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(Spaceport) Of Wolf and Mars
« on: March 08, 2010, 05:33:15 pm »
Title: Of Wolf and Mars

Sub-Title: Osric's arrival at the academy

Creator: Madwolf

Start Date: May 10 2006, 11:02 PM

End Date: June 4 2006, 12:31 AM

Quote from: Madwolf
In shuttle bay 14, a young wolf stepped off of his shuttle, hauling two large suitcases and a duffel bag. Osric Morinis had never left Cyantia before, so this was a new experience for him. He made his way to the main terminal, went through security, then found himself in a large and populous lobby. The large young wolf smelled the air and the strong scent of the food court beckoned.

Osric found himself drawn to an odd Terran-style restaurant serving what it called "authentic Chinese." He went through the line and stacked his plate high with all sorts of meat, rice, and some vegetables. He typically didn't like veggies too much, but these were Terran vegetables and he was willing to try anything once. Osric sat down at a table and set his luggage beside him. The eating utensils offered were a fork and two long, tapered sticks that were called chopsticks. He didn't know how anyone could possibly eat with just a pair of sticks, so he stuck with what he knew how to use.

With his first bite, Osric was impressed. This food had an interesting combination of flavors that were quite savory. He dug in, wolfing down his first taste of Terran food.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Just outside the restaurant, and vixen and a wolfess are talking.  Both are dressed casually, in fairly traditional Cyantian garb, the red vixen in a dark golden color robe, the white wolfess in a light blue.

"Oh come on, you'll love the food here." the red vixen.  "I've eaten here plenty of times."

"I'm not so sure." her wolf friend replied, her culinary tastes somewhat difficult to please.

"Have I ever steered you wrong?" the vixen responded.

"I can think of a couple of occasions, Rifa."  the wolfess answered back.

"Those were pranks, Pfeffa, and sometimes they backfire.  But this is food.  And I know you are a difficult diner to please." Rifa replied.

"Oh very well, you convinced me.  But I get to have revenge on you if I don't like it."

"Agreed.  I'm sure you'll think of something suitable." the vixen agreed, as they walked in and past the large wolf.

Pfeffa whispers over to Rifa, "Now there's a keeper.  Think he's taken?"

Looking back, Rifa replies with a grin, "Depends on whether I can get to him before you do."

{ooc} Pfeffa is an NPC created for this thread.  She is friendly and outgoing, with a sense of humor, but sometimes picky.  Her aspirations include finding a faithful spouse, and becoming a master chef of her own restaurant.

Quote from: Madwolf
Osric heard the two females murmuring as the passed him. He looked their way and they were glancing at him. A friendly half-smile half-smirk crossed the young wolf's face and he felt this a good chance to make some new friends right off the bat. Some attractive new friends, at that. He wiped his mouth off with a napkin and licked his lips clean. He wanted to be at least a little presentable before speaking to them. He was done with his meal, anyway, and needed to put up his tray.

Osric got up and walked casually over to the vixen and she-wolf.

"How do you do this fine day, ladies?" he asked cordially.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Well that depends on how well my friend likes the food here." Rifa replies.

"I dunno.  The view may make up for it." Pfeffa replies, grinning at Osric.

"Whatever it takes to please you." Rifa chuckles.  "My name is Rifa, and this is Pfeffa."

Quote from: Madwolf
"Pleased to make your acquaintences. I am Osric and I just arrived for my first semester here at the Academy," the large wolf said with a curt bow.

"If you wanna try the good stuff, I can suggest a few dishes that I tried myself and liked. Of course I would be glad to just visit with you, if you want," he continued with his last statement aimed a bit more at Pfeffa.

'A good view you ask for, and a good view you shall recieve,' Osric thought with a smile, his yellow eyes looking Pfeffa over. He was definitely getting a good view, as well.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera entered the restraunt, humming a merry tune and almost prancing.  She stopped at the front and selected a menu, stopping her humming as she opened it.  "Hello there." she greeted the trio absently, then muttered, running a finger down the menu. "Hmm.  No.  No. Maybe. No.  Ooh, that sounds good.  Nah."

Okay, I'm probably going to sound really conceited of something, but I gotta ask... is Pfeffa prettier than Taera? :P

Quote from: Shippou-chan
{ooc} Pfeffa is an attractive female, but not a gorgeous supermodel type.  I would place her at "above average".

