-link.

"I found them, Dr. Makoidies! It loks like they were trying to head for Medical on foot - stand by, I'll see if she's been stabilised for transport..."

He rushes forward, activating the scanners strapped to his body.
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 05-03-2002 06:27 PM:
Kika and Anka both look horribly insulted.

Kika: I assure you, she is quite stable to move. Do you wish to escort her to medical yourself?
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 05-04-2002 12:55 AM:
OOC- Kika & Anka, get my PM? I assume the knife is still in Widow, so how is she laying on the stretcher? (PM explains why I assume this)

Day 6, 12:13pm, SC Hallway
Shadow looks at the improvised stretcher curiously.

Shadow: "I will accompany her to medical. Will you be able to get her down the stairwell safely with that?"

The General regards Shadow for a moment, then responds.

General's comm unit: "Shuttle has returned with the medical team. Do you still require their assistance?"
General: Into comm, "Understood. Keep medical on standby, but Academy medical is here now." To Shadow, "Yes, stay with her. She may need a familiar face, but keep us informed. We shall return Striker to the Reliant."

Sabre: "I will remain with Shadow and Widow until she arrives in medical, then I will return to the Reliant."

General: To Sabre, "Very well. Contact us and we'll send a shuttle to retrieve you later."

Blade: "Take care of her, Shadow."

Then the General, Blade, Tank, Talon, and the restrained Striker head back toward the North Docking Bay where their shuttle awaits them. Sabre stays with Shadow and Widow.

Shadow: To the medical wolf, "I presume Dr. Makoidies sent you? Kika and Anka helped stop her bleeding."

Shadow can see a hint of insult in the Neefla's mood after the wolf arrives.

Shadow: To K&A, "Don't worry about it, he's just doing his job. Only we know what you've done to help so far." To Sabre, "We need to get Widow to medical quickly but safely. If only the elevator worked."

Sabre: To Shadow, "I agree. Perhaps..." To the medical wolf, "Can you get us to medical faster by the same method which brought you here?"
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 05-04-2002 03:07 AM:
OOC: Ah... Just got the PM. Didn't check my email early enough. The word you are looking for is barbs. Okay, minor correction. Strikers combat knife is still in Widow, when Kika tried to pull it out, she would have felt the resistance as the back-barbs dug in, and stopped. The rest of her actions were made a little more difficult by having to deal with the knife in the way, but she wasn't about to mess with barbs whne she has a fully equipped med sector a few blocks away. *As far as the other matter, the very limited first aid capacities of her knife and her belt do not extend to detecting that. The biotech she would normally use for that purpose was designed for a Neefla's Biochemistry and is useless at the moment.* Widow was placed on the stretcher, face downward, even if they had gotten the knife out, Kika and Anka would have wanted the wound up where they could keep an eye on it as they moved her. END OOC Corrections.

Kika: If not we can get her down the stairs safely, at least as far as the first floor, assuming someone goes in front to clear the way.

She leans over to the wolf and speaks quietly, hopefully soft enough that Widow will not catch it.

Kika: We have plas-sealed the internal bleeding, and purged the blood from the lung. She should be stable, but it would be best to get her to med as fast as possible. The knife is back-barbed and will need to be either surgically removed or deconstructed within the wound. I don't yet know what nerves if any were damaged, and those will require a med bay and possibly grafts. The rest is just basic tissue damage, and should repair fine. I thought there was something odd about the wound, my toolknife didn't like it in there, kept sending me funny signals, but I don't know if it was just the fact that it is not used to working on Mounties, or if it is not used to being out of water, so it may be nothing. But it didn't like the way the blood tasted.

