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(Spaceport made Canon) A cynical arrival.
« on: March 08, 2010, 05:37:01 pm »
Title: A cynical arrival.

Sub-Title: Introduction to Cedric Supel.

Creator: Red Falcon (Me!)

Start Date: Feb 24 2006, 11:53 PM

End Date: Mar 30 2006, 11:52 AM

Approximate Time Stamp: S2 W1 D2 17:00

Quote from: Red Falcon
"So this is Mars, eh? Looks a surprisingly lot like my house."

The chinchilla resting upon his shoulder bobbed in acknowledgement before snagging a piece of jello, crunching away on the wiggling green mass as if it were holding a cracker in it's little hands. He might have even regarded the sight as being adorable. Except that just as it was on the verge of finishing it's snack, the little traitor bellowed, "Wake up!" and then chomped down onto his arm.

In reality Cedric had recieved a light nudge to the shoulder, along with a few words whispered to wake him in a friendly fashion, but his dream would have none of that. No, it would be with an incoherent curse that the terran would snap awake, thrash for a moment, and then flop out of his chair. Upon reaching the ground, an audible thud was his reward.

He lay there for a moment. Giving himself time to clear away the fog from his mind and recall just what was going on, which essentially summed up to things being what they were. He was on the floor, his head hurt from being the first thing to get there, and he could hear some of the ship's crew musing over his situation in the background. Thankfully Mali, the one who had tried to awaken him to begin with, offered him a helping hand while asking the age old question of, "Are you alright?"

The response was a sarcastic, "Lemme check." followed by the human accepting the aid to get to his feet, and then patting himself down. Checking to make sure nothing he was carrying was broken, not that there was much to check.

"Sun glasses, perfect. CD player, seems good. Headphones, getting static on'em but they did that to begin with! Pride, now it's seen better days. My house, well..." Cedric paused with his final comment long enough to cast a glance Mali's way, who sure enough, was glaring at him. He quickly assured the Cyantian that he was just kidding and then kicked the topic elsewhere, asking, "Oy, how's your leg doing? They get you all patched up or do you still need a human crutch?"

A simple, "No." was the wolf's reply, followed by him gesturing for Cedric to follow him before walking off. Then for a time things became dull, if one considers being amongst giant furry aliens to be boring, as a one sided conversation upon what was going to happen was struck up. True, there was a brief moment in which they entered an entertaining little room, in which all the wolves became akin to giant bundles of fluff... but they soon sorted out their frizzy fur, and the porcupine that had replaced Cedric's ponytail sadly went away on it's own.

Then it was back to hearing about how he'd have to stand around at some place, waiting for Mali and the rest of the crew that had hauled them here to finish giving their reports or, whatever it is they were going to do. Well maybe not all of them, since one would be sticking around to 'keep him company' which essentially meant, "Don't try anything stupid or this fellow here will bop you over the head!" or something to that effect.

However, somewhere during the conversation he had gotten it into his head that where he'd be waiting would just be, some boring empty room with nothing to look at but walls and his assigned babysitter. Somewhere during it all, he had missed out on the fact Mali had said he'd be lead to a place where he could get something to eat, given how long the trip had been.

Thus, Cedric found himself a little surprised to end up at the spaceport's food court. With furry people abound and delightful scents coming from every which way. True, after his 'keeper' bought him something to eat he'd have to tolerate that person, who's name he didn't even know, as the fellow lurked around nearby. Keeping an eye on him and what not, but... aside from that. He had a funny feeling that maybe, just maybe. The wait wouldn't be quite as boring as he thought it would be.

So despite being indoors, he shifted his glasses from their place upon his bandana down to rest over his eyes. Plastered a smile upon his face, and then set off towards one of the places selling food. Casually asking the wolf following him along the way, "So boy-o, what do you recommend?"

Author's Notes: It's been so very long since I've posted any work of an RPing nature online, and it feels great to be doing this again. Ah, but before I get all weepy or, far more likely, before I enter a rant that'll be twice the size of the post itself! I'd better state two things for anyone who might want to join in here.

First, feel free to make the time of day that this occurs to be whatever you wish, as I haven't really stated when this is. In other words, if your character is a night owl, feel free to make it at the dead of night if it'll suit you best.

Second, ye ol' babysitter wolfy that's following Cedric, wants to be around even less then Ced' wants to be watched. He'll essentially remain at a distance and be anti-social, but aside from those two things you can do whatever you want with'em. Eh, aside from make him leave of course.

Oh yes and if for some reason the start of the post makes no sense to you, and you haven't read Ced's char sheet... then you should probably do such. In a sense, I guess you could say this post begins where a segment of his background ends. (However if it's just the chinchilla part that makes no sense to you, then don't worry. It's not supposed to. ^.^)

Quote from: Doink
Alraune Belmora wanders the Commercial district, trying to get a sense of her new home. She had just arrived at Mars following a trying arrival with her borther, Jeice. Jeice was sad to see her go, as she was the only family that he had ever since their parents died. It was only after she assured him that she would write to him frequently that he regained his dignified manner and saw Alraune off.

She was only just beginning to get used to the classes that she took at the Academy. They were a far cry from those at transitional school, and she was beginning to tire. Right now, she was taking a well deserved break before she pressed herself to the grindstone once again.

Currently she passed the time by observing random people in the food court. When she laid her eyes on the oddly dressed human, her ears perked up. With all the work involved in settling in at Mars Academy, she was as of yet unable to learn anything about the Terran people, which she was somewhat curious about. If they all dressed as badly as this one... She shuddered to think of what else they had in common.

She edged closer to the human and the wolf that had engaged in conversation with him. She was somewhat apprehensive about the oddly dressed human, and the wolf that was standing guard over him didn't help allay her doubts. She would see how he acted before getting near him.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Teara Arrakis pranced into the food court, humming an tune she had heard somewhere she couldn't remember the name of.  She had just bought a new set of clothes, and was already wearing them and ignoring the stares she occationally got, along with the half-concealed chuckles.  She could really not care less what people thought of her new outfit, because she liked how it looked herself. When she had purchased the clothes, the old mounty running the store had stared at her and asked if she was serious.

Draped in a loose-fitting blouse of bright lime green fabric, and wearing a skirt colored pale lavender with a faint overlay of slightly darker floral designs, she slipped through the crowd, looking for somewhere she hadn't been before.

Then a human with unusual clothing caught her eye, and veered that way, making her decision

"Hey there.  I haven't seen you before." she said to him, while picking up a menu and noting the wolf seeming to stand unwilling guard nearby. "Are you new here?"

OOC: No worries, Falcon.  You're not the only one here with a funky fashion sense. :D

Quote from: Red Falcon
'Oh, what's with that smile of his? He's done something. He's got that sinister, I've-done-something-mean grin. Doesn't matter if he looks like wolf, a squid, or some sort of flying walnut I -KNOW- that look. Gah! I should have just left it at asking what he thought was good. Sidestep his offer to actually pick something out for me by saying that I think I'll have, something else I just saw a person eating. Or that I wanted to... anything! Anything but letting him pick it!'

With an irritated snort Cedric yielded to the inevitable, he was going to be presented with some kind of mystery meat shortly. Nothing was going to change that or at least nothing that would be considered civil, and that nothing like that seemed to be the thing to do right now. 'Ah well, what's done is done. Best to just move on and pick what I can. Find a nice cozy, possibly isolated ta-'

Right on cue a stranger's voice gave his brain a firm prodding, snapping him out of his internal monologue, and drawing his attention to the advancing form of a female wolf. He didn't find it terribly surprising, if anything he expected at least one of the furries to come up to him at some point. Possibly hit him with a barrage of questions since, as far as he had figured, he was the only human here.

Yet the way she spoke to him made it sound as if, him being here wasn't that uncommon, or that big a deal at all. As a result of this he temporarily drifted back into his thoughts, pointlessly asking himself, 'What's going on here? Can't be other humans up here, right? Just how many houses do these guys land on?!"

He waved the questions out of his mind and let routine take over, a hand being offered to Teara in greeting. "New here, new there. I have a habit of being new to just about everywhere, but I guess that means I get to see all sorts of new places, eh? Name's Cedric, though Ced'll do just as well. Nice to meet ya darlin'."

-Editted- Author's Notes: Things have been brought to my attention and, hopefully, the problems corrected. Apologies to those who've found these 'notes' to be annoying, old habits die hard but I'll try to avoid tacking anymore up from this point on, unless absolutely necessary. Might even remove both these and the first post's notes if some people think it'll help.

Also, apologies to raptor. The differences from this forum compared to the one I'm used to are rapidly becoming more evident, and clearly I really shouldn't be expecting some things to apply here that were demanded there. I'll cut the rant off there.

Quote from: Doink
Alraune decided to risk talking to the human. She decided that his reaction was pretty typical, and that he was relatively harmless.

She walked up to him and eyed him skeptically. "I take it you're from Earth? Do all Terrans dress as badly as you do?"

Quote from: Red Falcon
There had to be some sort of cultural gap here. By asking about his choice in attire, the vixen that had just approached him wasn't trying to be rude. Maybe she was using one of those translator devices and it was messing up what she meant, or something to that effect.

Behind the veil of his sun glasses, Cedric narrowed his eyes and mentally fumed a, 'Yeah, right.' However just incase, he refrained from biting her head off. Choosing to go the way of sarcastic wit instead.

"As badly as me? Nah! Most of the people, dress worse! Take a blade of sorts to the seat of their pants and royally shred it, 'till their rumps in plain view. Not that they'd need to for that effect, as they wear the things so low they're practically tripping over them as is!" At this point he curled his lips back into a stupid grin, moving onto a little web of lies.

"Gotta prefer those ones over the streakers though. Real nut cases. Running around every which way just for the shock factor, forcing ya to close your doors rather then see'em. You ever tried to close the door to an igloo? Not an easy thing to do."

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera raised an eyebrow at the outstreched hand of the human, but did little else.  Listening briefly to his conversation with the vixen, she snorted in amusement.  This newcomer might be fun to mess with.

"Really?  Huh.  Funny thing, that." she put in wryly.  "All the humans around here, even the ones from earth, seem very self-concious about thier bodies... they don't like being seen without clothes."

"Of course, maybe you come from a very small cubculture or something.  Hmmm... Egg soup sounds good." she added in feigned disintrest.

Quote from: Doink
Alraune looked incredulous at Cedric's reply. "You're joking." She clasped her hand to her face. "On second thought, I don't think I want to know."

A brief glance was given to the nearby wolfess. Alraune didn't quite like the look in her eyes. If she tried something funny on the vixen's day off, well that just wouldn't do.

Having given her apprehension for the moment, Alraune turned her attention back towards the sarcastic human. "I've got to say, it seems like you don't think too highly of other Terrans."

Quote from: Red Falcon
It took Cedric the length of his tale to realize the offer of a handshake just, wasn't going to happen. Such wouldn't have been quite so embarrassing in itself, except that the act was then punctuated by his fable being shot out of the water. Once more, he grated away in his in his mind. 'Meh! Only one of them bought it. Well, let's see if I can recover whatever dignity I have here.'

He slid his glasses to the tip of his nose and cast a sidelong glance Taera's way, reducing his features to a smirk while he mused, "Caught that I was pulling your leg, eh? Well that ruins my fun." A shrug was offered up followed by a light hearted sigh. "Then again, I suppose I did push it a little too far. Aw well!"

A semi-serious tone was then taken, his eyes shifting to Alraune. "The first parts true though. I wasn't fibbing about that. Just wait a few years and maybe the second bit, save the igloos, will be as well. As for other 'Terrans'..." He paused long enough to put a thoughtful expression on his face, gaze cast to the ceiling.

"It's possible. I mean, although I've read and heard about all kinds of 'amazing' things my species has done, both recent and in the past. Through multiple forms of media, we show off that we're rather intent on tearing ourselves apart on a daily basis." Cedric waved a dismissive hand after saying such, as if to ward off the statement he'd just made. "But, I'd rather not get into that sort of thing right now. I'm about to eat."

