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Altius Caelis Aeschyr
« on: September 13, 2011, 11:17:04 pm »
FULL NAME: Altius Caelis Aeschyr
AGE: 27
TYPE: Lift Pilot
GROUP: Trainer/Mechanic
FUNCTION: Teaching Assistant/Demonstrator
QUOTES: "This is directly from the manual. If you do not look like me... you are wrong."
“The hard way is the RIGHT way. The easy way is cheating.”
“No, I do not have a ‘funny accent’; this is how Terran English sounds when it is spoken properly.”

How much experience do you have with roleplaying? MUSHs/MUXs/etc?
Close to three years MARPG

Relaxed, amiable, friendly, almost effervescent. He is also individualistic and utilitarian to the core. Ironically, while he is 'by-the-book' on the job, he scoffs at too many unnecessary societal rules outside work. Safety and caution with heavy machinery is one thing, but that traditional cultural stuff... eh, not so much. Somewhat of a workaholic, the phrase ‘if you want it done right – do it yourself’ defines him perfectly. Loves picking up new tricks from experts and helping learners

L I F T S. He lives, breathes, sleeps, and dreams lifts. Also really enjoys swimming, good rare meat cuts, terran playing cards, and reading. No one is more giving or sharing than he (Save perhaps the benevolent Akaelaes), provided someone asks first; but he also likes having his own private, personal space. Also bubble gum and being unique

Feeling restrained, fettered, or held back; having to meet expectations other than his own. As a mechanic, nothing irks him more than inefficiency. Lack of motivation in the workplace

Persistence, hard work ethic, reliability, lift expertise, friendliness

While very affable, he is not very balanced. Altius is catching up on the give-and-take of being sociable and getting along with others. Where it might be more graceful in conversation to digress, he will almost certainly double-down. A tad bit of a perfectionist, without serious restraint he would certainly work himself to the bone. Not especially well-informed on non-lift subjects

Ridicule or demean someone for a fault, mistake, or error; he is a strong proponent of redemption and ‘second-chances’, as long as the party in question is making an honest attempt

Genuinely more interested in learning about others than spotlighting himself, tries his best to make everyone's day better. Very resentful to dominant types, and slightly rebellious. An eager coach, almost always very patient and helpful to those who ask for it. Unfortunately, his 'no-shortcuts' mentality makes him a Grammar Nazi. Attempts to model himself after his almost mythical understanding of the Akaelae ideal. He can almost always be found in a very good mood

L I F T S: building, maintaining, operating - whenever he has time. He has also become quite a pro with dealing and shuffling playing cards (though he does not gamble or make bets), which he started doing on Mars to improve his dexterity (now he is perfectly ambidextrous). He prides himself on finishing any game of solitaire in under a minute


Height: Seven feet and ten inches
Weight: Three hundred and thirty pounds
Fur: Black with a slim dark grey swath from neck to tail on his abdomen. His rebellious side comes out in short-kept hair, which he rather fancies for how it makes him distinct.
Eyes: Intense deep steel blue
Attire: Prefers plain, classy garments with light tones and colors that contrast his dark fur

Always punctual. He does not cut corners or take shortcuts; unless there is a really, really good reason to the contrary, the hard way works just fine. Will always strive his hardest to complete a task better than the last. Brilliant white smile

Lift qualified up to Medium Class for pilot and instruction, certified on every lift shop tool and almost every other piece of mechanical equipment on Mars, licensed to pilot small Cyantian shuttles. Bi-lingual: Cyantian Common & English (United Kingdom)

Heavy and Master lift certification, becoming successful and affluent enough to support a long early retirement of fooling around with lifts... perhaps considering a whip adoption. Finding that special someone

Why is he on Mars instead of another academy?
First, any Mars occupation is cutting-edge and unique; he could not pass up an opportunity to do something different that anything on Cyantzium. Second, he wants to mentor and be apart of establishing a brand-new quality program

What are his thoughts on his own species?
Nothing remarkable; he does not curse or praise any simply for being a wolf. All that matters is what kind of wolf they are, though the Akaelae name bears certain deference to him

What are his views on other species?
Fox – “They seem all-right, I suppose”
Mice – “Whatever”
Cats – “They are too diverse to say. The only thing is- nip. I must ask: really?”
Rabbits – “Are they all so skittish, or is it just me?”
Rams – “Whatever”
Equines - "I sincerely hope I do not have to configure a light lift for one"
Bears – “Do you want to hear a good bear joke?”
Avistarians – “Wings are overrated”
Aquatics – “Whatever”

     His older sister and brother were popular socialites, eagerly welcomed to their professional careers after completing Academy. Our insecure hero strived to make an identity apart from their legacy - settling with contrarian and roguish, literally the opposite. Gangly and not particularly athletic or charismatic, technical science proved to be his aptitude. An uncle, Brez, was a small-time lift shop owner, and the two of them clicked in personality and interests. Brez's encouragement was at odds with his parents initially, but it provided the young cub with stability and a positive creative outlet, winning them over in the end. With lifts as his anchor, and a generous growth spurt helping him "fill-out" he broke his self-centeredness and developed into a confident, mature wolf with a name of his own.
     The Mars Academy seemed like the perfect place for him to make an impact after graduating. He wanted be a part of setting the tone right at the start, crafting the tradition for subsequent classes to develop and prosper.

How has he spent his time at the Academy?
He is living a dream now. There is no inconvenience or triviality that can trouble him, unless a student neglects to demagnetize components before unbinding the processors, or refuses to decelerate INTO a maneuver and accelerate OUT. He has a routine of: 1 hour pool laps every morning. Breakfast. Lift shop. Classes. Light lunch. Classes. Lift shop. Dinner. Lift shop. 1 hour aqua stretching. 1 hour reading before sleep.

'An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded'

David Kelly O'Neill, 26, Human, Refugee
Altius Caelis Aeschyr, 27, Wolf, Teaching Assistant/Demonstrator

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Re: Altius Caelis Aeschyr
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'An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded'

David Kelly O'Neill, 26, Human, Refugee
Altius Caelis Aeschyr, 27, Wolf, Teaching Assistant/Demonstrator