(OOC: The wolf, if he works in Med with Angel may know about toolknives. They are basicly semi-living creatures, living handles with honeycomb plastic blades edged with steel. They are made and used exclusively by the Neefla. Thousands of different varieties exist, as every different family of Neefla makes it's own with those tools most usefull to it. Depending on the Neefla's College, they can be anything from memory aids, to lethal weapons, to first aid kits. Many Neefla attribute Sentience to their toolknifes, in the same way many people attribute sentience to their car or computer.)
Posted by AngelFish (Member # 1521) on 05-04-2002 02:24 PM:
The wolf listens carefully.

"Toolknives - I've read about them, but I've never had a chance to see them in action..."

He scans the wound area.

"Squid - that was a nasty one - I see I need to learn more about those thing, this worked quite well."

He carefully fastens a beacon labelled "1" to Widow, then distributes several more to those who are coming along. He presses a signal, and Widow vanishes, and, after a brief complaint comes over the wolf's com-link from the techno-mage handling the 'ports, the rest of the group follows, reappearing in the emergency recieving area of Medical. Angel is there, already dressed for surgery.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 05-04-2002 11:30 PM:
OOC - Can the rest ofthe group see Angel? If not, I'll change this.

Day 6, 12:14pm, Medical
Shadow and Sabre wait in the emergency receiving room, while Widow is moved by the medical staff. The two stand and comment to each other about their latest travel.

Shadow: "What a strange feeling. I've never actually done that before."

Sabre: "Those technomages have a lot of effective tricks like this, however, this form of transportation always made me uneasy. I try to avoid teleportation as often as possible.

Shadow: To Angel, "Hello, Doctor. She needs your help; she incurred a knife wound during a confrontation in the living quarters about five minutes ago."

Sabre: Using his comm. unit, "MSS Reliant, this is Sabre. I need a transfer of Widow's personnel record for the doctor."

Radio: "Understand. Transferring the information to your datapad now."

Sabre receives the following personal record on his datapad:
Mounty Military Personnel Record
Military Personnel Record
Name: Classified, aka Widow
Age: 30
Birthplace: Cyantia
Species: Leopard
Gender: Female
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Amber
Fur color: Yellow-brown with black rosettes
Rank: Lieutenant
Squadron: M.S.O.S., commonly known as the Ghosts.
Active service time: Classified
Current military status: Classified
Specialties: Classified
Current Location: MSS Reliant
Current Assignment: Special Operations Squadron under command of General Arthur Mc'ro.
Medical History: broken left wrist (at age 21), sprained tendons in lower right calf (at age 24), no major illnesses, immunization records complete... {rest of the specific blood type and anataomy details goes here }

Sabre passes the datapad to Shadow.

Sabre: "The doc might need this, although I am not sure if it will be of any help."

Shadow: "Right. Thanks."

Meanwhile, Widow is still conscious, but somewhat uncomfortable. The knife still lodged in her back is held in place by the armor she is still wearing.

Widow: "Hello, Doctor? I...ow... will you need me to remove this a-armor? I'm not s-sure if I can move well enough jus..ju..[cough]at this time. Um, Doc, I can't feel my legs."
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 05-05-2002 01:56 AM:
(OOC: What is the armor? composite plastics? Metal?)

Kika: Doctor, we have her stable, and all the wounds sealed, but you will need to do the actual repairs. When you want the sealant gone, we can remove it, a peice at a time if neccisary. I defer to your expertice, but if you can deconstruct the knife, I think the sealant will hold, and we won't have to do any more damage removing it.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 05-06-2002 03:10 AM:
OOC - It's a form of plastic composites designed to be stronger and more durable than most metals. It can deflect metal projectiles (bullets) for some time before degrading, but it is not indestructable. It can also resist extreme temperatures, and when complete, it contains a sealed environment like a space suit. It looks like the main guy from Halo; I'll try to link a picture of it.
  Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 05-08-2002 11:28 PM:
Day 6, 12:15pm, Medical
Widow attempts to look around as best as she can considering her position on the makeshift stretcher. Where am I? Who...ah, at least I see Shadow and Sabre. Widow tries not to move too much and remain still.

Widow: "Who is the doctor here?"