Quote from: Doink
Alraune rolled her eyes and cracked a smile. "Well, if you expect Cyantians to act any better, you're going to be sorely disappointed. My species are veritable sultans of stupidity. But I guess you'll learn about them soon enough."

She looks around the food court at the menagerie of eateries. "I don't suppoes you know of any good spots?" she asked Taera.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera turned to the vixen addressing her, and grinned mischieviously.  "Of course, but are you sure you want me to take you to them?  Some people have been known to call me... odd, to say the least of them." she asked, still grinning.

Quote from: Red Falcon
With the conversation shifting to the topic of food, a very simple reminder flagged in Cedric's mind. His alleged 'bodyguard' had ordered something for him to eat a while ago, it would probably be ready by this point, and that he should go pick it up before something happened to his meal. Like, someone else eating it.

One look later, he almost wish someone else had. It was some kind of meat, an assumption based off the fact everything he'd seen bought from there had been such. Except that it looked more akin to an oversized lump of pudding, and judging by the way the Cyantian behind the counter was looking at him. The plate holding the wiggling unknown, was for him.

"There are odder things then that?" Muttered Cedric, more to himself then in actual hopes of a reply.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Eyeing the mysterious lump, Teara chuckled.  "Well, food isn't always as tasty as it looks... sometimes it's better." she said, privately noting with an internal shudder never to come here again.  "But if you want something that also looks edible... I might be able to help you with that."

She glanced at the wolf guarding the newcomer.  "Are you two having a fight or something?" she asked him.

Quote from: Doink
Alraune laughed upon seeing the pudding being served to Cedric. "Don't tell me you actually agreed to eat that crap!"

Her laughter quickly subsided and she took another look at Cedric. "Why don't I get you something a bit easier on the tongue?"

Quote from: Red Falcon
Of all the choice of words, why did she have to say the word 'crap' while suggesting the idea of eating? The sight of the alleged food was sickening enough, thoughts of eating it even worse, and now with that mental image tied in, Cedric turned pale. He applied his best efforts to keep it at only looking sick, rather then actually demonstrating it.

"Since you're offering, sure thing. Looks edible, nice on the tongue, just the sort of thing you'd want..." He trailed off into a grumble as he turned away of the two of them, taking his mind off the concoction by fixing his bandana and moving his glasses to rest atop such.

"As for my 'friend' over there, just try and ignore the jerk. Hasn't said a word to me since I met'em, and I was cooped up in the same ship as him for a while." Composure regained, he cast a glance over his shoulder to the two along with a cheery smile. "Maybe that in itself is why. So, let's just leave him with that mystery meat of his, while you two show me some of these wonderful cuisine ideas of yours. 'K?"

Quote from: daemonschile
A calico standing at the counter nearby swivelled her ears at all the talk of mystery meat and glanced at Cedric's tray.  She gave a small snort and chirped up in a cold voice, "That's not 'mystery meat'... or any of the other terms you're referring to it by.  That's Micr Ciar, and it's delicious."

Grinning slightly, "It's also supposed to be a favored dish among the humans around here..."

Quote from: Doink
Alraune scratched her head and took a closer look at Cedric's dish. "Wow. So it is." She shook her head and blushed. "Well, I guess that's not going to help your appetite. Sorry if I ruined your meal."

Quote from: Red Falcon
First it was a horrendous blob in which they all stared off at in disgust, if not horror, and now the food in question was being regarded as something delightful. So then this whole thing was just, some big misunderstanding? That even the bit of his 'keeper' grinning away like a madman was now in fact, something that had been done to be friendly?

That line of thinking was filed away in the terran's mind for later. For the time being he settled upon retrieving the allegedly 'delicious' dish, while pointlessly arguing along the way, "A name is just a name. Doesn't matter if I call it Micr Ciar, mystery meat, or strawberry jam! What it actually is will stay the same, regardless of what anyone calls it." Cedric punctuated the statement by snatching the dish up, causing it's contents to perform a little dance as it wriggled away.

"However, until I actually -know- what it is. I choose to refer to it as the aforementioned, mystery meat." The sentence was ended with an irritated snort, not so much because he had been corrected by a complete stranger on what this food was, but rather because in his mind. The current rate of greetings to people seemingly skipping any sort of manners, for whatever their reasons. Was at present in favor of the latter.

As a result of this line of thinking and the fact he would now have to eat, or at the very least consider eating what had been referred to as 'crap' but a few moments ago. He couldn't help but stare at the mounty through narrowed slits, voice still an annoyed growl. "On an unrelated topic. Hi there! Name's Ced, 'n just who the-" A curse butchered down to a single letter was tossed in, thankfully a light one. "-are you?"

'Come to think of it. Did the wolf even say hello to me? Mmm, yeah. Yeah she did... but then again. Just stared at my hand when I offered, as if I had the plague. If this turns out to just be some sort of culture thing, and I've been missing some sort of gesture or something, it'll be a real kick to the face. If not... meh!'

Quote from: daemonschile
The calico flickered an ear, "The name's Prenna..."

She then flattened her ears and then raised them again, "And while what you call the dish may not change what it is, if the name makes one not want to eat if before one's even tried it... I'd disagree with it."

"However... if you object so strongly to a traditional mounty dish, I'd be willing to switch your order with mine.  I ordered a simple boiled egg which should be about done by now... unless you dislike eggs too?"

Quote from: Doink
Alraune's ears shifted back slightly. "I've got to warn you, those eggs are a great deal bigger than the chicken eggs on Earth."

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: Awww, Doink!  You ruined the surprise!  And how would that occur to you, never having had earth eggs?  Oh well... too late now I guess.

Also, just curious... wouldn't it make sense for the headmaster to make some sort of appointment to apologize to his newest guest?

*totally unconvincing innocent expression*

Taera cringed at Alraune's obnoxious outburst, and for a moment worried that her day would be ruined by a fight.  But the vixen had the sense to apologize.

After watching the conversation for a time, she grinned for a moment and leaned close to Cedric.  "Keep in mind, before you say anything, that you will most likely be spending some time living on the Mounty floor..." she whispered in a low voice she was fairly sure no one else could understand, even in they heard her speaking.

Quote from: Doink
OOC: I only ruined HALF the surprise. Cedric still doesn't know where the eggs come from.

As for where Alraune learned it, um.... I guess she's been brushing up on Earth. I mean, it can't be that obscure a fact, now can it?

Besides, even if Darius apologizes, Cedric might still blow up and damage your precious boy-toy. And I don't think any fo us want that to happen.

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: *huff*

Not likely!  My "boy-toy" is an Omega wolf!  Remember, Jules tried the same thing, and ended up being dangled by her shirt collar.

But anyway, that sounds reasonable... sorry I yelled at you.

Quote from: Red Falcon
"Little hard to dislike eggs, considering I use them when cooking just about any-" Cedric, upon hearing Alraune's warning, went silent while he constructed a mental image. The result was him envisioning himself trying to cook with an egg that was bigger then his head. An egg which upon contact with a bowl, exploded. 'A -great- deal bigger? How big are we talking about here?!'

No time was offered to actually ask the question as things moved forward, or rather, as Taera scooted forward to provide him with a close up view of her grin. Nothing like having a set of sharp and pointy teeth, right up along side your face to get your undivided attention. He wasn't entirely sure what she meant about him living around the mounties, but then she probably knew how things worked here better then he did. Easy thing to say, given that he wasn?t even aware of the academy yet.

So on a more friendly note, albeit without a smile, he spoke with Prenna once more. "Alright, well how about this then. If I try this dish of yours and I end up turning funny colors, then keel over and kick the bucket, then we'll... hrm. Scratch that, I wouldn't very well be doing a thing if I was dead. But anyways! If I don't like it, I'll swap this Micr here for your-" Once more the egg returned in his minds' eye, but this time it was happily growing away until it was blotting out the sun... and had turned purple.

A funny look crossed his face in response to that thought, causing him to consult Alraune before his imagination got the better of him. "Exactly what kind of egg are we talking about here? I mean, how big -is- this thing?"

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna looks at him somewhat quizzically, "I've never seen anyone turn colors eating Micr Ciar... though I'd imagine it would be a great deal more popular if it did have that effect...."  Kicking buckets?  For food?

"But I've no objection to switching if you dislike it, after all, I already suggested it..."  She swishes her tail a couple of times.

"Otherwise I ordered a chicken egg.  I suppose I could order a different kind of egg if you'd prefer and save mine for later, though I've had a personal preference for chicken eggs over the other kinds like duck, goose, or eagle.  And I ordered a smaller one I'm afraid... though I'd rather hold off on ordering you a second until you finished the first one... "  She twitches her ears slightly.

"Just how big do you think the eggs get?"

Quote from: Doink
Alraune began to think, and a sly grin crossed her face. "Weeell, it's like this. Avisterian females normally sell their unfertilized eggs for use as food. So just imagine an egg that came from a sentient, human-sized bird and you'll get the general idea."

Quote from: Red Falcon
Cedric echoed, "Human-sized bird?" then let his mind take over, which rapidly drew a smile and muffled laughter from his lips. Nothing quite like imagining a giant chicken haggling over a price for its eggs, then asking if you want them ?sunny side up? or anything to that effect.

"That?s, a little different from what I had in mind but, sure! Why not?? Once more he stared thoughtfully off into space, pondering what kind of price they?d charge in comparison to Earth standards. ?So long as they?re ?unfertilized? and they don?t have some kind of taboo on sellin? them. Then that?s a pretty smart thing to do, I mean. Why waste good eggs, eh??

A few moments passed while he considered... , god only knows what, before he added, ?I wonder what they taste like?? Followed by him plastering another stupid grin across his face.

Quote from: Doink
Alraune certainly wasn't expecting that reaction. "Umm, I'm guessing they taste pretty similar?" She was beginning to warm up to this human. He had sarcasm coming out of his ears and he knew how to be practical. "It's Cedric, right? I'm Alraune Belmora."

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera started when Alraune introduced herself.  "Oh!  My apologies, Cedric.  My name is Taera." she intoned, nodding her dead formally, but still smiling.  "That's an interesting name, though."

"I hope you like the Micr..." she said, her eyes flashed mischeiviously.

Quote from: Red Falcon
And all was right with the world! Well, perhaps not everything. It was a little horrible to think that by the end of the day, their names might very well slip Cedric's mind, or that he'd mix up which belonged to who. But with that aside, just knowing that there had at least been greetings exchanged put him in good mood.

So with that social hurdle out of the way, he gathered up some utensils while saying to Alraune, "Since I've only had the sort on Earth, no idea! I'll have to get back to you on that one. And yeah, that's my name." Then without skipping a beat he moved on to reply to Taera, throwing a smirk her way in the process. "Is it now? Well thanks for saying such darlin'! Nice to know, since it's the only one I've got."

"As for the Micr..." The rest of his sentence was delayed by him shifting away from the group, his eyes scanning the food court for a place to sit. He saw that there would be no problem in that regard, as empty tables were plentiful. Allowing him to take his sweet time. "Well, there's really only one way to find out, so I think it's table bound I go. Unless the lot of you'd care to join me, in which case I'll wait while you all get your orders filled and the like."

Quote from: daemonschile
OOC - you know... this just screams for a really evil thing I could do here  :P

Prenna flickered her ears as she looked back and forth as they discussed eggs, developing a slightly lop-sided grin.  "Gee, if you're that excited about an egg I guess you can just have mine, although I would like to see you at least try the Micr Ciar.  If you don't like it, I'll take it off your hands.  If you do, you can have both.  Just let me get a tag so they can bring they egg out to you when it's done."

She turns back to the counter and requests an order tag for the table while keeping one eye on the others to see where they sit if they head off.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Giggling, Taera gave the hesitant human a wry grin.  "You're stalling, darlin'." she pointed out, emphasising the last word with a teasing tone.  "Hurry up and try it already.  It won't taste any different standing up than sitting down."