"Well, you are welcome to join us.  Extra company is always welcome, I say." Rifa replied, giggling.  "Just be aware, my friend here is very picky sometimes."

"I am not." Pfeffa replied defensively.  "I just have taste is all.  You'll notice I saw him first.  Glad to meet you Osric."

Another wolfess walked by, somewhat absorbed in a menu, and greeted them.

Rifa recognized her from a chase in the commercial district, but simply returned a hello since she was preoccupied.  "Shall we see what they have up there?  I'm willing to experiment a little."

Quote from: Madwolf
Osric returned Taera's quick hello in a similar manner, not bothering to look at her as her nose was stuck in a menu and his attention was on Pfeffa and Rifa. As he spoke to them, he disposed of his plate and put up his tray.

"I'll say one thing, the stuff that they call bourbon chicken is delicious," the wolf suggested, "Especially with the Lo Mein noodles."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
The trio walked slowly towards the food line.

"I'm willing to try some if you are, Pfeffa." Rifa chuckles, not mentioning she had tried it once and found it agreeable, unlike some of the spicier dishes.

Pfeffa considers for a moment.  "Hmm, do I get to have revenge on him if I don't like it?"

Rifa chuckles and retorts "You'll have to ask him, but I thought the view was enough to compensate."

Pfeffa replies, "True, but I like to get all I'm able to negotiate for.  Do I get to have revenge if I don't like it?"

"She's harmless, really, Osric.  Pay her no mind." Rifa laughs with a wink, noting Osric did seem a bit taken with the wolfess.  This promised to be an interesting and rather fun meal.

"Says you.  I've just decided to be merciful in the past is all." Pfeffa states matter-of-factly, enjoying the attention.

The trio finally arrived, taking their place just behind Taera.

{ooc}  I am taking it that place uses a cafeteria style of service, based on the first post.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kairyu looks into the restaurant, his blue-green eyes trying to scan everything. His young pet Scythetail had gotten herself out of her cage, and also chewed off her tail-wrapping while she was at it. Now, she was on the loose and, even though her tail wasn't even sharp yet, she wasn't one to exactly be nice. Small teeth still hurt...
"Angel?" Kai called in a stage-whisper, still looking around. Angel was always attracted to food, and this was the direction that Kai had seen her run in before she had given him the slip, "The big, blue Fox has got some sweetmeat for you if you come back!" he continued, looking around. A flash of blue/grey caught his eyes, going under one of the unoccupied tables- the one where a red Vixen and white female Wolf had been talking to a young male, "Ah, Squid..." Kai grumbled, thinking of how best to stick his hand under a table and pull out a Scythetail with grabbing too much attention.

{OOC} Edited for Madwolf.

Quote from: Madwolf
(OOC: Yeah, I was thinking of a cafeteria style of restaurant, Shippou. And Kairyu, we aren't at the table anymore. We're in the serving line.)

Osric raised an eyebrow when Pfeffa spoke of revenge.

"I highly doubt you'll need vengeance for this food," he said, wondering why someone would be so ready for revenge if crossed in just the slightest. He hoped that vengeance wasn't the only thing on Pfeffa's mind. He was always forgive and forget, so someone holding a grudge and trying to get back at another was pointless to him.

"But if it isn't to your taste, you can just punch me in the arm or something," Osric offered.

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: *sigh*  I guess I'll have to be more direct with my questions... is Pfeffa pretty enough that she would attract more attention than Taera?  I wanna tease the "big, strong, wuffie"!  *pout* 


Taera seemed to finally come to a decision.  "Beef chow mein sounds good." she declared, closing the menu with a snap.  "And fried rice."

Now that she was finished with the menu, she directed more attention to her fellow diners.  "Hi there!" she greeted, closing her eyes and grinning widely, with a wave.  "I'm Taera."

She opened her eyes.  "And I already know sixty-six percent of your names." she announced. 

"Osric, Pfeffa." she said, nodded and smiled at each named in turn.  She cocked her head at Rifa.  "But your name was not mentioned in the part of your conversation I heard.  May I know it?"