Shadow takes the datapad Sabre offered and moves closer to Widow.

Shadow: To Sabre, "I'll stay with her, you can return for now." To Angel, "I would like to stay with Widow if I may."

Sabre: "Good. I'll return to my ship, but remember to contact us if her condition changes."

Shadow: To Sabre, "Sure."
{Edited}After Sabre nods to Shadow, he heads back for the shuttle waiting in the North Docking Bay to return him to the MSS Reliant in orbit.{/Edited}
Posted by AngelFish (Member # 1521) on 05-09-2002 05:29 AM:
Widow is levetated off the makeshift stretcher and onto a gliding support that moves into the operating theater and bonds with the table. Angel moves with her, scanning the wound and talking into a com unit.

"I need a techno-mage - we have to deconstruct a portion of a knife, and maybe some body armor as well. Yes, as quickly as possible."

She listens to Kika as the readouts confirm what she says.

"Hmm, the sealant is working fine for now - if you can stand by for a bit, we can remove it at the suitable time..."

Finally, she turns to Shadow.

"Yes, you can stay, and if you know a good way to free this armor, I'd appriciate it. But first, I need you all to go into the decon chamber, get sterile, and put on masks and gowns!"

A smaller containment forms around Widow, and performs a surface decontamination on her.
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 05-09-2002 04:10 PM:
Kika and Anka nod and slip past Shadow into the indicated Decontamination chamber. They they strip off belts, sheaths, knifes and jackets. Anka slips a couple of packets from her belt onto a tray, along with both knives, in their sheaths.

The tray goes under one of the scrubbers, and Kika and Anka each take anouther scrubber. Their movements are not quite practiced, they have done this before, but not often. They gown and glove and mask, then they pick up the sterilised packets and knives and return to the main room. (The knife sheath will have effectively sterilised the blades of the toolknifes, and exposing the blades to ordinary sterilisation would kill many of the biostructs that live inside them.)
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 05-09-2002 04:22 PM:

    quote:Originally posted by AngelFish:
    A smaller containment forms around Shadow, and performs a surface decontamination on her.

OOC - Her? Do you mean Widow or Shadow?

IC -
Week 1, Day 6, 12:16pm, Medical
As instructed, Shadow moved over to the decontamination chamber. After his armor was purified, he layed his helmet on a table in the corner and placed on a mask and a surgery gown over his armor. He returns to the surgery bed when he has finished.

Shadow: "Actually, I can help remove Widow's armor easily enough."

Shadow moves closer to Widow's chest plate and reaches for a neural sensor wire in the top back section of the chest plate behind her neck. He carefully removes the pad from her neck (since he already removed her helmet earlier), and opens a panel on the underside of armor on the right forearm, and connects the sensor to an input port which Shadow activated mentally.

Shadow: "Give me a minute, and please move back a bit."

The two suits of armor (his and Widow's) emit a low brief hum and then Shadow reaches down and grasps the shoulders of Widow's armor. As he pulls up on the armor, it drifts off of Widow as if it the armor was merely a holographic illusion, leaving Widow wearing a tank top and spandex-like gym pants. Shadow maneuvers the armor over to a table another unused bed and another brief hum can be heard as the armor becomes solid again. Shadow puts the suit it secuirty lock down mode and detaches the neural sensor. He then returns to Widow's side, in a position where she can easily see him.

Shadow: To Angel, "Will that help, Dr. Makiodies?"
Posted by Gryphon_2 (Member # 1372) on 05-10-2002 12:49 AM:
Grief watched on in fascination from some dark corner as Shadow removed the armor in that... fascinating method. Silently plotting, quietly stowing this information away to be dissected immediately. What interested him the most was the panel on the armor and the neural uplink module.

Especially considering that it allowed someone to slave run the armor from outside. Looking down he absentmindedly flexed his hands and watch the faint light glitter off his fingers.

Yes... Quite interesting indeed.

