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Posted by Rifalia Mekiska (Member # 5707) on 11-17-2003 06:38 PM:

    quote:The mechanic and electronic practicing gym is set up somewhat like the sport gym hall, you slide card in corresponding slot, and get assignment. The assignment is usually some machine that is broken. The smaller ones are already provided, but the bigger ones, are holographs. The machine is broken in some way, and it is your job to find out what is wrong and how to fix it.

    This is where some teachers like to send students in and give them assignments, but in most cases, there are just students that came there by their own will to train. Your card is often programmed for how far you have gone in the classes, but fixing machine correctly, the card will be upgraded with points that make you get harder assignments if you want.

    There is a lot of noise going on, as to make it more authentic, to let you get used to how it would probably be in your future workplace.

Rifa had been getting from the class room and walking on slow pace over to the training hall. She looked at the card that had been ordered to give her the assignment she would need to finish before the next class would start.
The sooner the better. She thought and walked in, lazily sliding the card and getting the assignment. The machine was similar to what was in hover vehicle. She sighs and takes a sip of water while just looking at the assignment. Then she takes up the tools she has very often in her backpack when in classes and starts to look at the machine, finding out what kind of project she was facing this time.
  Posted by Mike (Member # 1065) on 11-18-2003 08:40 PM:
Shortly after Rifalia enters, Mike does as well with an assignment of his own. The object is a peice of electronic gear, which is already in a spot in the class.

On the way over, he notices Rif, and wonders if she might be from gaming night in the library, "" he attempts a greeting in Cyantian Khasi, though not knowing it too well (he's an engineer not a linguist and has yet to take an actual class on it) it comes out something like "Good daih, how are yew?"
  Posted by Kiylaciani (Member # 6253) on 11-19-2003 03:02 PM:
Kiyla pads her way through the hallways, winding her way to the lab. She had already finished her assigned pieces, but extra practice never hurt anyone. She swipes her ID to get into the room, and stands for a moments at the threshold, her eyes closed and her breaths slow and deliberate, letting the sounds and scents wash over her. This is home; this is where I belong. Surrounded by machinery, I am whole...

Opening her eyes, she glances around to see if anyone saw her, then quickly slouches once more and pads over to get her piece, a pump assembly off of a coolant system for some manner of speeder.
  Posted by Rifalia Mekiska (Member # 5707) on 11-20-2003 02:48 PM:
Upon hearing the badly pronounced greed, Rifa's ears perk up and she looks at Mike.

"Hey Mike. Gotta work on the prounounation..." almost gagging on the latter word, but not in joke. "Because you sounded like if Tim would start to speak Kashi." She grins.

She bends over the machine as Kiyla enters, missing the oppertunity to see her. "Tell me one thing Mike, do the dungeonmasters always mess with people's mind like that?" ((I know your gonna if we ever get through the character creation [Wink] ))
  Posted by Mike (Member # 1065) on 11-20-2003 07:30 PM:
Mike grins back, taking her own mistake as a joke, "Oops, excuse me, with the engineering, history, and science classes I've been taking, I had wait until next semmester or so for a course on that."

"Just don't tell Tim what you told me; I'd never hear the end of it from him." [Wink]

Smirking about the commentary about the game, "Well you and the others did ask for a genuine 'Dungeons and Dragons' game." [Big Grin]

(OOC - we can only hope they don't end up tossing their dice and 'sharp pointy pencils' at him [Wink] )
  Posted by Rifalia Mekiska (Member # 5707) on 11-21-2003 06:22 PM:
She sticks her toungue out at him in joke. "Your lucky since my wisp is cute when sleeping." She grins. There is noticeable lack of that said wisp around.

"History classes you say? Well, if it is cyantia history, you will find some problems with it." She leans back on the engine, waving wrench in her right hand. "Mostly with the wolfs. You can hear two different things, that wolfs, foxes, coyoties and those were created by taking traits of animals from Terra and turned to the cyantia wolfs and so. But other say that the origin is prior from the Rumuah."

She turnes around and works on the engine again. "I live by the theoretical facts. So I say we are origionally from Terra, but we were running on four."

Suddenly, a low bang is heard, followed by white smoke from the engine. Rifa stands up, bit in shock, and wipes out tears from her eyes caused of the smoke with her hand. "Well, that wasnt broken, but sure it is now."

((OOC: Dont worry about the dice and sharp pointy pensils, be aware that at least three of the party has pets [Wink] ))
  Posted by Mike (Member # 1065) on 11-21-2003 09:32 PM:
Mike grins back at her gesture and smile.

When the discussion turns to history, he listens until the bang and the smoke, "Whew! Well, speaking from experience, it's not usually as bad as it smells."

Turning the talk back to the last topic, "I remember reading various articles about Cyanitan origins in the databanks, as well as those in the class. Reminded me a little of the debates about the Theory of Evolution back home. As for problems with the Cyantian Wolven articles," he pauses, "A friend of mine from Japan after going through one of one of my country's history books found some things hers never mentioned, so I do try to keep in mind certain events in some articles may be given only a slight mention."
  Posted by Kiylaciani (Member # 6253) on 11-23-2003 06:35 PM:
Kiyla was sitting at her own workstation, quietly and efficiently taking apart the pump in her hands. So calming, so relaxing... With machines, I can't ever screw up, I can't make things wrong; and if I do, it is simple to fix it. So unlike my screw-ups with others...

The sudden detonation behind her makes her jump, and she spins around on her seat, pinching her tail in the process and wincing. "What the... Wait, I know her..." She sits there for a second, debating with herself as to whether or not she should go see if Rifa was ok, especially since Mike was standing right there. Finally, her concern won out over her fear of mistakes, and she got up to pad her way over to were the red vixen was staring at the workpiece in front of her. "Are you ok?" she asks, very quietly.
  Posted by Rifalia Mekiska (Member # 5707) on 11-24-2003 05:36 PM:
Rifa nods as Mike was talking. "It is almost the same thing on cyantia, each species has it's own story on what happened. I believe that in few decates, the wolf will just say that EG only produced beasts for war, but my species will only tell about the 'living art'." She says that in it sarcastic note, as she wouldnt exacly agree with that statement.

She sees as Kyila approaches and asks if she is ok. "Yeah, Im fine, though I think I blew up the power reserve generator..." Then she figures out who she is. 'That vixen from the garden, Im bit fuzzy on the exact memory on what happened... too tierd. But I think there was some talking about bit... 'personal' matters... that's till the human fell out of the tree...'
"How are you doing?" Rifa asks as she snaps out of her thoughts and focuses on her surroundings.
  Posted by Kiylaciani (Member # 6253) on 12-02-2003 03:56 PM:
"Me? I'm fine... I just figured I'd make sure you were ok..." She hovers, not really sure what to say next. C'mon, think of something....
  Posted by Mike (Member # 1065) on 12-02-2003 07:28 PM:
Mike recognizes Ky as one of the girls in the "Quantum Zeph party" by her height and single earring (profile), though waits for a pause in the conversation before butting in, "I'm sure it's not as bad as it looks." he turns to Ky, "Oh, hi there. I don't think I've seen you since the ship party."
  Posted by Rifalia Mekiska (Member # 5707) on 12-17-2003 01:05 PM:
((OOC: Finally! Mid-terms are over! ))

Nodding, Rifa puts her arms down by her side, holding a small wrench in her right arm. Taking the last look at the engine, she glares bit at it then looks up.

"Nice to hear." And now we need some topic She thinks to herself. Hearing Mike telling about the ship party, she waits a bit for Kiyla to answer.
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