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Fel Tranis
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The eternally lost fennec

Full Name: Fel Tranis

Species: Female Fennec fox

Age: 19

Type: Student (Majoring in Lift Mechanics, Minoring in Lift Piloting)

Function: 2nd Year Student, transferring in from Cyantia

Quote: "Um, excuse me.  My dataplate map just died.  Which way to the Lift Bay?  Thanks!" *goes two turns the right way then promptly gets lost again*

How much experience do you have with role-playing? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.?
20 years as a player of various "traditional" dice and paper RPG's in multiple and widely-varied systems, 17 years as a GM of the same varied systems with specialty in the Mekton Zeta RPG system (out of print).  7 years online in various venues ranging from forum-based games, IRC-based games, some limited time on both Furcadia and FurryMUCK, currently resident on Second Life for previous 5 years' time and involved in RP groups therein.

What is your character's personality?
Friendly, open, pleasant, though always with a look on her face of either dreamy contemplation or bewilderment at where she is.  Fel is both a dreamer and an inventor, and has a youthful, innocent streak to her.  The one time Fel can be fiercely competitive is in the field of lift piloting, where she pushes herself to learn and exceed the basic rated goals, even though she is aware she will likely only graze by certification due to her lack of any direction sense.

What things does s/he like?
Lifts, with a passion bordering upon obsession, and their technology.  Fel also adores flight and the act of flying, be it in a light aircraft, shuttle, or especially in a lift (which to date she has only been in the arms of, as opposed to being the pilot of).

Fel hates the fact she gets lost easily, and avoids this by carrying on her whenever physically possible a dataplate with an interactive, realtime map of the local area, operating like a GPS.  Fel also dislikes folk who out-of-hand dismiss the abilities of others without knowing them, as she feels strongly that everyone should be allowed their chance to shine.  Sometimes, this can carry over to folks she percieves to be attacking other people's pride when it is uncalled-for.

What are the strong points of your character?
Fel can be rattled, but almost never loses it completely.  Sadly, this ability to keep herself calm doesn't help her much with her lack of a sense of direction.  Fel is also an excellent technician with a lot of focus and drive to make sure the work is perfect.  Personality-wise, she is friendly, easy to get along with, and outgoing.

Weak Points?
Fel is possessed of the opposite of a direction sense: a near-total lack of any sense of direction.  Fel can get lost easily in unfamiliar environments, if she has stayed somewhere for a fair bit, she will become fully familiarized with its' nooks and crannies within a short time.  Smaller, enclosed spaces like houses are not so large that she'd get smashingly lost within them, unless one is speaking of a mansion.  A large office building, though, WOULD spell SOME difficulty (assuming there were no signs of any sort to aid).  She's not lacking in common sense, just a sense of direction.  Larger areas, such as the Mars Academy complex or other extensive areas are something of a bane, one she offsets through the use of signs, frequent questions, and almost always her mapping software loaded into her dataplate.  In the open, yes, she CAN get lost, and fairly easily at that.  In something as huge as the Mars Academy complex equally so.  Something like a large shopping mall, less so.  Once you get down to a 2-3 block area, it diminishes greatly.  A large office building, would still spell some difficulty (assuming there were no signs of any sort to aid her in gaining some semblance of bearings), while in a house, not likely at all.  It must be noted that Fel is in no way lacking common sense, and, if there are people around she can ask for aid, she will do so and will make full use of what resources she has at her disposal to offset her problem.  If the answer is as simple as following someone, it is a reasonable thing to assume she will do so.  A lifetime of living with this lack has taught her to do these things.
Fell WILL however be rattled, shaken, at a loss, and a bit afraid if she were to lose her GPS-like dataplate, as this is (to her) a life-normalizing aid she has come to rely so much upon.

Name one thing your character would never do and why.
Fel would never go wandering without an interactive, dataplate-based map of some sort.  Her experience at age thirteen has left her both keenly aware of and scared about her ability to get lost.  She also never gives directions to someplace unless she can on-the-spot check where it is relative to her.  Her ability to get lost has left her almost paranoid about keeping track of herself.  Also, Fel would never put someone at direct risk testing one of her new systems, as she would rather use a drone than risk a life.

How does s/he interact with others?
Fel comes across as a bit awkward and yet at the same time almost childishly enthusiastic.  Her focus can get in the way of normal conversation, leading down corridors of technobabble, until someone either puts a stop to it or asks for something less specific.