She glanced at Prenna.  "And you be nice.  You shouldn't torment the newcomers." she said in a serious and mature tone.

Yeah, cause that's my job...

Quote from: Red Falcon
"Can't get anything by you, now can I darlin'?" Mused Cedric alongside Taera, settling in his mind that at the very least, this wolf was going to be fun to be around. So with the mood being established as somewhat silly, he snatched up his fork with a bit of a flourish and then raised his voice.

"Alright! Onwards and upwards then! ... Or, downwards." The proclamation was ended with an exaggerated chomping noise as he devoured a helping of the Micr, and then for a good deal of time he was silent. His head lowered, eyes closed as if in deep contemplation. In truth he was just grating over all of the angst he'd wasted when the food was in fact, very good.

Afterwards, the silliness resumed by him taking a second to look his hand over, then by him putting two fingers to his neck as he checked for a pulse. He started by muttering, "Mmm, skin's still pinkish... and I don't appear to be dead. So-o-o, all things considered." He paused just long enough to break into a full grin before he chimed the 'results'.

"Tastes fine! Cut, print, that's all she wrote. Now, moving on to the next matter!" The fork was gestured towards Taera and Alraune. "You two going to get something for yourselves? Or are you just going to stand around watching me eat all day?"

Quote from: Darius Fan
He's cute.  Weird, not my type, but cute nonetheless.

Taera nodded.  "Not as bad as you were expecting, eh?" she laughed, then turned towards the serving area. 

"I'd like some of this spiced egg soup, and put it in a cup, please?" she asked a wolf behind the counter, tapping her menu on the item she was talking about.  "I like to be able to move when I'm eating.  Thanks."

She turned back to the Alraune and Cedric.  "And what will you get?" she asked the vixen.

Quote from: Doink
Alraune rolls her eyes. "Oh, goodness me! I was so busy staring at this perfect specimen of manliness that I forgot to order my meal!"

She turned around and promptly gave her order to the wolf. "One gesyku platter, please."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Rifalia had been busy when she decided to take a break and grab something to eat.  Things were particularly quiet around the apartments and on the campus, so Rifa had decided to stroll down to the eating places near the spaceport, which she had found to be fairly busy places.

As she strolled in casually, although perhaps with a little less energy than usual, she was dressed in some losse, light brown work clothes, slightly stained but still fairly clean.  Her fur was still well-groomed, as it always was, and her ears and eyes actively searched the food court in signs of anything that might catch her interest.

And so she saw a human she could recognize almost immediately as being new to Mars Academy.  His odd fashion sense was a dead giveaway even from a distance.

I wonder who this is, she thought to herself.  He looks like an interesting person to know.  Perhaps a touch of mischief even.

She grinned at the thought.  The troublemakers were always fun to be around, so long as you weren't their target.

Walking up casually to the table where the group was seated, Rifa asked politely, "Room for anyone else here?"

Quote from: Red Falcon
"Really?!" Cedric gasped in feigned surprise at Alraune's sarcastic claim. "Shame on you! Staring at my 'manliness' like that. It's rude to stare." Then it would have been back to grinning like a madman while he selected an empty table, except that just then a fourth visitor to snagged the spotlight. This didn't present any real problem, as the newcomer was even polite about the way she did it.

What did cause the problem however, was a certain line of thinking that had crossed his mind. Namely that, despite him being sure that what Alraune had said was purely in jest. He couldn't help but notice that the only type of guests he seemed to be attracting were... female, and more to the point. The number was growing.

In a strange bout of worry he thought to himself, 'Ok! This is, kind of weird now that I think about it. Alright! There aren't that many of them so it's, just coincidence or... , something! Well duh, it's certainly going to be -something- if it isn't just a coincidence. Ah, forget it. If some kind of, weirdness, starts happening then I'll just head for my body-' That train of thought was derailed upon him noticing, his 'keeper' was currently out of his direct line of sight. If not gone all together. '-guard? ... This isn't helping.'

After waving his imagination away, Cedric returned to the matter at hand of greeting Rifalia. Such was done through a cheery smile and by him saying, "Sure! The more the merrier, right? Name's Cedric, or Ced if you prefer. Just as good."

Quote from: Doink
The wolf jotted down the girls' orders and walked into the back room. Alraune turned back to Cedric. "I normally get my gesyku at the Cunning Vixen. You should try it sometime. It's excellent."

She noticed that another vixen had joined them. "Oh, hello. I'm Alraune Belmora. Who are you?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"I'm Rifalia Mekiska, but everyone calls me Rifa." answers the red vixen as she pulls up a chair.  "Glad to meet you Alraune, Ced."

"Welcome to Mars Academy, by the way." replies Rifa.  "I assume you must have arrived recently, Cedric.  You'll find out humans bring out a certain curiousity around this campus, especially students in the Terran Studies class.  So what brings you here?"

Meanwhile, as a mounty waitress passes by Rifa stops her for a moment and orders an egg and some juice, before allowing her on her way.

Quote from: Red Falcon
Of all the things to ask, why did it have to be that? It wasn't that Cedric had forgotten what his present situation was or the cause of it all, but it was a nice little escape to be able to focus on other things. Being reminded of why he was here effectively sucked the cheer out of him, leaving him to take a seat beside Rifalia with a grumble.

"Real-estate problems. You see, someone thought it would be funny to classify my building as a runway. Ever wonder who would win if a house and a spacecraft played chicken? If not, I'll give you a hint. The house lost!" After saying such he gave his plate of Micr a few irritated pokes, spending some time watching it wiggle away before calling out to Prenna to let her know where they were sitting.

"But anyways. You said this place is a school of sorts, right? I assume there's more then just that here like, a city. Sounds a little odd to just have an academy sitting around all by its lonesome on Mars." As an afterthought, he shifted his attention briefly to regard Alraune in his now grumpy mood. Muttering, "Gesyku? Sometime, yeah. But for now, I'll stick with this pudding o' joy here. Still don?t know what it?s made out of, probably better off not knowing though. Meh!"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
The sarcasm of the human's response gave Rifa a start.  Looking for the right words to say to someone suffering such a loss was tricky.

"I'm sorry to hear about your loss.  I do hope you find this place as friendly as I have.  It is an odd place for an academy, yes.  So far from our own homeworld.  There's a city right next to the academy.  We're in the middle of it, as a matter of fact.  It's not as big as some of our cities back home.  You've probably been in bigger cities on Terra, but you can find most anything you would need or want here."

She laughs to herself a little, unable to contain her amusement at the battle of Ced versus the Micr.

"Need some help with that?"

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera smiled wryly at Rifalia.  "I think he's got it under control..." she said, then turned to Cedric.  "Right, darlin'?"

What a weird title... darlin'...

Quote from: Red Falcon
Cedric replied with a simple, "I'll manage." while taking a bite of his food to demonstrate, intent upon sounding miserable and being left to his thoughts. However, as his mind started to wander, the first thoughts that came to him weren't quite what he expected. He began to consider that maybe when Taera was saying the word darlin' like he had been. She wasn't joking.

'Hrm, forgot to consider the whole cultural difference thing. Ah great, so if she isn't joking then, what? Maybe she doesn't know what it means and she's just mimicking it. Thinks it's some kind of title that you'd give to a friend, to someone you've just met, or to a person you like and... eh. Uh no! Did I just propose or something?!'

A few moments were taken to consider the idea before he finally disregarded it as being preposterous. They were a different species and they had just met, so if it had been interpreted to mean something like that. He had a feeling he'd be lying dazed on the ground with a black eye, fat lip, or at least one part of his body bent in a way it simply should not go.

"Yeah, that's more likely." Reiterated Cedric quietly to himself, but never the less out loud. Realization that he had done so spurred him to redirect any inquiring minds elsewhere, thus bringing him to ask, "So, just what's so great about Mars that you'd want to build a city here? Has it got some rare kind of mineral, or were you just running out of room back home?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"He looks a little nervous there." muses Rifa to Taera.  "You don't think he's girl-shy, do you?  I'll have to call over one of the Rabbits to break him of that."  Rifa giggles at the thought.

Quote from: Doink
"Actually," Alraune mumbles around a bite of gesyku, "I think the point is to contact your people, hopefully making friends. I'm not too optimistic about it, myself, but what do I know?"

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera eyes sparkled at Rifalia's idea.  "Oooh, wouldn't that be fun to watch!" she she whispered, darting a few devious glances at the human. "Let's just hope marriage doesn't come up..."

She snickered at the thought, then noticed that her soup was ready.  Picking up the cup, she took a sip.  "Mmmm... not bad." she sighed happily, then heard Alraune talking about making contact.

"I can assure you that we didn't come here to crash ships into all of your buildings." she said in mock seriousness to Cedric.  "No, that would be too expensive.  We'll probably just burn them down.  Much cheaper."

Quote from: Red Falcon
"More then I do on the subject, but even with what little I do know I already think it's a bad idea!" Stated Cedric to Alraune, getting ready for a good bit of human bashing. Which was rather weird if anyone took the time to think about it, given the fact that he was the very thing he was criticizing. After providing Taera with an icy glare in response to her 'house burning' comment, he started to rant.

"I mean hey, don't get me wrong. From what I've seen so far I think this place is pretty amazing but, if the objective of those in charge here is to make friends with Earth, they're going to be in for a rude awakening. A majority of humanity views itself as being the center of the universe, in a matter of speaking, and they like it that way!"

"Worst case scenario Earth side. Everyone goes absolutely -crazy- as religious, political and social views go out the window. Hey, even if knowing about you lot shouldn't conflict with their beliefs, some people will twist it to do such either for their own little agenda or just for kicks! I'm over simplifying it, I know, but we're pretty messed up already and this kind of additional knowledge, could be just what's needed to drive a lot of people over the deep end."

"Best case scenario, maybe this kind of revelation unifies Earth. At which point all of those charming little missiles we have pointed at each other, the lot that could level our world ten times over. You probably know the ones, make a big ol' mushroom shaped explosion when they hit, make you die a slow painful death if you don't get vaporized. Anyways, since they're a lot of idiots and all that, I wouldn't put it past them to point their stockpiles outwards. Scream bloody murder about all of you building in 'their' solar system, or some idiocy like that."

Author's Notes: When Cedrics rants, as I've stated in his profile, he doesn't stop. So I've written up to the furthest point I'd think he could rant away before, someone would hopefully say something and generally stop him from going on forever. However if anyone wants to interrupt him earlier, then by all means, go ahead. If not, I?ll have him keep going until? well. Did I mention he doesn?t stop? (^.^)

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Now, now." Rifa calls loudly.  "Calm down now, Cedric.  I'm sure those in charge understand Terrans well enough to avoid anything like that.  After all, we are all civilized beings and perfectly willing to show our lack of harmful intent.  Besides, you're scaring off your meal."

At this point in time, the waitress returns with an Avistarian egg and the juice Rifa ordered, and sets it before her.

"Besides, I listen much better on a full stomach anyways." she adds taking a bite of egg and a drink of juice.

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna grabs her plate, the egg having been almost done by the time she asked for delivery and head over to the table.  Coming up next to Cedric, she placed the saucer containing the hard-boiled 3 inch egg next to his plate of Micr.  Grinning slightly, "Glad you like your dish... hope you're not TOO disappointed with mine..." She glances at Rifa's plate.

Her ears flickering a little at his rant, she quietly adds, "You know, your best case scenario may be for the best after all.  From what I've heard, none of your space faring to... er... ships can traverse space with any real speed, and we could intercept all of them long before being in any real danger.  And if they send them all to us to be destroyed, they won't have them to shoot at each other."

"And I don't think everyone would object to meeting us.... I've heard stories about con-ven-tions - I think, where people gather and talk about hoping to meet someone like us never having met us...."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"A few of my classmates in Advanced English mentioned attending a convention as a possible idea.  The professor declined, though.  Too dangerous.  Didn't Mars Academy pick up a couple of humans not long ago at one?"  asks Rifa, recalling a rumor she had heard last semester.