"Don't I know you from somewhere?" she added without a breath.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
They're distracted! Kai thought as the female Wolf began conversing with the others, Now, to get Angel...

He began walking 'casualy' through the area, but the one, neigh, many things that gave him away were his twitching ears, wagging tail and the fact that he wasn't bearing his usual cheesy smile. But he still kept walking to the table the thought Angel was under. That is, until-

"Taera!" Kai's grin immidiately returned.

{OOC} Who couldn't see THAT coming from a mile off, eh?

Quote from: Madwolf
(OOC: I think the answer to your question, D_Fan would depend more on Osric's taste than on whether Pfeffa or Taera is "better looking." Different guys have different views on what's attractive and what's not.)

Osric turned his attention to Taera as she said a more friendly hello. He tried not to stare, but it was hard to resist. The golden-furred she-wolf was also very attractive, possibly more so to Osric as he liked the more athletic builds.

'Another one. Man, this place must be loaded with attractive females,' the big wolf thought with a grin. However, his attention quickly turned to a blue fox with a friendly, if somewhat cheesy grin who was calling out to Taera.

"Well, Taera, looks like you have some company," Osric said, looking at the fox curiously.

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: Hahahaha.  Your antics amuse me, boys.  And it's not like Rystall's going to fight back very hard... he's kinda timid, you know.  Actually, I think it's Taera that's going to be beating ya'll off with a stick.  Knowing her, though, she'll just as likely be oblivious to your efforts to court her... being as single-minded as she is.

Taera turned to look, at the familiar voice.  "Kai!  How are you?" she greeted cheerfully. "What brings you here?  Hunger, I suppose?"

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
{OOC} Kairyu jus wants a fwend, *puppy dog eyes* Honest!

"Hunger? Woah, yeah!" Kai replied with a bit too much enthusiasm, "I mean, um... how's the food?" he quickly edited himself, changing to the subject that he was meant to refer to.

Dumb Fox! Can't you find yourself a nice Vixen to drool over rather than a Wolf? Oh, woe is me... he was exaggerating, true, but it was how he felt.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
{ooc} Pfeffa, of course, is mostly teasing about revenge.  It would seem to be a running joke for her.

"That'll work." Pfeffa grinned.  "Although I might could think of other things that would be better.  Maybe some hard labor protecting me at a party this weekend." she giggled.

"You're incorrigible, Pfeffa.  What if he's one of the guys you need protection from?" Rifa asked with a chuckle.

"I can simply ask him.  Do I need to worry about you, Osric?"

My instinct tells me, though Osric needs protection from her. Rifa thought.

At that moment, Taera had sent her first attentive greetings.

"Hello Taera.  Glad to meet you." Pfeffa replied with a smile.

"I'm Rifa.  Glad to meet you." she replied.  {ooc} Removed recognition of Taera, since this seems to be first week, and the Cedric thread occurs later

"Hello Kai.  I don't know if you heard, but my name's Rifa."  Rifa greets Kai.  Well, it would seem I've found my handsome gent to try and claim.  He seems distracted though.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
"Rifa? Oh, hi!" Kai smiles back at her, thinking to himself.

She's my species, so why don't I get the same vibes from her? he asked himself, She seems okay... maybe she can get my mind off of Wolves! ...and Taera...

"I don't think we've met. Kairyu-shin Caimson- nice to meet you!" he beamed, not trying his hardest to not look at any of the Wolves around. He'd also forgotten the reason he'd come here in the first place, and that reason was currently creeping up behind him...

Quote from: Madwolf
Osric laughed at Pfeffa's question, "I would be the last wolf you would need to worry about. I would never take advantage of a female. I respect them too much. Though I would be happy to protect you with or without the revenge requirement."

He was liking it here at the academy already, and he hadn't even stepped foot into a classroom.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera motioned for Kai to come closer.  "Stop being such a stranger." she insisted.  "Come closer, so we don't have to yell every time we ta..."

She trailed off with a frown.  "Are you aware that there's a young scythetail stalking you?" she asked curiously.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai smiled at Taera, about to move closer as she beckoned, but then the word 'Scythetail' cam up and he looked behind him. Angel.
"You're always ruining things, Ange!" Kai grumbled in a stage whisper, picking his pet up and holding her tail still between two fingers (with alot of protest and struggling), "So why do I persist in keeping you?" he added with a sigh, looking at the others.

