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[Semi-Public] [NB-21] [Week 5, Day 6, 1500] Reoccurring Past
« on: March 26, 2012, 01:06:10 pm »
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Posted by Sairen (Member # 5075) on 10-15-2003 01:22 PM:
Sairen stood in the empty room, knowing that Sina and Kylie where off somewhere else. She leans against the food preparation table and lowers her head as a tear hits the surface.

"Happy Birthday to me.. Happy Birthday to me.." She sings softly, and then her voice cracks. Every single year since she had left Sina in the dessert, Sairen had celebrated her birthdays alone. This year was her 18th birthday though, and it felt even more painful. She knew no one could really know of her birthday, since she had told no one at the academy. Not even one of her newest, and closest friends, Kylie. Why? Why didn't I tell them.... cause.. Cause I don't want to interupt their lives.. Mars Academy staff did have her birthdate on file, but she knew no one close enough in the staff. Sure, Sina could have remembered.. but most likely not.. that was very long ago.. Hunching her shoulders, she lowers her head even more and cries quietly.

Suddenly, Sairen takes out a small metallic braclet and holds it in her paw, where tears splatter down upon it. You would have remembered.. Her paw closes around the braclet. But your too far away to even show me that.. She shakes her head furiously, sending some tears flying. NO! Its not his fault! She buries her muzzle into her paws and begins to heavily sob.

I wish today would just end...
  Posted by Kines (Member # 5219) on 10-16-2003 05:42 PM:
Sina bounces down the hallway towards her room, her book bag stuffed with something rather odd shaped. Ooooooo! She'll never guess! She was plotting, something she did on a regular basis but rarely for anyone but herself... Now if she could just get it all to work...
  Posted by Kylie (Member # 4943) on 10-17-2003 10:00 PM:
A hallway behind Sina, Ky rushes down the hallway, carrying a small package under her arm. I'm late! I can't be late for this. Hope they haven't started anything, yet...
  Posted by Sairen (Member # 5075) on 10-19-2003 04:40 PM:
Sairen, oblivious to any activity outside the room, wipes the tears off the surface. Trying to make the kitchen look normal, she cleans the best she can, making sure everything goes back in its place. Stepping away, taking a deep shuddering breath as her tears keep slowly trickling down her muzzle. Satisfied with her work of making things seem like she hadn't stood there for hours, going deeper into her sorrow, she slowly ventures her way back into her own room and sits down upon her bed, head hung low. Ears nearly resting upon the back of her own head, drooped with sorrow and pain.

This day will end just like the rest before it, alone. Atleast don't worry your room mates... With that, she flings herself muzzle first into the bed, burring her whole head deep into the pillow, allowing her tears to flow into the soft downy comfot infront of her eyes. Gritting her teeth, resisting the urge to howl, she makes a face into the pillow. They left because you where selfish... wanting to go out just for another swim! Curse my love of water! Curse my love for the outdoors! Curse it! If I had only been there... If... If... Her sobs grow more hysterical, feeling overwhelmed.

Even with friends your alone... whats the point? Why did you come here.. huh Sairen? You've hurt the Min family.. and you've hurt the one you loved... Squirms deeply and suddenly slams her fisted paw into the wall next to the bed, making it shake, threatening to knock down the poster hung from it. Comming out of the pillow slightly, Sairen looks at the dent upon the wall and flinches. Entangling herself in the sheets, slowly moving away from the pillow and the damage she had caused. A glint of something metallic catches her eyes, and her amber eyes flick towards the corner of the room. There leaned upon the wall was the dagger and sword of her family. Trembling she turns away from them, I don't deserve them.. I don't.. I don't deserve the last name of Min... IF I WAS A TRUE MIN I WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE! Takes the pillow and screams into it, muffling her yells of pain.

Though Sairen had learned to deal with the pain of the past, today it overwhelmed her very being. Feeling like she would burst with sorrow upon the day to celebrate her birth, for the past haunted this sort of day with memories painful and old. She blammed herself as usual, continuing the muffled scream into the downy white softness, streaked with tears.
  Posted by Kines (Member # 5219) on 10-23-2003 05:47 PM:
Sina quietly snuck into her dorm room for a second time that day, digging a box out of her room, a few strands of stolen Resolution Day streamers hung out of it as she padded as quickly and quietly as she could back out, her book bag still aquardly purched across her shoulder hanging on her hip.

She made it to the door just as Ky was trying to get in. "Meep!"

She quickly pushes Ky out the door, shoving the rather large box in her hands. Whispering "Ky! Go take this to the Garden! Quick before Sairen sees!"

She glances nervously back and forth stading at the door incase Sairen decided to come out of her room.

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  Posted by Kylie (Member # 4943) on 10-24-2003 10:30 PM:
Having just gotten to the room, Ky makes a suprised noise at being pushed right back out again, and stands at the door, package in hand, before puzzling out what was expected of her and dashing off once more.
  Posted by Sairen (Member # 5075) on 10-25-2003 12:05 AM:
Taking a deep breath inwards, the damp air from her own tears filled her nostrils. For moment she breathes deeply into the musty pillow, trying to catch her breath from the screams of sorrow. Then her ears flick this way and that. A sound! Sairen detected movement, sounds outside her room. Several infact. The activity she noticed where the sounds of Sina quickly leaving the dorm room. She was not thinking straight though and none the wiser. The pillow fell to the bed, and she strained the senses for the moment to hear anything else, but all seemed to be silient. Proabably someone else in a different dorm room... mabye someone in the halls.. Did they hear me? Shudders creeps slowly down her back, realizing how vunerable and exposed her past was, and how alone she felt.

Like a lost cub she once was long ago, Sairen curled into a ball of fur, leaning agaisnt the wall. Closing her eyes, the sobs returned again, this time quietly. A praticed quiet, that had come from years of experience. Her paw tightens into a fist once again around the metallic braclet. You... why can't you be here? Grits her teeth to the point her jaw hurts. With me? Sairen squeezed one of her only birthday presents, feeling helpless in her blackhole of reoccuring sorrow.

He always could cheer me up, and now he is gone... A last dwindling thought of Sairen's sorrow as she tries to close her mind to the past.
  Posted by Kines (Member # 5219) on 10-25-2003 01:18 AM:
Upon finding that Sairen was not coming out, Sina very quietly stepped out of the room and closed the door. Phew! that was close! I just hope Sairen forgives me for not saying anything sooner to her today....

With that Sina dashed with the speed only the cheetah have down the hall to the garden, skidding around corners and bumping into a few students, maybe even a rabbit if she had been paying attention. Instead her mind was set on gettin ghte decorations set and making sure Sairen didn't come out till a bit later.
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