What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at?
Fel is, despite her youth, highly familiar with lift theory, design, and mechanics, and has a passing though yet-amateur familiarity with lift piloting.  Her field of study is both her hobby and her passion.
Aside from this, Fel is familiar, as many fennec born in their home environment are, with desert survival (something applicable to the current Martian deserts).  As a hobby, Fel has become enamored of swimming, something impossible or at the least highly rare in the desert.  Aside from these, Fel has an imagination and a talent for sketching, though nothing professional, and has used this to draw out her visions for a new generation of ultra-high-performance flight-capable light lifts.

MENTION if they carry some sort of weapon.
None whatsoever, though has played around back home on Cyantia with slingshots.

Give an example description of your character.
Fel stands a stately four foot eight inches in height, though she seems taller due to her rather oversize ears (large even for a fennec).  Weighing in at a solid 70 pounds, just a bit above the average for her height, the reason for this is obvious: for a fennec she's quite curvaceous.  Her hair is a center-parted mass of pale near-white which she keeps dyed a bright, incredibly vivid shade of electric blue, almost neon in its' strength.  This makes a fall all the way down, straight and fluffy, to her butt.  Under this mass of hair, Fel has these wide, child-like, innocent-looking amethyst-purple eyes.  Fel, thanks to her size and looks, has been known in the past to "turn on the cute like a spotlight", making folk not used to her go "Awww" in sympathy.  More than once, Fel has used the "innocent act" to get away with things she might not elsewise have been given permission to try.
Below, Fel's fur is the classic buff-tan and creamy-white of a fennec.  An athletic body lies below, sporting a fair bit more curve than is normal on a Fennec or a fox.  In other species, it would be considered "lush", and this shows when she engages in one of her other likes pass-times: swimming, an activity she only discovered since attending the various Academies.
Fel's tail is long and almost meticulously kept, fluffy beyond all logic.  Lower, her legs are a bit heavy, adding to the curvy look, and lead in to oversize feet.
Normally, for clothes in cooler-than-desert climates, Fel likes to wear a black tube top that goes down to just above her belly button, purple cuff-top sleeves that run from bicep to wrist and flare open wide at the wrist, a pair of black pants with purple "shorts" and sky-blue "sweeps", silken fabric that hangs from her belt even with the front of her legs and drape loosely in a "U" shape, attached to the belt in the back, and matching purple mid-calf-height soft fox-style (also wolf-style) boots suitable for digitigrade legs.  In her home on Cyantia, or when in need of other clothes, or when called upon to wear something different, Fel trades this in for a strapless, off-the-shoulders dress-like top in white with red sleeves, cinched at the waist by a broad, wrapped cloth sash that goes up almost to her ribs, and a fringe-edged white with red trim ankle-length skirt.  Beneath this, she again wears the open-bottomed Fox / Wolf pattern boots, though this pair is in deep rust red, nearly brown.  Added atop this is a bead-fringed shawl drawn around her shoulders in gold with the beads in amethyst, ivory-white, and bright red, clasped in front.

What qualities or traits does your character have that would be useful to the Mars Academy currently, or in the future when it becomes a colony? This includes skills, and for those that would need to apply, qualifications.
Fel is already a competent (though not licensed) lift mechanic/technician and a fledgeling scientist in the field of lift propulsion and the more exotic fields involving light lift storage.  Should there be a need, she could easily handle routine maintenance on light lifts, allowing a more skilled and experienced technician to be freed up.  In the future, she hopes to maintain herself as a resident of the future Mars Colony in order to continue development in these fields.

Why does your character want to be at the Academy rather than at another Academy, or some other location?
Fel is ambitious, and looking for a place where she can learn without old traditions getting in the way, around forward-thinking individuals, something that is difficult to find in long-established places like the Cyantian Academies.  Mars thus for her is the only logical place to go to.  The fact that there have been rumors (for her) of situations requiring lifts hasn't escaped her, and she is gathering that her talents and experiments might lead to her creating something better at best, and at worst she might be able to help keep the lifts there running smoothly.

What goals does your character have for the future?
To develop new lift systems and related technologies at the bleeding edge of the technology curve, especially those involving flight and "storage modes", and, while still fictional for her, teleportation with a pilot inside.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species?
Fel views her own species, Fennecs, as something of the norm to compare others against, a direct consequence of growing up with such close family ties.  She doesn't thusly find anything out of the ordinary or worthy of serious questioning, with perhaps one exception: the reliance upon trade caravans, as opposed to a more sophisticated transportation network.