Turning to Cedric, Rifa asks, "Ever go to one of these conventions?"

Quote from: Doink
Alraune slapped her hand on the desk. "I know! If Terrans are as proud as foxes are, it'll be like banging our heads against a wall!" She sighed and took another bite. "But I suppose we have to let the idealists have their little fantasies, eh?"

She swallowed and looked at Prenna curiously. "And what, pray tell, do these humans discuss at 'conventions'?"

Quote from: Red Falcon
Conventions?! How'd the conversation drift towards that sort of thing? One moment Cedric was trying to start a debate on how contact could go horribly wrong, the next all of the Cyantians were chattering away about furry fans or... something to that effect.

This odd shift left Cedric with a rather confused look on his face as he considered what they were all saying, trying to pick out the parts he could use to drift the topic back to where he wanted it. As usual, he took too long and it ended up being his attention that was redirected.

"Have I ever been to a, wha? What kind of convention are we talking about here? Sci-fi crazies, furry fanboys, alien ab-... Meh! Scratch that, forget I asked. No!" He accented his denial by impaling the Micr. "No, I have never been to any sort of 'convention' that I can recall, nor do I want... eh? Wait a minute, back up. What did you just say about picking up some humans at one?"

As much fun as trying to start a debate was, learning about any fellow Terrans and how things had gone for them here sounded more important. So he left his question at that for the time being and settled into finishing his meal, listening intently for any helpful tidbits he could glean off where he hoped the conversation which shift.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"A shame.  I was hoping to hear what they were like from someone who's been to one.  I suppose you could ask Darius about any other Terran humans here, since I think he greets them in person.  I've only heard rumor, and Mars Academy is full of rumors." the red vixen says, taking a bite of egg, taking a look around to see if there is a female Rabbit in the vicinity with which to tease the newcomer.

Quote from: Doink
"Well, I don't know anything about them, really. I just got here, after all. So you'd have to ask someone who-" She stopped talking and mentally reviewed Cedric's last statements.

"Did you say furry?"

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera laughed at the fox's reaction.  "Heh.  Well, we are furry, and I suppose from a humans point of view that is strange..." she said, another grin plastered on her face.  She directed the grin at him again.  "I'm sure that me means nothing by it though, do you?"

She leaned over in covertly to Rifa and whispered "Still looking?"

Quote from: daemonschile
"Maybe it's the fanboys that are furry... if those who like sci-fi are crazy..." Prenna mumbles.

Quote from: Red Falcon
Still rather unhappy about the whole 'house burning' joke Taera had made, Cedric waited until he finished off the last bite of Mirc before responding to her with a growl. "Oy! You trying to accuse me of something here darlin'? All I was pointing out was that there are people back on Earth, who are nigh fanatical in regards to the very idea of furry people wandering around. Probably tackle you to the ground on sight and hug you into oblivion."

With a brief clatter, he dropped his fork onto his empty plate before pushing it away, relaxing back into his chair now that his meal was finished. After a brief sigh he began to speak again, eyeing Taera and Rifalia while he grumbled, "And on a completely unrelated note, just what're you two up to? You got an ' I am about to do something that's oh so evil' glint in your eyes."

Quote from: Doink
Alraune looks pretty weirded out at Cedric's revelation. "Well," she manages to say after a few seconds, "At least someone will be glad to see us."

She eyes the other two females suspiciously. "Whatever you do, keep me out of it. You don not want to make me mad." Her ears begin to lie flat against her head.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Nah, he's safe for the time being." grins Rifa, unable to find a Rabbit and wondering if the wolf had guessed her intent.

"And you don't hafta worry about me doing anything evil.  I'm not that sort of vixen, honest." she replies with presumed innocence, followed by a smirk.

It's my friends you hafta worry about.

"But I am the last to sit down, and I've neglected to get everyone's name, that is rude of me.  I've met Cedric here, and Alraune there, though.  I'm Rifa."  She takes a bite of her meal while listening, and files away the furry fandom topic for afterwards.

Quote from: Darius Fan
"Oh, I'm Taera..." said the wolf, frowning distractedly.

"What do you mean, tackle and and hug us us to death?" she asked, slightly unnerved, but pretending to be more worried at the thought than she really was.

Fair's fair... can't let him think I'll always dominate the conversation... I'll let him think he's won this small victory...
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Re: (Spaceport made Canon) A cynical arrival.
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Quote from: Red Falcon
"Well, maybe I was a little off with my choice of words." mused Cedric, although how he actually envisioned such an encounter would go was anything but funny. "I suppose it's not that you'd be tackled, so much as swarmed and eventually knocked over by the sheer amount of people charging, yelling about this and that while grabbing for... anything they could get their hands on I imagine."

"As for hugging you to death, that's way off. I mean hey, I guess it's possible you could be trampled but, I don't think that's terribly likely. However, the chances you'd come out of the fray pretty messed up are pretty good." He shrugged as if this was just a casual thing to be talking about, common knowledge that didn't really deserve his attention. It truth it wasn't that the topic was trivial which was making his speech half-hearted, so much as the fact that he'd just taken the time to actually look at Prenna's and Rifalia's dishes.

'Alright, that's a little... bigger then I expected, and that one over there is even bigger then the other! Thinking about an egg of, scratch that. Thinking about -anything- being incredibly larger then it should be is one thing, talking about it not that much different, but then actually seeing it like that is... , eh. I'm currently on Mars, I'm surrounded by furry aliens, and the part of it all that has me shocked. Is the size of a couple eggs? ... Oh well.'

A mental shrug later and Cedric was back to listening to them all reintroduce themselves.

Quote from: Doink
Alraune nodded and took another bite of gesyku. "Well, how many of these 'furry fanboys' are there?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Hello Taera," Rifa says as she nods her head towards the wolf. 

"I don't mind hugs as long as the guy is either cute, or someone I know and like." she states matter-of-factly, adding after a pause and a chuckle, "That doesn't include this Marcus guy, although I hear he has his own 'furry fan'."

{OOC} Rifa has heard about, but never met Marcus personally.  His mounty stalker would be rumor.

Spotting Cedric looking at her egg, she asks him "Do you like eggs Cedric?  You can have a bite of mine if you like." and offers him a bite.

Rifa awaits Prenna's introduction.

Quote from: Red Falcon
"How many furry-fans? How should I know?! I just finished saying I didn't go to those kinds of things, much less keep track of the numbers who do." Cedric threw his hands up in exasperation of the topic lingering where it was, the motion accented by him adding an irritated, "Meh!"

The offering of an egg wasn't much better, though at the time his mind begged to differ. If things went a certain way, this might very well be his only chance to taste such a thing. Besides, Rifalia was the one who offered in the first place, and Cedric figured it could be taken the wrong way if he refused.

So after reclaiming his plate and the fork upon it, he accepted the small offering with a cheerful little smile... then immediatly regreted it. He had nothing against eggs, he really didn't, but something about avistarian eggs or at least the way this one was prepared. Simply did not agree with him. Never the less, he stated his thanks before slouching back into his chair to lounge in silent misery.

'Bigger... isn't... better.'

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna's ears wilted a little as she glanced around, Who knew such a simple word could raise such a spectrum of emotions?

Glancing to the side she quietly adds, "Well, my name is Prenna, but now that you've actually tried the dish you were so sure you wouldn't like on sight, and did, perhaps, I should just let you enjoy the rest of your meal?"  She takes a couple of small steps back.

Quote from: Red Falcon
'The dish I was sure I'd loath, but ended up loving. The eggs I thought would be better then the norm, but are horrible.' Cedric mused briefly to himself about the irony of it all before casting a look Prenna's way, watching her slow withdrawal. 'Eh? Where?s she going? First she's all defensive about the dish, like she'd claw me to pieces if I kept pushing about calling it this or that. Now she's acting like I'm the one ready to bite her head off or... I dunno. I miss something?'

Not feeling one hundred percent left him not really wanting to say much, but it didn't change the fact he still had some things he wanted to know, and in his opinion this could be the only time he had to learn about this place. So he kept his speech to a mutter and tried to be direct as he spoke to the calico, which was a little difficult to do with her backing away from the table.

"My meal's over, nothing left to enjoy but conversation. If your still hung up on that whole 'mystery meat' bit, or I've done something else to tick you off, sorry. Just have to leave, then no worries and take care. Otherwise since you're a, mounty was it? And I've been told I'll be spending time on your floor... , whatever that means. I'd appreciate any insight you could give me on this place, so would you mind sticking around for a bit?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Pleasure to meecha Prenna." replies Rifa with a smile and a nod. 

"Well, it looks like he needs cheering up.  Lets see what we can think of to cheer him up.  Whatever can we do?"  Rifa cocks her head, hand to chin, mimicking a contemplative pose for a few moments, but she is clearly more mischievious than thoughtful.

Dropping the charade after a pause, the vixen asks, "So, what are your interests, Cedric?"

Quote from: Red Falcon
"Oh, I'm interested in lots of things, but for the moment. Information's at the top of the list." muttered the terran with a faint smirk. "Sorry, but I'm feeling a little under the weather all of a sudden and speaking isn't very appealing right now. So if the lot of you wouldn't mind, I'd like to hear about this place in general, as much as you wouldn't mind sharing."

He paused long enough to gesture towards Prenna before adding, "Starting with the mounty floor, if you wouldn't mind."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"You live on the mounty floor, Prenna?" asks Rifa, wondering whether or not the Terran was making a faulty assumption, or whether she might actually live in the floor of honor at the academy, and holding off further comment until she had confirmation.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera remained silent for the time, sipping her soup and merely listening and watching.  She noticed a rabbit passing by the entrance, and was about to say something, but then noticed he was male.

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna scratched an ear, "No... no, you haven't done anything to tick me... your conversation just seem to be going in directions I can contribute little to..."

"Actually I'm rooming on a general first year floor.  I thought it might be a good experience to room with other cultures... "

She pauses in thought for a moment, "Though from what I've heard about the mounty floor, that's where the Princesses are staying, as well as quite a few other mounties and most of the humans.  I also here that there's quite a few practical jokers up there, as well as those who ignore the 'no grav-boarding in the hallway' rule."

She blinked before adding, "Although - what was it you really wanted to know about the floor?  It might be easier to answer if we knew what you wanted to know..."

Quote from: Red Falcon
'Might be easier if I knew what I wanted as well. Course the problem itself is that I don't, as I just got here, previously not even knowing that -here- even existed. So I can't very well know what to ask about, as I know zilch, now can I?! ... Augh. Avistarian eggs, are evil. Evil, evil eggs.'

Thoughts of feeling ill and stressed aside, Cedric tried once more to start a conversation that essentially, wouldn't need any further input from him. Even if only for a while. "Might be, but it wont be. I'm not really sure what I need to know about this place, so I don't really see how I can narrow it down for you. No worries if nothing specific comes to mind, anything helps."

"Though, I suppose if I have to start the ball rolling somewhere then, I guess I'd like to know about... the mounty royalty? I mean, are those princesses you mentioned the ones in charge here or, what?"

Quote from: Doink
"Well," Alraune said, looking at Cedric. "The administration prefers it if you roomed with people who are very different from you. They say it's too open your mind to other cultures, but mostly it just tends to drive you nuts. One of my roommates just will not leave me alone." Her hands begin tensing up and shaking.

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna shakes her head, "No... not exactly...."  She glances sideways momentarily at Alraune.

She swishes her tail once before curling it, "The princesses are here more in a diplomatic function... though a couple of them are teachers....  The headmaster is the one actually in charge of the Academy - he's a wolf named Darius."

Quote from: Red Falcon
Sure enough, just as information Cedric viewed as being particularly useful was being handed out, he couldn't help but be distracted by the thought that he might be allergic to something about him. Either one of the foods he'd eaten, maybe one of the species that was currently seated about him, or possibly that the decontam-room that had tazered him a while back, was finally triggering some kind of a weird side effect. Mention of the headmaster's name helped regain his focus for the time being.