"This is Angel." he said, trying to smile again. The scythetail just chirped.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Rifa's eye brow raised a bit.  A scythetail?  Properly raised, they could be useful and made good pets.  However, it required great care to train them properly.

This one seemed fairly friendly though.  "Well hello Angel." Rifa replied.

"Ah, revenge is overrated sometimes." Pfeffa replied, punching Osric lightly on the arm.  "If I like the meal, you can get revenge back, and have me protect you at the party.  You'll help me protect him at the party, won't you Rifa?"

"I'll do my darndest to make sure he's safe from you, Pfeffa." Rifa retorted.

"Hey, I thought I was mostly harmless." Pfeffa replied.

"So I lied." Rifa says with a laugh.  "So where'd you pick Angel up?" Rifa asked.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
"Pick her up?" Kai parroted, looking down at his struggling pet, "Oh. My mother never let me get a pet while I lived at home - much as I begged - so when I told her I was going to Mars, she looked through every pet shop in Centralis. It was either Angel, or a grey Shivae." he smiled, watching Angel calm slightly and stare at Rifa with beady, yellow eyes.

She either likes her, or wants to make her lunch... he sighed.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera gave the fox a wry grin.  "Soo... quit stalling! You coming over here, or not, Kai?" she prodded.  "Provided Angel doesn't bite, I suppose..."

The last words seemed to be intended as a joke.

Quote from: Madwolf
"I think I'll be able to take care of myself, but I would enjoy the company," Osric responded in a friendly manner. He then watched Kai pick up his pet scythetail and introduce the animal. Osric never really liked the idea of a scythetail as a pet. Too much trouble to train and discipline.

'To each his own, I guess,' he thought.

The wolf then turned back to Pfeffa and asked, "By the way, when and where would this party be? I'd love to meet more people and a party is a good place to do so."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Well, you may want to talk with one of the technomage instructors or animal handlers for advice on training Angel.  From what I hear, both scythetails and shivae are difficult to train properly from an egg stage."  Rifa advises Kairyu.

"Oh, I believe they're holding it in a couple of the larger rooms on campus.  I can show you where afterwards if you like." Pfeffa replied, adding with a giggle.  "Although I imagine Rifa is gonna follow and keep an eye on you.  So tell me about yourself, Osric." 

Rifa selects the Bourbon Chicken with Lo Chow Mein, and turns to Pfeffa.  "If I watch him, it'll be because I like eye candy as much as you do.  Do you still want to try some of this?  Or shall I leave you to your chat for the moment?  I admit, I do want to hear a little about you, Osric.  Listen to us woman-folk, treating you like a piece of meat.  I guess it's just cause we're in a silly mood, it being start of the semester and all."

Thus far Osric had shown himself to be a gentlemen, and she wondered if he had realized Pfeffa had intended on taking him as a date of sorts.  He seemed to be getting the hint though.

Perhaps I ought to invite these two, if they haven't heard about it.

"Were either of you going to come to the start-of-semester party?  Supposed to be some really good music, and quite a bit of fun to be had."  Rifa asks Taera and Kai.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai hadn't heard Rifa's question, only Taera's request. So, completely forgetting that he was still holding the struggling Scythetail, Angel, he walked to the beckoning Wolf with a grin as wide as his head!
Forget it- Vixen's have no interest in me. It's Wolves all the way, baby!

{OOC} My posts are as short as usual, today... *yawn* No shocks, there.

Quote from: Madwolf
"I don't mind being treated as such," Osric replied with a grin, "I rather enjoy the attention. As for a little about me: I'm seventeen, a physical training major, and I'm looking to becoming either a personal trainer or a coach for sports and phys ed. I like to work out and play sports in my spare time, though I enjoy other less physical activities."

Osric paused then added, "If you want to know anything more specific about me, just ask away."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Pfeffa also picks up the Bourbon chicken with lo chow mein, and takes a sniff of it.  So far so good.  But the true test would come when she sat down to eat it.

"Physical training and sports, eh?  Well, that explains all the muscles." Pfeffa replies, rubbing her hand against his upper arm for a moment.  "May I ask what other less physical activities you like?"