As Grief took his attention and this own legal datataps out of the wall, he was silently making sure that there was clear sailing to the docking bay. This wasn't over yet. Not by a longshot.
Posted by AngelFish (Member # 1521) on 05-10-2002 06:57 AM:

    quote:Originally posted by Shadow:
    OOC - Her? Do you mean Widow or Shadow?


OOC - oops - fixed it...

Angel continues refining the scans while the others are sterilized.

"I'm always impressed by what a toolknife can do - do you think someone in your clan would be willing to construct one for me? One tuned to me would be incredibly useful in my duties here..."

    quote: Shadow: "Give me a minute, and please move back a bit."

    The two suits of armor (his and Widow's) emit a low brief hum and then Shadow reaches down and grasps the shoulders of Widow's armor. As he pulls up on the armor, it drifts off of Widow as if it the armor was merely a holographic illusion, leaving Widow wearing a tank top and spandex-like gym pants. Shadow maneuvers the armor over to a table another unused bed and another brief hum can be heard as the armor becomes solid again. Shadow puts the suit it secuirty lock down mode and detaches the neural sensor. He then returns to Widow's side, in a position where she can easily see him.

    Shadow: To Angel, "Will that help, Dr. Makiodies?"

Angel watches in silence as this new technology is demonstrated. She discretely uses her datapad to activate the passive scanners in the medical bed the armor is placed on.

"That will help a great deal, Shadow..."

She moves in and starts by removing the fur around the wound.

"By the way, Widow, I'm Dr. Makoidies - I'm pleased to meet you..."
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 05-10-2002 10:53 AM:
(The girls seem a little uncomfortable with Angel's question.)

Kika: It's possible...
Anka: It would have to be a very different design!
Kika: you understand, it would not be a very complicated toolknife...

(About then the armor is removed, the twins take a step back, a toughtful look on their faces, as the armor (to them) goes partially invisible, then reappears.)
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 05-10-2002 01:24 PM:
Week 1, Day 6, 12:16pm, Medical
Widow lays more comfortably now that she can see a familiar face from where she lays.

Widow: "Thanks, Shadow." To Angel, "Hello, Dr. Makoidies. So tell me please, how bad is it? Oh, and please call me Sara, the callsigns always seemed a bit too impersonal when off-duty."

Shadow seems a bit surprised when Widow requests to use her real name rather than her callsign. Protocol stated they classify there names for their own safety and for their family. However, he knew too well that Sara had no remaining relatives. He trusts her judgement.

Widow/Sara lays on the bed watching Shadow, with a wry grin when she notices Shadow's response to her request. I don't understand why he would continue to use his callsign here, this is a completely different environment. In fact, I can't recall him ever using his real name.
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 05-11-2002 04:43 PM:
Week 1, Day 6, 12:16pm, Medical
Shadow: To Angel, "Uh, where exactly should I stay? I don't want to get in your way."

Shadow steps back a bit to provide enough room for Angel to move around Widow without running into him, yet he tries to remain within view of Widow.
Posted by AngelFish (Member # 1521) on 05-16-2002 06:49 AM:
Angel gestures vaguely to a side of the room, where he will still be just withing Widow's range of sight. "Over there is clear - just stay far enough away so you don't disturb the sterile field - I'm not sure how that armor of yours would interact with it..."

Angel's hands blur as she activates equipment and prepares instruments. She fits in a friendly nod to Widow/Sara.

"Sara, then - You can call me Angel, if you like... you took a nasty wound here, and if you were in the field, you'd be in serious trouble - fortunatly, you're in my operating room!"

Angel and the servos connect the various tubes and devices of the life-support system; if any part of the patient's body failed now, they would take over. Just then a mouse enters through the decon-chamber, also gowned and masked, and with a metal mini-whip on her shoulder shaking itself and squaking in protest at the effects of the sterilization. Angel looks up.

"Oh, good, you're here - come next to me, and start focusing on the blade of this knife; I need it gone..."
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 05-16-2002 10:53 AM:
Kika speaks quietly to the technomage.