'There's that name again. So, the local human greeter is actually the one in charge. Go figure. If that is the case, and since the guy runs the place. I'll probably get most of the things I need answered, when I meet him face to... eh? Felt a little poetic there for a moment. Now that was weird.'

"Darius eh?" Cedric repeated, hoping to engrave the name into his mind. "I guess I'll be running into him sooner or later. So, what kind of guy is he? Open to questions I hope."

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: Don't enjoy it too much. ;)  That's my job, pudding.  :D

Taera finally spoke.  "From what I've heard, he's fairly open minded, yes.  I've heard rumors here and there that he's not as responsible as he pretends to be, though." she piped in, finishing off her soup.  She eyed Cedric thoughtfully. "I'm sure he'll have an apology ready for your house, but probably not much more."

"I wouldn't try anything violent with him though.  He's a very, ah, gifted wolf.  Not that I think you'd do anything of the sort, right?" she added, raising an eyebrow and giving the human a half smile

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Rifa quietly ate and took in the conversation.  She had little of substance to add for the moment, although a couple of stories had reached her of things Darius was rumored to have done.

Responding to Taera's comment, she adds, "The rumor is that he's a bit of a joker at times, but there aren't many students who get to know him personally, so it's hard to verify.  Another rumor is that he's been under a lot of pressure lately as well."

Quote from: Red Falcon
'Why doesn't this fill me with confidence? Well let me see. The guy's possibly irresponsible, which means I could end up having to deal with a slacker or someone who just doesn't care. Might only give me an apology, which I guess I don't find too surprising. It might not have been one of his ships that paved my building, if he even has any that are technically his responsibility.'

'And if he's under a lot of pressure lately, he'll probably be in a bad mood or just not want to give me the time of day when all things are said and done since, he'll be so busy. Pretty much say sorry about the whole thing, then shove me out the door so I'm someone else's problem. Most likely back to my good ol? buddy Mali, who's ship was the one which got toasted. Who will probably be in dire straights of his own, due to the repair costs for his... whatever kind of craft that was, and wont be in any real position to lend me a hand. Well this is just peachy.

Cedric settled his arms upon the table and slumped forward, resting his head upon them after an aggravated snort. He humored the idea of the violence that Taera had mentioned, imagining himself punching the headmaster across the jaw before being sacked by a platoon of guards. Aside from the police brutality that ensued near the end, the thought brought a faint smirk to his face.

"No worries darlin'. I'm not crazy enough to sock someone just because things aren't going my way. No matter how tempting sucker punching that person might be. Still, getting little more than an apology from all parties concerned doesn't make much sense. I mean, hey! If I was only going to be given that sort of thing, why even drag me out here?!" He waved a hand dismissively at what he'd just said, muttering, "On second thought, don't answer that. Not your problem, and if things go awry I?ll? figure something out."

'Least they could do is take me back to Earth. Eh, alright that's not true. The -least- they could do is, absolutely nothing at all. Even if I do go back, then what? I get to say hello to those MIB fellows then I guess. Party with them until I go nuts. Meh! This sucks.'

Quote from: Darius Fan
I can't believe this human... does he ever do anything but complain?  I even tried to cheer him up several times, but nooo, he just keeps on going.  Does he really think he's the only one who's ever suffered a loss?  Sometimes... people can be so self-centered.

Teara leveled a suddenly coldly neutral look at Cedric. "Well, for a start, you could stop moping constantly and complaining about how much your life stinks." she said cooly, not noticing that she was starting to crush the paper cup her soup had been in.  "Perhaps move on, find something useful in life to do."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Rifa winces a bit at talk of violence.  "I don't see how hitting anyone would solve anything." she states bluntly. 

"I do hope that's not how most Terrans think."

Only the uncivilized would think of bullying as a solution.

Quote from: Red Falcon
The effects of Teara's statements resulted in a particularly stunned Cedric, the sheer amount of venom he perceived being directed his way leaving him repeating, "Find something useful to..." It didn't last long, nor did it shift towards him being apologetic. If anything it made him mirror her aggravated state of mind in a far more blunt manner, his posture straightening and his expression clearly displaying he was ticked off.

Oddly enough he fixed an icy gaze upon Rifalia first, muttering between clenched teeth, "Oy! First off, I'm not the one who brought the idea of belting anyone into the conversation!" Sure enough, now that he had that issue checked off his list, he reverted to glaring at Teara. For her though he openly snarled, sprinkling in his slang variants of profanity here and there as he retorted, "Second. You! You want me to quit moping? Well just what do you think I've been trying to do? It's a little hard though, one someone is either belittling what's happened to you, by naming a more 'effecient' way of messing your home over. Or, when they're trying to imply you're a racist, just so they can have a little laugh at your expense!"

Cedric delayed his rant while he shifted his posture, namely by him moving to a stand and pulling his tray closer. Thankfully he toned down the anger filling his voice before he continued. "Let's pretend that isn't the case though, move on to the matter of finding something 'useful' to do. Why do you think I wanted to know about this place, eh? Hard to do a thing, when you don't know what there is around to do. I didn't want to talk about my troubles, my problems, or whatever. I wanted to know about this place, the people here, and the whole lot just so I -could- move on without a worry!"

"Oh and, side note darlin'. If you're gonna try and play it cool, as if you're just being all friendly and what not." He gestured towards what remained of her cup, feigning a smile while he finished his jab. "Try to keep track of your hands. They do the strangest things when a person's mad, you know?"

Author's Notes: Remember that just the other day, Cedric has lost everything save his life and the clothes on his back as far as he's concerned. So emotionally, he's a wee bit... fragile right now. Poking fun at him right now in regards to his home and such, probably isn't helping him.

Quote from: Doink
Alraune narrowed her eyes and folded back her ears, calmly watching Cedric lose his temper. "This isn't getting you anywhere," she said with a firm tone of voice. "I suggest that you vent your anger in some way that won't make you look like a loose cannon. And if you want help, you'd better be prepared to earn it. I'm not saying that they'll make you do that, but I suppose there's always a chance. I know I would." She took another bite of gesyku, this time from the fruit portion.

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna's ears go down at Cedric's first outburst, and as the others reply, her tail curls around one ankle and she begins edging away, glancing at Cedric's wolf escort.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Cedric's response has the effect of quieting Rifa, who simply mutters, "No need to get hostile" to herself, and she frowns, looking about the table at the other Cyantians to gauge their reaction, while she continues eating her egg and juice.  (There is just a little under half the egg left.)

Doesn't matter what he just went through, he needs to lose the attitude.  Prenna looks ready to bolt, and I'm half inclined to leave myself.

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: Hey, Doink?  You might want to tidy up your inbox... it's full to the brim.

After calmly weathering the Cedric's outburst, Taera lifted her paw slightly and glanced at the mangled cup for a moment.

Like a cub who doesn't get his way...

Then she turned back towards Cedric. "As for mentioning burning your house down, I do apologie.  It was probably very tactless, but the intention was to make you laugh." she mumrured in a soft, friendly voice.

Her voice hardened very slightly and developed an edge.  "But if you have any intention of living here, which you most likely will, at least for a time, you will have to control your temper.  You've offended almost everyone you were speaking to." she went on, making a motion to emcompass Prenna, Rifa, and Alraune.  "With the exception of me, because I'm not going to let a silly tantrum like that get to me."

"But the point I was trying to make is that it does you no benefit whatsoever to dwell on what you've lost for the rest of your life." she finished in a much warmer tone.  "You would be better served trying to either fix your life or start a new one."

Quote from: Red Falcon
Cedric could feel his cheeks burning with embarrassment in the aftermath of his fit. He muttered a curse and shifted to lean upon the table a few moments later, taking heavy breathes while he let his nerves settled.

Even without Alraune and Taera highlighting the fact, he knew full well that he'd not only crossed the line, but he'd axed it along the way. Even if for some reason all of it hadn't been enough though, there was the renewed appearance of his babysitter to consider. Probably coming out just incase a certain terran needed restraining. Of course if he had been dense enough that even that would be too little, then there were his other two companions to consider. One of which looked suitably sickened with him, the other ready to make a mad break for the closest exit.

He had meant to chew out the wolf, that was true enough. Some of her joking remarks had been rubbing him the wrong way. Her final accusation of him whining and dwelling only on the past, being the proverbial last straw... , but he was supposed to be the one sitting there serenely! Stating that what she had done, was a royal pain in the backside and that she should knock it off. Not the other way around!

'So then what -was- that just now? A silly tantrum... now that's an understatement! Felt like I was on the border line of having a little meltdown there. Even if what she was saying wasn't meant as a joke, it shouldn't be driving me this nuts. I've heard worse then this before. So then what's the cause of it all? Culture shock? The sheer amount of stress of it all? Or maybe-'

With a sigh, he slumped back into his seat. Now calm enough to resign himself to the fact that, all of the things he could think of were just excuses, and all of which had no bearing on the matter at hand. Which was that none of these four furries that deserved what had just happened... or at the very least, not from him.

"Give me a moment." came a muttered request. He felt rather greedy to ask for it, they'd already given him plenty of time to cool down and a surprising amount of tolerance with all things considered. However, Cedric wanted to apologize properly, and saying such things with pure honesty. Was not really his thing.

It wasn't much of a start, but he began by stating a simple, "Look." only to draw a blank on what to say next. This gave way to yet another pause, one which he used to remove his bandana and glasses entirely. Setting them upon his lap with one hand, rubbing his eyes with the other until he thought of something to say. "You're right. You are, completely right. Pointlessly grating away on what's already happened, wont change a thing. But it's just-"

He cut himself off with a frustrated growl and lowered his gaze to the table, glaring at nothing in particular. "No, no excuses. The lot of you didn't deserve to have that directed at you, or near you, or whatever. I apologize. Not because I meant to do something else but messed up, or because it?s driving me up the wall. But because I am genuinely sorry, that I spoke to any of you that way."

After returning to leaning upon the table, his hand drifted back over his eyes. Before thoughts about having a headache reigned supreme, he made a point of trying to patch up a another social pothole in response to what Alraune had said. "If it's any consolation. I'm not after some kind of a sympathy vote, nor do I want a free ride here. I don't mind earning my keep. I just don't like the thought of being ditched again."

Then in a much quieter tone, he muttered to himself, "And that has to be by far, one of the sappiest things, I have ever said in my entire life. Meh..."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Rifa looks at Cedric thoughtfully for a moment.

What an odd way of acting for someone who wants to be accepted by others, almost like sabotaging yourself..  And yet he so fears rejection, that he naturally seeks to minimize the damage, and in doing so, he hurts his chances to ever be accepted by others. thinks Rifa, pondering this emotional wall Cedric has created.

Quote from: Darius Fan

Taera rolled her eyes.  "Males..." she muttered.

Taera nodded and sat down across from Cedric.  "That's a start, Cedric.  And there's nothing 'sappy' about apologizing for being rude." she said, smiling.  She looked around at the others.  "It looks like we're almost finished eating.  Is there anything you wanted to do?  See?"

"I have a feeling you might enjoy a tour a bit more if it was led by someone other than old knot in the tail over there..." she whispered mischieviously, leaning close and glancing at the human's escort, who seemed far enough away to not hear.  "It would be a shame if we... 'lost' him along the way, wouldn't it?"

Quote from: Doink
Alraune looked up at Cedric ans softened her expression. "Don't worry about it. As far as I know, there are plenty of charity cases around here. I don't think you'll have a problem here, as long as you keep a level head."

Quote from: Red Falcon
'Eh?! How'd she hear that part? Said it so quietly, I almost thought I hadn't. It's like she's got the ears of a... er, wolf. Ri-i-ight.'

In Cedric's opinion, there was something unsettling about just how easily that had just passed over. One moment he felt he was on the road to ruin, while the next it was like a minor mistake had been what occurred and everything was back to normal. Normal enough. He conceded that such a viewpoint wasn't entirely accurate, since Rifalia seemed to be in the process of sizing him up, and Prenna was... well. He wasn't really sure what to make of her at this point, but aside from that. Things seemed to be drifting back into the realm of not-so-bad.