"And any other dish you recommend?  I am quite hungry.  No need to worry about revenge, even." Pfeffa also asked looking over the other dishes, several of them looking fairly good.

Rifa chuckled at Pfeffa.  There would be much teasing later.

"I heard you laugh."  Pfeffa replied  "If you tease me, I'll tease you about that todd you're letting get away."

"Did I say anything?" Rifa asked.

"Do you have to?" the wolfess replied back.

Well, I could try to ask him out, but he seems to be absorbed in talking with the other wolfess.

Quote from: Madwolf
"I like some books, movies," Osric said, flexing the bicep that Pfeffa was feeling, "And, interestingly enough, cooking. I often make my own meals so I can ensure good nutrition. Eating right is a big part of bodybuilding."

"Now as for another suggestion, the orange chicken is good if you like it sweet, while the beef chow mein is a bit heartier. The cashew chicken is pretty good, too, although I thought the sweet and sour pork was bit too much on the sour side." he noted.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Do you try all of this just today?" Rifa asked, wondering how anyone could eat so much in one sitting.

"Hmm, beef chow mein sounds good." Pfeffa replies giving it a sniff and finding the smell promising, and taking a plate of it as well.  "A cook, eh?  We shall have to swap recipes."  she says aloud.

"He even cooks, Rifa.  See?  Picky *can* be good if you get what you want." Pfeffa chuckles.

Rifa simply chuckles at Pfeffa and smiles.  "Whenever did I say picky was bad?"

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Did I just see..? Kai could have sworn he had just seen the Red Vixen, Rifa, looking at him, She's a Fox, not a Wolf. She's also really cute... hm... and she looked at me? his smile had gotten smaller, but now had a little more behind it that just trying to look peppy.

"Mind is I just, uh... just a tic, alright?" Kairyu told Taera, turning to look at the others. Now his smile widened again, "Rifa, was it?" he asked the red Vixen with quiet a bit more enthusiasm that was normal. Angel just squeaked as she was jarred by her master's sudden movement.

Quote from: Madwolf
"Well, I eat a lot in one sitting," Osric admitted, "Takes a lot of food to fuel all this muscle."

He flexed again to prove his point, then said, "I don't know if you would like some of my recipes, but I'd be willing to trade a few if just to try something new."

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera raised an eyebrow at Kai's muddled question.  "Go ahead." she replied softly, wondering why he was asked for permission.  She took a bite of her chow mein, smiling at the taste.

Takes a lot of food to fuel all this muscle.

Taera gave a quiet snort at his words.  Males who were always talking about how strong they were irritated her.  He seemed nice enough, but she wished he would talk about something else.

"A party? Okay. Have fun." she said with a nod.  It was somewhat evident she was neutral towards the idea.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Rifa nods at Kai, "Yes.  I was just curious if you were going to attend the start of semester party."

Taera's response indicated that she had no interest in the idea very clearly.  "Anyone is welcome to attend.  It's just sort of a school-run get together in order to get the students relaxed and ready to go for the next few months.

Rifa smiled.  The todd seemed to warm up a bit towards Rifa, which pleased her.  Perhaps she might have a date to dance with as well, and wouldn't have to go as a third wheel.

"Well, I suppose I could at least look them over." Pfeffa replied quite honestly, slightly distracted by the flexing as she took her seat at the nearby table.

"I like to tease her a lot, but Pfeffa does take her cooking seriously." Rifa replied.  "So don't be surprised if she decides to alter the recipes a bit to suit her tastes."

"That's standard procedure.  The recipe must be altered to meet Pfeffa standards." Pfeffa announced.

As much as Rifa enjoyed watching the guys show off their muscles, she had begun to think it had gone overboard in this case.  Still, Osric seemed a nice enough guy, and it wouldn't surprise her if he was at least a bit more than simply a typical dumb jock.

Turning back around to Kai, Rifa asked him, "So did you want to go perhaps?  I don't mind showing ya around."

"Or showing him off, Rifa?" Pfeffa teased.  Turnabout was fair play, after all.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai had no idea he was in the middle of two teasing friends, so he just listened, thought and responded like anyone would:
"A party, eh? Sound like fun!" his smile widened, as was his usual responce to such things, "And show me around? Uh, off? Um..." now he realised he was in the middle of something, and he also knew how best to deal with this, "Sure! It's a date!" he told Rifa quickly, now giving a real smile.