The blade is barbed, I couldn't tell if the barbs were designed to seperate, so you will want to make sure you get them as well.
Posted by AngelFish (Member # 1521) on 05-16-2002 05:03 PM:
angel makes an angry noise and brings up a 3-d display of the knife inside the wound.

"Here's the shape - what kind of barbarism produces a thing like this, anyway?"
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 05-16-2002 06:22 PM:
At Angel's exclamation, Kika and Anka look at each other, in momentary startlement, then return to watching the operation with intense curiousity.

(They have never worked with a technomage before, and want to see how this works.)
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 05-17-2002 01:49 AM:
Day 6, 12:17pm, Medical
Shadow: "A logical precaution. I'm not entirely sure how the sterile field works."

Shadow moves into the gestured corner and carefully watches the activity around Widow. Sara wasn't too happy with her callsign, even if it's a bit accurate at times.

Sara: To Shadow, "Thanks for staying with me, Shadow."

Shadow: "My pleasure, Sara. You know I would never leave you. That knife was meant for me, but you took the hit for me. I feel somewhat responsible for all this."

Sara: "Don't worry about it, be optimistic. I'm sure Angel is an amazing surgeon. And besides, I'll always be there for you..."

Shadow: "And so will I. You're right. Everything will be fine."

Shadow observes the mouse and familiar approach the operating table, as well as Kika and Anka keenly watching the technomage.
Posted by AngelFish (Member # 1521) on 05-17-2002 07:13 AM:
Angel adjusts the image until the knife is a bright red, and the layer of sealant shows up green. Another readout confirms that the local anesthetic is working, as well as the mild sedative. She holds a long thin probe with buttons and a cannister ready, and nods to the technomage.

"Whenever you're ready, Ph'arnx - I'll be going in as soon as the knife is out. Would you load it into the number two spectrometer after you free it, please? ...And you two be ready to dissolve the area of sealant I've marked in lighter green when I signal you."

The mouse begins to speak softly, as she and her familiar concentrate intently on the wound. She touches the protrucing handle and the whip's eyes glow brighter. "scan - hold - density higher - scan - tighten - extend - fix - GO!"

The knife vanishes in a flash of light, reappearing above a tray next to the table. Angel flips an eyepiece over one eye and slides her instrument deep into the wound before the clatter of the tray finishes.
Posted by Kika and Anka (Member # 2498) on 05-17-2002 12:41 PM:
Anka pulls out her tool knife, and rubs a circular pattern on the hilt. A small bead of liquid forms along one edge. She studies the glowing diagram intently for a moment, then nods once, before stepping up to the operating field. She holds the tool knife low, where it will be out of Angel's way, and prepares to go in on her signal.

She seems slightly nervous, though the symptoms are slight enough that only anouther aquatic would recognise them. Her hands do appear to be steady however.

(The bead contains a group of biotructs that will agressively seek out the polymer and reduce it to it's chemical components. None of the chemicals involved will be dangerous to the patient. )
Posted by Shadow (Member # 1707) on 05-19-2002 03:50 AM:
Week 1, Day 6, 12:19pm, Medical
Shadow watches Angel, Kika, Anka, and Ph'arnx closely as they remove the knife from Sara's back. Interesting. He returns his gaze to Sara, trying to interpret her mood from her facial expression. At least she appears to be relaxed at the moment. The anesthetics and sedatives should be numbing the pain sufficiently. As Shadow watches Sara intently, he notices her slipping into a deep state of sleep. The medicines are merely amplifying the tiring effect of the injury as the body consumes more energy in an attempt to heal itself, though a trained doctor could clearly see that the cells around the wound are not functioning properly. The body is unable to heal the wound. Sara is succumbing to the lack of energy and sedatives, and falls asleep on the medical bed. I suppose resting is the best thing or her right now. She needs to regain her strength for her to heal completely.
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