It took some effort, but he managed to crack a smile. He couldn't help but find Taera's quick return to her mischievous cheer to be rather infectious. He made a point of voicing such after a brief chuckle and a shake of his head, muttering, "You, are something else darlin'... and that's a good thing."

Composure regained, Cedric took the time needed to listen to what Alraune had to say. Nodding at the end and giving a short reply of, "Sounds like a plan." before moving on to regard Taera's offer. "Mmm, yeah. That would be a real heartbreaker." mused the terran. "Though, I could get a fair amount of flak if that were to happen... but aside from that, the tour idea sounds rather tempting."

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera giggled.  "You'll only get in trouble if they find out it wasn't an accident... after all, he looks alot like he'd rather be somewhere else..." she went on, her trademark grin twitching into place. "If he's not paying attention to his charge, well, that's really his fault isn't it?"

"I mean, you just got here... how can you be expected to not get lost without help?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Realizing it might be rude to stare as she did, and that it was noticed, Rifa explains, "Sorry for staring, something just occurred to me.  It's nothing really.  You'll find plenty of helpful folk here if you're just willing to give them the chance to help."  She smiles and takes another bite.

I'm glad that tense moment is over.

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna's ears twitched a little. If he's expected to not get lost without help... does that mean she's going to help him get lost?  Will she 'ditch him' once she does?  Would that make him worse?

She glances over at Cedric's guardian. Hope he's adding a visit with the councellors to his itinerary...

Her tail still wrapped around her ankle, the tip fwips a little before she cautiously adds, "What kind of places would you be interested in touring?"

Quote from: Red Falcon
Cedric couldn't help but reply with, "All of'em!" before flashing a stupid grin. He'd already told them he didn't know what sort of places they had here, or what kind he should expect. So that question simply demanded a cheerfully vague answer, didn't it? Well, at least he thought so.

"Ok, but really now." He settled into a more serious tone as he gave his 'real' answer. "I wouldn't mind a little bit of a run around, just to get the layout of this place. Just enough so that I could recognize a few spots, use them as points of reference incase I need to find my way around. So on and so forth. After that, well. Why not show me what sort of places you lot go to have fun?"

'Ah crud, I said it wrong! Should have asked what kind of places first, not just to be taken there. Great. Now I have this horrible feeling I'm going to wind up at a some library and that's it. Well... at least it'll be informative, I guess.'

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera closed one and and widened the other, looking skywards.  "Hmmm... about about the imaging dome?  I heard the other male humans like that one.  I wouldn't mind trying it myself, I suppose." she provided, then added in a much quieter voice. "But first we'll have to lose old grumpy-snout."

"You ready to go, Cedric?" she asked.  "What about the rest of you?  You want to go on tour too?"

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna scratched an ear, "Although if he wants a layout of the place, he should probably go to places he'll need to go to on a regular basis, like the park, or the main cafeteria, or the library..."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"I prefer the recreation area myself, when I'm not busy.  Who wants to sit in a library all day?"  Rifa asks.  "Although, I do suppose it would be useful to know where to find information or food when you need it."

I still have that light lift modification to finish up, but if this turns out to be interesting, it may be worth the delay.  I'll have to think about this.

Quote from: Red Falcon
Cedric lifted one of his hands as a visual aid, as if he needed something like that, then began folding down fingers as he said, "Let me see here, we got the imaging dome. Rec room. A park... visiting a park on Mars, something just sounds weird about that, but anyways. Then there's the tour itself."

That sounded about right to him. Not the most thorough tour he bet this place could offer but, he had a feeling that by the time it neared the end of this little event, it would be time to hook back up with Mali anyways. Go have a word with this Darius fellow, or whatever it was that was being set up for him. So with that considered, it would all fit rather well.

"So how's that then?" questioned the terran, followed by him moving to a stand and gathering up his tray. "If that's alright, then after I deal with this little thing here. I'm good as gold and ready to go."

Quote from: Doink
Alraune's ear twitches at the 'good as gold' analogy as she finishes the last of her gesyku. She stands up and picks up her tray. "Be sure to show him the gym. That's always an important location."

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera nodded in agreement.  "All good ideas, good things to show someone new and-" she broke off at Alraune's words. 

"Oh.  You're not coming?" she asked the vixen.

Quote from: Doink
Alraune shakes her head. "No offense, Cedric, but I have better things to do than show around the new guy." She begins to walk away with her tray.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"When's your scheduled meeting with the headmaster, Cedric?  I would think it wouls be as soon as possible so that you know what's going on."  Rifa comments, not exactly sure of Cedric's schedule for today.

Quote from: Red Falcon
"Same here. Unfortunately I happen to -be- the new guy though, so I'm kinda stuck with the task." replied Cedric to the departing vixen, tossing in a shrug and a feigned sigh a second later. "Ah well. See you around."

Then it was back to regarding the remainder of the group and Rifalia's query, which just so happened to be something he'd considered moments ago. "If I have one scheduled, then I haven't been told the when and where. Should be ready by the end of this little walk of ours, at the very latest. Now, if you'll hold off asking me anything for a minute. I need to deal with this tray of mine."

'Could avoid any chances of getting the tour cut short by ditching my watcher over there... or would that reduce the amount of time? One unaccounted for human, wandering about this facility of theirs. I wonder what kind of response it'd get? Heh, guess I'll get to find out soon enough.'

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera ear twitched slightly.  "Alright, let us know when you're ready." she said in an unconvincingly serious tone.  "Then we can start the 'tour' around the academy."

She flashed Cedric's escort an overly bright and faintly disturbing smile, and he inched back a step.  "Are you ready, though?" she asked him.

Not that it really matters... you'll be long behind us it everything goes right...

Quote from: Red Falcon
Author's Notes: *Pokes Darius Fan* Oy! That's a nameless goon. Mali's the wolf who helped Cedric out earthside, and would currently be speaking to Darius about Cedric and such at this time.

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: Whoops!  Fixed that.  Sorry, little misunderstanding.  All gone.  Thanks.

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna flickered her ears slightly, "And then there's always medical... they usually want the new people to stop by there at some point..."  And have a meeting with the councelors sometimes...

Quote from: Red Falcon
"Medical?!" called out Cedric as he strolled back towards the table. His hands were now liberated from the tray they had been carrying, but in it's place he was now holding and fiddling with the carrying case that held his music.

"Visiting the doctor's office isn't exactly my idea of fun. Besides, there'll be plenty of time for me to get a checkup and what not later on. Something which they'll probably make me do anyways, if they want all the 'new' people to go there sooner rather, then..." His words trailed off near the end of his statement as a frustrated look crossed his face, his rummaging becoming somewhat more intense. "Meh! Where'd that soundtrack go? If I can't play the game anymore, I should be able to at least listen to some of its themes."

Eventually a CD was switched from residing in the depths of its case to twirling away in his player, and the carrying case returned to resting at his side. So that he could still continue to converse he kept his headphones off, the music turned up just far enough that the faintest sound of a theme could be heard.

The terran sighed, "Not the one I wanted but it'll do. So anyways, we ready to go?"

Author's Notes: How do you all want to do this? We going to keep it in this thread and have them trek along, create a new thread which focuses on one of the particular places, or are we just going to call this string quits for now and leave it be that they went all over the place?

On an unrelated topic. Every time I read the word counselor/s in relation to the comics or this forum, the first thing that comes to mind, is Quinn! Dare I even wonder what would happen to Cedric's mental state if he met her? ^_^

Quote from: Doink
(OOC: Aw, c'mon! Quinn is a fun person to be around, once you're used to her!)

Quote from: Shippou-chan
{OOC}Given Cedric is coming up soon, and that in all likelihood, Darius would meet any new Terrans very soon, chances are he'd be called in for the initial meeting very soon anyways.  However, that said, if you wish to continue this tour, there's nothing in this thread which indicates it has to be located in just this place.  The topic is Cedric's arrival, rather than just the lunch.

Rifa silently finished off the last of her egg and juice, and tidied up.

Methinks Prenna doesn't think so highly of the new guy either.  I think I may tag along to see everything goes OK if Cedric isn't called into the headmaster's office first.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera smiled and nodded.  "Sure.  Let's go." she agreed, smiling, then added in a quieter, more serious voice to Cedric.  "Stay reasonably close to me.  If we're going to escape your escort, I can't afford to waste time locating you and getting your attention.  The chance may be very brief."

She headed for the exit.  "Everyone ready?  Let's go!?" she said.

Quote from: Red Falcon
'Maybe I should have put on some high energy chase music?' mused Cedric to himself as the group set off. The concept of being 'reasonably close' to Taera was strained by him coming up alongside her, nigh shoulder to shoulder so he could swap between conversing quietly with her, and with everyone as a whole.

With unfamiliar territory as the destination, his glasses found their way back over his eyes along with a smirk. "Heh. No need to worry about me darlin'." he chuckled, "This isn't the first time I've done something like this. Quick little sprint to get out of sight isn't a problem for me... or will it be? No idea how quick you lot can really move if you want to, but I'll try not to slow you down -too- badly."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Rifa follows fairly close behind, keeping an eye on both Taera (who definitely has something in mind), and on Prenna (if she decides to follow) who seems a bit nervous still.

Plans to ditch the security detail, no doubt.  If only I had a light lift, it might have been useful.

{OOC} Learned from raptor 1st year pilots don't get a lift of their own.  Corrected this oversight.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera nodded in agreement, diverting part of her attention to watching the escort wolf.  "I'm sure you'll be fine, Cedric." she assured him.  "Where would you like to go first?"

Quote from: Red Falcon
Where to go? For Cedric it was a toss up between rec room and the imaging dome. Although he had agreed that seeing what sort of park they'd have on Mars could be interesting, somehow the thought of spending an hour gawking at plants failed to hold his fancy.

After passing Prenna and Rifalia a quick glance to see how they were doing, he leaned a smidge closer to Taera and replied, "Let's go see this imaging dome of yours first, darlin'. When we've had our fill of that place, guess we could just stick to the order we all agreed on and head to the rec room. So long as my friend back there doesn't come running up alongside us, spoil the whole thing by giving me a little hug so to speak."

As an afterthought, he suggested, "Know any places here that are crowded and have a lot of twists and turns? Place like that would be great for losing the boy-o."

Post Edited:
This post was edited from the original, as the first attempt was based off the false impression I had, that Taera was new at slipping away from watchful eyes. Which according to her profile, she isn't. Thus the change.

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna gives a sigh and begins following the group just a little behind Rifa.  Wish I knew for sure if she's trying to get him into trouble... or if they're working at it together.  It should hopefully be ok as long as his escort is here...

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Rifa slips back a little, keeping an eye on Taera and Cedric, ready to track them if they should try something.

"Are you OK?  You look like something's bugging you.  Worried about the new guy, the wolf, or both maybe?"

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera nodded agreeably.  "No, that might be too obvious, as he's supposed to watch you anyway, and there aren't any near here, anyway." she said in a quiet tone that belied the action.  As they left the food court, she added,  "No, we'll have to rely on something less concrete for a distraction..."

She scanned in the distance for something she could use, then chuckled after a few moments.  "... like male psycology.  Up ahead is Vixen's Secret's." she went on with a smile, making a faint change in direction that would eventually lead to it.  "There are few males who don't at least look curiously at that place, and I think our friend is very bored today.  Let's test his self-disipline, shall we?"

Quote from: Red Falcon
Cedric almost echoed, "Vixen's Se-" but then cut the question short, his mind quickly supplying him with many interpretations of what the store could be. None of which he wanted to so much as be associated as having been near. Yet their current path was to cross by such regardless.