I wonder if she'll take the word 'date' seriously..? he wondered.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Excellent!" Rifa replied with a smile and a wink.  "It's a date!"

Pfeffa asks "Does that mean you won't be teasing me?  Or will we be teasing each other all night long?"

"That depends on you." Rifa answered the wolfess, knowing full well that they would tease each other before too long anyways.

"I'm afraid Angel probably won't be welcome." Rifa advised.  "I know I usually have to leave my Wisp in his room.  Your wolf friend Taera is welcome to join in the fun if she wants though."

Rifa thought it prudent to at least give a last token offer, fairly certain Taera didn't really care, but there would be fun to be had regardless.

By now the diners had began their meal, and Pfeffa had taken her first bite of each dish slowly, in order to form her opinion of them.  There were things which could have been done better, but all in all, both dishes were actually pretty good.

"So what do you like to do for fun?" Rifa asked Kai in between bites.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
"Uh, sure. I'll leave Angel in my room. My roommate's are kinda used to getting bitten, anyway." Kai laughed, watching Angel chirp and look up at him. She was almost cute- almost.

"Taera?" he asked upon hearing Rifa's next question, "Oh, uh, I guess that's up to her. She'll probably have a date by then, anyway- Everyone's always drooling over her! ...even me, I guess. Not surprising, really, given how she looks." he now laughed to himself. He only ever made fun of someone when it was just in jest, but now he couldn't do so without landing himself in it, Perfect! She actualy likes me! Maybe it's not just Wolves, after all!

"Now, as for what I do for fun, that's a tough one... hm... could you be more specific?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
{ooc} I took it from one of Osric's posts that this was at or prior to week 1, and I'm not sure when the Cedric thread occurs.  I had assumed Rifa hadn't met Taera yet, and no Cedric for the time being.  However, I don't think the exact time of that thread had been set, although week 1 seems most plausible.

"Well, what do you like to do to keep yourself entertained?  Any hobbies or sports perhaps?"  Rifa asked.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
"Oh, well..." Kai thought for a moment, "Well, I like writing. I've got two books nearly finished, you know!" he said excitedly, but he manged to calm himself before it was noticable, "And, uh... oh, you like hoverboards? Because I've got a custom-built one!"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Surprisingly, I never have tried hoverboarding.  It certainly sounds like fun though." Rifa admits.

"I'm amazed," Pfeffa chuckles.  "Didn't realize there was a gadget Rifa hasn't tried to tinker with yet."

"Give me time Pfeffa, and I'll be able to make a board from components." Rifa bragged.

"Yes, but would it work?" Pfeffa asked, grinning like a child who is teasing an adult.

"Anyways, writing's a good hobby to get into.  What do you like to write about?" Rifa asked, ignoring Pfeffa's last question.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
"Before I answer, just let me say that you are not touching my board!" Kai warned, but only as a laugh, "And as for my writing, I do alot of fantasy. I've got a romance running in one: Flame of the Felynes and Kyet of the Canids!" he went red under his fur, "Oh, uh... a work in progress." he chuckled, "What Humans would call a 'Romeo and Juliet' story."

I guess they wouldn't mind if I joied them? Kairyu quickly thought, placing Angel in the large pouch-pocket in the front of his shirt and looking over at the food.

"I'll grab a plate and be right back, OK?" he said, before walking over to the food and thinking about what to have. Terran dishes were always strange.

Quote from: Madwolf
Osric felt slightly embarrassed as he now thought he had done too much posing. He felt shallow, like he was any other dumb jock. He decided to go back to the subject of cooking, especially concerning the prospect of altered recipes. The wolf sat in a chair near Rifa, Pfeffa, and Kai then spoke to Pfeffa.

"So what sort of dishes do you enjoy cooking?" Osric asked, hoping to redeem the conversation.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"I've always wondered what it would be like to be in a fantasy world." Rifa replied thoughtfully.  "It'd be doubly fun with a romantic interest to spice things up.  But it has to be someone handsome."  Rifa rests her head on her hands for a moment, looking at Kai in a slightly suggestive manner just before he goes to grab his food.