What is his or her view on other species?
Fel looks to other species as constant sources of interest and intrigue, finding them sometimes inscrutable in their differences, and at other times endlessly fascinating.  She has some trepidation about her nearest "cousins", the fox, for their disturbingly racist tendencies, especially in light of recent history.

Please answer the following in a couple paragraphs: What is your character's history? Who is or was your characters family? What were the important events of your characters past? What kind of life did they have before they arrived at the academy?
Fel grew up normally, with her parents still alive and well with a home on the edge of the southern deserts for what little time was spent there.  Her mother operates as a guard on some of the fennec trade caravans, while her father is a mechanic on the same caravans.  Thus, Fel grew up around machines of all sorts, and in travel.  Her experiences in the caravans and the frequent layovers in foreign territory netted her a detailed if slightly eclectic education, but one where she was quite able to focus on what would later become her passion: lifts.  Somehow, through all this, Fel never developed that near-innate sense of direction many frequent travelers have, and becomes lost with ease, unless following a map with something like a GPS running.  Paper maps for her are almost a bane, as she's gotten lost using those, too.
At age 13, Fel got lost in the desert thanks to a combination of having to go to a different caravan vehicle and a sandstorm.  After digging herself out and for the next three days she wandered aimlessly, trying to find where the caravan had gotten to.  Eventually, seriously dehydrated and suffering heat exhaustion, she was rescued by a light lift pilot working with Search and Rescue division, called in from the (relatively) nearby Wolf territories.
To this day, due to her being dehydrated and delirious, she still sees in her mind's eye an almost-angelic vision of a custom-designed light lift with four broad, extensive wings painted with feathers and a massive medical pack.  The reality is somewhat more prosaic: a flight-capable SAR-equipped light lift in traditional electric blue and pearlescent white, with a narrow standard quad-wing pack, and normal SAR equipment elsewise.
This sparked a lifelong infatuation with lift technology, ranging from power sources through the impressive "summoning" ability.  Influenced by popular media, she is interested in creating a "teleport" system for lifts to use while piloted.  She has both an interest in flying lifts, though more for the sheer joy of flight than anything more specific or serious, and has an almost obsessive mentality about their technology, frequently memorizing manufacturer's specifications and their tolerances.  Her rescue also connected her with the SAR pilot she had met, Kijan Deviece (Dev-ees).  It was to him that Fel asked question after question, and through him that she learned a LOT more than just the basics.  Kijan humored what at first he thought was a youthful infatuation by passing to Fel various tests meant for students older than she, along with slightly outdated manuals.
What he got back surprised him: fully-answered tests with pages full of notes and questions, all of which pointed to a fennec with a deep and apparently intuitive grasp of lift systems and their mechanics.  While untrained and unpolished, the potential lay there.
After completing her primary education, much of which was abroad and sometimes required extensive layovers waiting for her family's caravan to return (an education wherein she was noted for her love of lifts and her near-equal love of flight, as well as an artistic streak and "flights of fancy"), Fel immediately began studying lift technology.  It was through Kijan that upon reaching fifteen and thus age of majority, she was recommended to take Academy placement tests.  These tests she managed to pass through only barely, but they nonetheless showed her potential, a matter which got her accepted, albiet into a significant amount of remedial classes.
In her chosen major, her tendency to create new equipment, even though safely NOT built into anything, and the experimental nature of many of these devices, plus her need for several remedial courses, led her to be bounced around through the more conventional Academies on Cyantia (as she ruffled a few feathers, sometimes literally, by bucking trends and tradition as well as conventional wisdom).
After two years of this bouncing around, Fel caught wind of Mars Academy (and its' growing reputation for "quirky" individuals and unique, less-than-traditional approaches to things), and applied for transfer consideration, in the process using self-study courses available online to take a crash-course in English, as the Academy precis stated it as a requirement for attendance.  Fel speaks Cyantian and Khasi both fluently, as well as several desert dialects, and English with a distinctive Fennec accent (and occasional look-up on her dataplate for an unfamiliar word).

OOC Note  I imagine her accent to resemble that of the character of Londo Molari, as seen in the television show Babylon 5, played by Peter Jurassik, just feminized.  Also of note is that Fel owns her own dataplate, one ruggedized and also waterproof, for outdoor use, which has been hers for a few years now, and LOOKS it, being beaten, battered, but its' screen is in perfect condition.
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