"Oy! I take that accusation rather personally darlin'. Not all guys have their minds rolling around in the gutter, you know?" Little time was given for a response as he reconsidered what he'd just said, adding with a grumble, "Well, at least I don't. Meh! Alright, if he stops to gawk at whatever is in V-eh... that store, you mentioned. Then it'll be his own fault for being left behind."

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera gave him another of her wide grins.  "I accused you of nothing, and if your guilt pangs, thats not my problem, 'darlin' " she said, stifling a laugh simply for the purpose of not attracting the escort's attention. "And what was that about rolling in the gutter?  I haven't heard that before, but I assume it's some sort of idiom."

"We're almost there, stay casual, and don't tense up." she added in a whisper.
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Re: (Spaceport made Canon) A cynical arrival.
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Quote from: Red Falcon
Cedric gave a slight nod in response to Taera's warning, letting his eyes wander about their surroundings to figure out where she might lead them off to. While contemplating what would be their escape route he continued to speak, voice lowered to match her previous whisper.

"Oh, yes you did. Hate to break it to you darlin', but I happen to be the gender you were referring to. As for what having one's mind rolling around in the gutter means. Well, it basically means..."

Something felt awkward about having to explain the metaphor to her. It wasn't like it was rude or explicit, but it still felt wrong somehow to have to. Cedric considered that, maybe it was because of where they were headed at the moment that it felt awkward. So after a brief mental shrug, he scooted near to one of her ears and quietly explained what it meant.

"... and, that's pretty much it. But anyways, we should probably slow a bit when we pass that shop. Give the boy-o a chance to look and our friends back there a chance to catch up. We are, planning to let them catch up, right?"

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera gave Cedric a raised eyebrow.  "I see." she said, then added wryly, "You seem a little... uneasy.  You find the topic uncomfortable, I suppose?  I suppose I could drop it."

"Well, of course we'll let them catch up, why would we leave them - alright, drift this way, don't make sudden movements, or he might look back." she said, not even changing her tone or pausing for breath.  She slipped sideways into the crowd, no longer watching Cedric and expecting that he was there. 

She began slipping expertly between the empty spaces in the crowd."We're out of direct line of sight now, but weave, follow my lead."  she went on, still in the same friendly, conversational tone.

Quote from: Red Falcon
Cedric chuckled to himself about Taera's first statement, casually replying, "Uneasy? Nah, just that it's common knowledge back on Earth. So it felt weird having to actually say it, but hey. If you actually want to talk about that sort of thing, no problems here."

Following the wolf wasn't a very difficult thing to do as she slipped into the crowd, as all he really had to do was stroll along in her wake. Spotting the empty places to go and subtly getting some of the crowd to move to create others, was pretty much all done by her. He felt like he was just along for the ride.

"Heh. Think the last time I did something like this was when I was nine." Cedric rambled, recalling days long since passed. "Or was I ten? ... Ah well! It's all the same really."

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna glances up at Rifa and considers for a moment before quietly responding.  "A little of both I guess.  He strikes me as being just a little too... unaccustomed... to this place to be left on his own, and something about Taera just seems to suggest she's planning on pulling a prank of some sort... although whether on him or she's just dragging him into it..."

"It just feels like she's trying to pull something...." she trails off as she notices the two slipping away into the crowd.

She coughs slightly, "Or make that is pulling something..."  She turns and frantically waves to Cedric's guard, drawing his attention to his escaping charge, before she tries catching up to the two, slipping in the spaces among the crowd not large enough for them.

Quote from: Red Falcon
With Taera handling the brunt of negotiating their way through the crowd, Cedric was free to relish the moment and the memories it brought up. More to the point, since his attention could be divided and his escort was out of sight, he could look back without worry of tipping the wolf off. Check to make sure their two companions weren't being lost in the crowd as well.

What he expected was to see a few glimpses of them between the masses of Cyantians wandering about, closing the gap between them or at the very least matching their pace. Catching sight of Prenna waving over his sitter, essentially sabotaging the whole scheme, was pretty much the exact opposite of what he wanted to see.

'Just what does she think she's doing?! She should know full well what we're trying to do here and she's deliberately botching it. Hrmph... traitor.'

Despite his thoughts, Cedric maintained his cheery smile right until he was looking forward once more, at which point irritation dominated his features. He quickened his pace and reached out to give Taera a light poke, both to indicate they needed to move faster and to snag some of her attention.

"Seems like our mounty friend back there is intent on being a killjoy." he stated in a disappointed tone. "She's flagged down ol' grumpy-snout, which means them catching up and us maintaining my chaperone just became a mixed package. So how do you want to play this darlin'? Stick around with him looming or shall we have it just being us lonesome?"

Quote from: Doink
(OOC: Are they still in Vixen's Secret?)

Quote from: Red Falcon
Author's Notes: They were never actually in Vixen's Secret, just passing by it to make Cedric's escort stop and stare into the shop. You'd have to drag Cedric kicking and screaming, in order to get him into a place like that. Even then, unless he was hogtied he wouldn't stay there very long. Probably spend just enough time to deck the person who dragged him in there, before storming out.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Rifa spies the two making a break for it as well, and lacking the agility of the mounty locates the area of thinnest concentration of people, and rapidly darts toward it and forward, attempting to get ahead of the two.

"I'm on it."

Normally I am all for pranks and all, but this strikes me as a disaster in the making.  What is that wolf thinking?

Hopping up on a high spot, Rifa takes a moment to spot where the mischievious duo is, and their bearing.

Not too far behind.  I think I see Prenna catching up as well.  It looks like the Security Guard isn't having any trouble clearing the crowd either, but I'm not sure he spots them.

And Rifa is off again after a quick whistle and motion pointing out the pair, as she aims for the end of the block they are on with her greatest speed.

{OOC} Interpreting the action to mean Rifa didn't have enough time to respond to Prenna with what she wanted to say.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera scowled, but didn't turn around to look.  "Squid.  Should have thought of this... but they didn't seem to be that type... too late now." she growled, then suddenly chuckled.  "At least they're making this interesting..."

She turned now, and scanned the crowd briefly.  "There you are..." she muttered, noting Rifa, but could not see Prenna or the security wolf, which was a mixed blessing... it meant they couldn't see her, but also meant they could appear at any moment.  "Okay... Rifalia is trying to head us off, it looks like.  Follow me, Cedric.  I'd rather not have a long chase.  Evasive manuvers.  We're going to loop."

"After we lose that fox."

She sped up, sliding through the crowd, forward until she could not see any of her pursuers.  "This way." she directed, suddenly darting to the right, through the crowd, until she was at the edge.  "Okay, if all goes right, they don't know we're not in the middle any more."

She went back the way she had come, watching for signs of her pursuers, until she reached Vixen's Secrets again.  She turned to see if Cedric was still with her.

Quote from: Red Falcon
"...But first." snickered Cedric, more to himself then for Taera's benefit. While Rifalia was upon her perch and ratting them out, he feigned a little wave without extending his hand out from the crowd. Gesturing in such a way that only she could see from her short lived height advantage, as if to imply that they'd be waiting for the other two further up.

Naturally he enhanced this little ruse by wearing his trademark grin, saying within his mind, 'Yes, that's right. I'm clueless! I don't have any idea what you're doing! Catch up with us further on ahead.' as if thinking such could make his expression more convincing.

Then Rifalia was back down and out of sight, actively pursuing them once more. Leaving Taera and himself to drift further ahead into the crowd as the ruse demanded, just incase any other glimpses of them might be caught. Right until the first shred of obscurity, at which point it was off to the side they went.

It was a little more difficult to follow the wolf at the quickened pace, but the fact remained that she was doing the brunt of the work for Cedric. So off he went in her trail, his eyes flickering about for any sight of their pursuers as they doubled back. Right until Taera came to a halt and turned to him, causing the terran to give her a questioning look in response to the store they happened to stopped at.

Cedric pointed disapprovingly at the shop as he approached, muttering, "Oy, why'd you stop here? I'm not hiding in there, if that's what you're thinking."

Quote from: Doink
It was at that moment that Alraune was walking out of Vixen's Secret cradling three pairs of lingerie in her arms. She covertly looked to her left and right, trying to ensure that no one she knew saw her leave the store.

Quote from: Red Falcon
"I have better things to do then show around the new guy."

The words echoed inside Cedric's head as he watched Alruane pop into view, undergarments in hand. He couldn't help but find the sight to be rather insulting, so he scowled away in his mind, 'Just what's this supposed to mean? She views buying a whack of underwear, to be more fun then hanging around with me, eh? ... Bah!'

He shifted his glasses down to rest upon the tip of his nose as he came up alongside Taera, presenting the stealthy Alruane with a wry smirk and a cold stare. "Well now, don't you look familiar." he chided in a hushed tone, since they were still in the alleged process of escaping the other three.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Reaching the end of the block, Rifa checks to see where everyone is, and manages to catch a glimpse of Cedric's odd attire as they double back.

Really now, what are those two thinking?  I'll have to ask them when I find them.

Pretending not to have seen them, she looks around for a way back, and spies the back entrance to Vixen's Secret.

And in an instant she is nowhere to be seen, having slipped out of the crowd.

When the pair arrive at the front entrance, she's watching them from towards the back of the store, wondering if perhaps they're willing to stop inside in order to "browse" and lose their pursuers.  She does't take particular notice of the vixen walking out.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera turned to see Alraune trying to slip away.  "Hello there, Alraune.  Busy day?" she asked dryly and rolled her eyes when she saw the fox's cargo.  "I suppose that's a fair reason to abandon us."

She turned back to Cedric.  "Well, we're now wanted criminals, even if the crime is very mild.  And I doubt we lost them completely.  I don't believe in luck." she said.

Quote from: Doink
Alraune whipped her head around and blushed when she saw Taera. "M-me neither." She hid her unmentionables under her arm and walked towards the two of them. "So what have you two gotten yourselves into now?"

Quote from: Red Falcon
Cedric cast a look over his shoulder to make sure they were still in the clear, and in doing so he caught sight of, nothing but the moving crowd. The terran cooed a quick, "Perfect." before regarding Taera and Alraune once more with his eyes and words.

"What a coincidence! I don't believe in that nonsense either." he mused. "As for what we're doing. Well, so long as you don't have anything -better- to do, I suppose we could fill you in on the way." A moments pause was provided while he shifted to Taera's other side, followed by him gesturing for them to leave. "On that note darlin', I think it's time we went for a little run. Being caught now would be quite the letdown, don't you think?"

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera waved her arm vaugely. "Oh, nothing much.  We just excaped from Cedric's... ah, assigned friend." she replied in a nonchalant tone.  "Oh, and Prenna and Rifalia turned traitor on us, dont' know where they are now, probably plotting our recapture."

She turned back to Cedric.  "I think we'll have to forstall the trip to the imaging dome for a little bit... that's likely the first place they'll check." she explained.  "Where would you like to go first?"

She started off while waiting for an answer.

Quote from: Red Falcon
The imaging dome, the rec room and the park. Since there were three people pursuing them who seemed to have, no real objection with working together. None of the previous locations they'd discussed about could be visited, or as Taera had stated, at the very least not right away. Where to go in the meantime was the question then.

Cedric considered this while he moved alongside Taera. Occasionally muttering a few words under his breath as vague ideas came to mind, none of which particularly caught his fancy or... really made much sense for that matter. Inevitably he gave a shrug and replied, "No idea. None that wouldn't get me some funny looks anyways. Let's just get out of here, maybe wander around for a bit."

Quote from: daemonschile
(heh - well, figured that Rifa might have followed being of similar size... but since she tried another pursuit route guess not  ;) )

Prenna quietly watched the duo from the top of a bench across the street.  I don't think he'd want to shop there... so if she dragged him here she's got to be up to mischief... and that's probably the last thing a newcomer needs...

She glanced around, silently noting the absence of the vixen from before the pursuit, as well as the approach of Cedric's concerned looking guard who was headed straight towards her.  Hmm... don't want to lose him while keeping an eye on them...

She pulls out a shiny metallic ribbon and ties some small jingle bells to her tail, making them chime only once in the process as the guard came close enough to notice them, then began to slink into the crowd to follow the two.

Quote from: Doink
Alraune nodded. "I see." Then she cupped her mouth and yelled, "They're over here!"

She turned back to them and shrugged. "Sorry, but if I'm going to get into security, I can't afford a spot on my record. I'm sure you'll be able to handle this on your own."

Quote from: Red Falcon
She didn't have to do that. Just so long as she didn't assist them, and even if she had, he found it doubtful there would be any sort of problems for her in regards to security. Cedric was rather sure of this, so he coated his voice with a heavy dose of false cheer before chiming back in response, "No worries then! Hey, if you -had- to, then you had to. Not like I'll hold a grudge or anything. Later lingerie!"

It wasn't the most creative means of revenge he could think of, but then again he was more concerned with the simple matter of going AWOL, and after what Alraune just did. There wasn't really enough time to stand around and berate her, so her new nickname would have to do.

Cedric figured the whole lot of them would no doubt converge on that point now. Which meant the thing to do, just became getting Taera and himself as far away from that store as possible. Thus he made a grab for Taera's hand to lead her into a full out sprint, saying as he did so, "Seriously this time darlin', time to run! You just tell me which way to turn."

'All I wanted... was to wander around without that wolf providing over watch, free to see some shiny mechs or something. At least this is good exercise, I guess.'

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: Yes, I gave Falcon permission to grab Taera by the wrist.

Taera nodded in understanding.  "No worries, Alraune.  I understand.  But there may be some repercussions later." she replied, then yelped in surprise as Cedric grabbed her arm and pulled her away.

"Hey, a simple 'come on' would have sufficed, Cedric!" she grumbled, then pulled her hand out of his grasp, but continued running.  She turned to the left.  "This way."

She glanced at back at him.  "You really need to get some new clothes.  You stand out too much." she told him, then added reluctantly, "But I suppose I should hardly talk."

She slowed to a gentle trot.  "If we keep running, we'll stand out even more.  Okay, I know theres a resturant with two entrances around here..."

After a about a minute, pointed, "Aha, there it is.  This way." she said, and headed for the small shop.

As she entered, she crossed under a small sign that read Wolf Coffee.

OCC: My deepest apologies, everyone, for the shameless pun.  If you want, I'll change it so something less silly.

However, if it's any conselation, it was going to be a Starbucks.  :P

Quote from: Doink
OOC: Where are Taera and Rifa?

Quote from: Red Falcon
"Sorry about that darlin!" Cedric winced as he spoke, having expected to give Taera little more then a tug and then to lead her off into the crowd. "I'll, try to keep that in mind in the future. Just meant to give your arm a small pull."

Then around the corner they went and he was back to following her all over again, which was probably for the best. Cedric liked to think he had a decent sense of direction, but in a place as foreign as this he'd, probably have led them down a dead-end. Probably even one that anyone else here would have easily identify as one.

There short journey to the Wolf Coffee shop provided him with two quips to make. One of which Taera stopped him from ever saying, simply by pointing out her clothes were just as extravagant as his. The other remark managed slipped form his lips as they drifted into the shop itself, by means of him scoffing, "Meh! This place is almost as bad as the other shop. Hate coffee, makes me crazy."

Author's Notes: 'Ello Doink. Rifa's last recorded position was within Vixen's secrets, lying in wait for Ced and Taera, who have now taken off to a coffee shop apparently, and Prenna is... somewhere out there with Ced's watcher in the crowd. Not entirely sure where exactly.

Wherever Prenna is, she's there with bells on! So you just know she's having a great time. :lol:

Quote from: Shippou-chan
{OOC} I'm holding for the moment to see where Prenna is.  I haven't forgotten..  (Will probably replace this with my post)

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera made a disgusted face.  "Who does?  But we didn't come here for coffee... see?" she insisted, pointing towards a door on the other end of the cafe.  "There, that should throw them off a bit if we vanish from the hallway."

As they left Wolf Coffee, she sneezed.  "Ugh.  I hate that smell..." she grumbled.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Rifa had been keeping an eye on the pair from a distance, tracking their direction, and remaining just out of sight.

When the pair had entered the coffee shop, she had headed around to the back, not particularly keen on the smell of coffee herself.

And so she was waiting quietly just outside the back when they came out.

"I hate that smell too.  Do you mind telling me what this escapade is all about?  Seems to me if you want answers, you'd want to remain close to the fellow who'll take you to the headmaster, even if the guard is a sourpuss."

Rifa remains still, and looks up at Cedric in a facial expression that is both curious and concerned, and lacks hostile intent.

Quote from: Red Falcon
Cedric found himself right about to say the words, "Looks like we're home free now!" or at least something to that effect, except that just then Rifalia spoke up. This caused him to snap a startled look towards her her and to shift abruptly away, a muttered curse following suit shortly afterwards.

To his surprise though, he didn't receive a lecture or venom filled remarks as he expected. In fact she seemed genuinely concerned to Cedric. On the other hand, he couldn't very well claim any sort of proficiency in interpreting expressions here. So for all he knew, the fox could be very angry with him and he just wasn't recognizing the signs.

In the end he decided to go with the theory that she was worried, then fixed his mind upon her question as a result. Taking the time to consider a serious answer he could give to it, rather then saying something half-hearted or sarcastic.

"A reason for this whole escapade, eh?" sighed Cedric, followed by him folding his arms and his eyes becoming impossibly interested with the ceiling. "Lemme see here, I might not be here very long. I don't mean me here as in standing right, here but, on this planet in general. So this could very well be the only time I get to take a look around here, as the second I go with the sourpuss, I'll be heading off to get everything concerning me resolved. Which could mean I'd be heading back to Earth and that would be that. So..."

The point Rifalia had made was a good one and effectively left him without anything, nothing that couldn't be viewed as being either irresponsible or just greedy anyway. It even brought up a few issues in his mind that she hadn't mentioned, which left him with only one real answer that he could say with all honesty.

So he settled his gaze back upon her, spread a smile across his lips and then stated, "I guess it's mostly in the name of mindless fun. Evade my watcher, gain an extended amount of time to look around at what you lot have made here, then go off to learn a whack of information and have a good time. That's, pretty much all there is to it I think."

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna quickly followed after as the two took off, the bells on her tail jingling as she ran with the guard, though slowed down by the crowds, following the sound.

She slowed down as she followed them into the shop, stopping in the hallway near the exit when she saw the two intercepted by Rifa, swishing her tail so the bells chimed distinctly as the guard came to the entrance of the shop.

"Fun?"  She scratched an ear,  "By behaving in a way where they might want to send you away when you don't want to leave?  Wouldn't it be easier to get everything resolved, and then have your fun?  They might not even feel you needed the guard if you had..."

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera remained silent, watching.

Let's see how he deals with this...  I won't do anything... yet.

Quote from: Doink
Alraune wandered over to the coffee shop with furrowed eyebrows. "I see you're willing to talk. I'd lecture you, but I'm just glad you didn't cause more damage."

"Now, Prenna does have a point. Society needs people to take things seriously, so that services necessary for a comfortable life. If you goof off at the wrong time, bad things will happen. Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't have fun, I'm saying that it should always be second to responsibilty. So let's get our priorities straight, shall we?"

She sniffed the air briefly before letting her eyes rest on Prenna's tail. "And what possessed you to wear that?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"She's right.  I'm all for mindless fun when there's time for it, but always best to take time to get your bearings before you try something rash."   Rifa stays motionless as she gives her advice.

"I wouldn't worry too terribly much though.  You haven't done anything too bad now, have you?", she adds with a slight smile, as if to put Cedric at ease.

Quote from: Red Falcon
Cedric waited until they had all said their piece before raising a hand and pointing towards Prenna, setting about addressing each of them one by one before his babysitter caught up. There was no malice in his tone or sarcastic remarks thrown in his speech. His voice remained perfectly calm as he stated his opinions of them as directly as possible.

"I had the escort from the get-go so my actions determined zilch in the regard of him being here, and just so you know. Being sent away was the plan first discussed with me. So don't go presuming you know what I want."

One matter to deal with was ticked off in his mind and who he was pointing at shifted, although for Alraune his tone developed a slight edge to it as he said, "As for you. You don't have a moment to spare in regards to helping me look around. Yet now that there's a chance to criticize, here you are with all the time in the world? If you actually think you're helping me, then you're the one who needs her priorities straightened out first my friend."

"And you..." began Cedric as he turned to regard Rifalia, only to lower his accusing finger and plaster an oddly warm smile across his features. "Heh. All things considered, I don't think I have any beef with you. Even if you think I'm a pain in the backside, I'm actually rather glad I met you."

Noticing the fact his escort had finally arrived and more importantly, that the wolf looked suitably ticked with him, Cedric knew it was time to wrap things up. So with one hand he withdrew one of his music CDs from his carrying case, while the other set about Taera's shoulder in a buddy like manner.

All the while saying to her, "Last but not least, there's you darlin'. Now, even though the plan got SNAFU'ed and it's not gonna happen anymore, had fun just the same and I feel like giving you a little thank you present. Don't know if you lot still have the tech to run my primitive junk here, or even if you'll care much for the sound of it. Guess if all else fails you could use it as a drink coaster, but here ya go just the same."

Author's Notes: I have permission from Darius Fan for Cedric to get all chummy with Taera. I'm supposed to put that up right? ... Or is the other author? Ah well, it's there now.

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: But I never told him she'd return the gesture...

Taera tensed slightly in surprise as Cedric wrapped an arm around her.  "Uhm... that's nice you of you..." she thanked him, but delicately removed the arm and slipped out as she took the CD.

She held the small object it in front her, turning it curiously, then put it in a small bag she was carrying.

"So is this goodbye for now, then?" she asked Cedric.

Quote from: Doink
Alraune sighed and looked away. "I'm not going to spoil you. You're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. So no, I'm not helping you." She turned and began to walk away from the group.

Quote from: Red Falcon
"Like to keep a certain amount of personal space, eh?" inquired Cedric upon have his arm pushed aside, followed by him taking a step away and offering a shrug. A few moments later he added, "Alright, I can understand that." and then head over to where his escort had been waiting.

The briefest of glances was sent Alruane's way before he responded to Taera, doing so with a quick and indifferent, "Seems so." Then it was as if everything was right back to where it had started to the terran, his mind shifting gears and the simple question of, "Where to?" being addressed to his escort as the two walked away.

Author's Notes: This effectively ends Cedric's involvement here. So unless any of the remaining group would like to make a remark or converse between one another, then I think this thread is pretty much over. If there are any OOC comments/questions anyone would like to bring up regarding Ced, either PM me or bring them up in the planning thread.

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC:  Sorry, can't resist having a touching ending...

"Well, alright.  Goodbye, everyone." said Taera, and departed.

Later that night, in her room, just before she turned out the light to sleep, it gleamed off a small, round object mounted on a stand she had purchached earlier that day.  Written in small letters on the stand was the word Cedric.

Then the light turned off, and the gleam died.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
After most everyone else had left, Rifa asks Prenna, "Don't let them know, but that was kinda fun.  Think he'll fit in eventually?"

She smiles as she makes her confession, but serious as she asks the question.

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna flickers her ears a little, "Hard to say.  He might... but we might have to wait a few days for him to settle in and settle down to be sure......"

"Might be interesting to have another Earth-born human around if he does."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"I think he can, it's just a matter of if he's willing to trust others or not.  He's nothing like the human I know best though."  Rifa muses.

"But you are right, it'll take at least a few days.  I'm headed back to campus if you want to walk alongside.  I don't often get a chance to talk to some of my friends from last semester, so it'd be good to get to know some other people.  Can't make it through life alone, I say."

{OOC}Using this as a moment for Prenna to ask Rifa any questions she might naturally have, or if you like, it could simply end in a brief epilog.

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: Sorry, but that's spelled "epilogue", Shippou... if you don't care, that's okay, but it's bugging me.  Sorry again for the trouble.
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