"Well," Pfeffa thought.  "I normally cook a dish centered around some sort of meat, and match the spices and vegetables to the meat.  The key is complementary ingredients, a combination where each part brings out the flavor of the other parts."

"She is one of the best cooks I've ever known." Rifa admitted.  "You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone with a better grasp on the culinary arts.  Good thing too, because her kitchen cabinets are a disorganized collection of just about every seasoning or herb there is."

"Hey, I have my own system of organization." Pfeffa shot back.

Rifa glanced over at Taera, who seemed fairly quiet.  "Are you OK there?" she asked.

Quote from: Madwolf
"Hm, yes, complementing the entree is usually the focus," Osric agreed, "but I've tried a few recipes where contrast was the key and they've turned out rather well. I will admit, though, it's usually preferred that the sides and such complement the main course because contrast can be risky. "

"I also prefer meat as the main course," the wolf continued, "Although I would bet that I use far less spice than you. Most of my recipes don't require much seasoning, so maybe you could come up with some interesting additions to them."

Quote from: Darius Fan
Quote from: Kairyu-shin
"Uh, sure. I'll leave Angel in my room. My roommate's are kinda used to getting bitten, anyway." Kai laughed.
<_<  Keep it up, and Rystall might bite you eventually.

Quote from: Kai
"Taera?" he asked upon hearing Rifa's next question, "Oh, uh, I guess that's up to her. She'll probably have a date by then, anyway- Everyone's always drooling over her! ...even me, I guess. Not surprising, really, given how she looks." he now laughed to himself.
Taera blinked and choked on her food.  With difficulty, she swallowed, giving the fox an incredulous look.  "Excuse me? Drooling?" she coughed.  "I'm really not that pretty.  Just average, I would think."

Recovering slightly, she gave Rifa a disintrested glance.  "I don't really like parties that much.  The loud music, the crowd, the screaming, the jostling... gives me a headache."  she grumbled, just the thought making her cringe and her ears fold all the way back.  "I'd only go if there was someone with me to make the headache worthwhile."

She glanced at Kai.  "And despite what you seem to think, it's unlikely that someone would invite me." she went on.  "I would not be the first to admit that most people think me 'weird' and 'flighty', rather than as an actual intrest."

Quote from: Osric
"I also prefer meat as the main course," the wolf continued, "Although I would bet that I use far less spice than you. Most of my recipes don't require much seasoning, so maybe you could come up with some interesting additions to them."
Dropping the subject, she rolled her eyes and laughed.  "I'll bet your favorite meal is a "big ol' steak", isn't it?" she retorted teasingly.  "The more flavor the better?"

OOC: I might add that Taera has not discovered Rystall at this point.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
OOC: I might add that Taera has not discovered Rystall at this point.
{OOC} Just you wait, then!

Kai came back a moment later, having managed to pick a rather basic choice of meal: Chicken curry with fried rice. Spice and starch were usualy big parts of what he normaly ate, and he was therefor glad to have found that Terran's had something along those lines. Upon sitting down, he replied to what Rifa and Taera had said.

"Fantasy/Romance is easy to pull-off because of how often you find them together. It's not really that hard for me, either- females I've dated say that I'm quite the romantic!" Kai smiled at Rifa, stabbing a fork into a piece of chicken. He laughed lightly as Taera almost choked from hearing his previous comment.

"And don't talk like that. If you're average, then some of the model's I've seen are dull!" it seemed like a hollow compliment, but Kai was actualy being honest, "And finding a date for the party's gonna be easy- I know lots of folks who'd fall head-over-tail for you! There's that Mouse I met in the Spaceport Caf?- he needs a bit of a confidance booster, like in the form of a date. Plus there's that Terran I've been hearing about- according to his records, he seems a bit of a charmer. Then I guess there's Rystall, too, but he's a bit... dull, sometimes." Kai shrugged, "I kinda rub him the wrong way, know what I mean?"

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: She's not gonna jump at the name, if that's what you're expecting.  Right now, the name is just a name, with small connections of memory attached.  Also, her view of how pretty she is derives more from personal modesty than low self-esteem.  That's Rystall's area.

Taera yawned at Kai's appraisal of her looks.  "If you say so." she replied agreeably, wishing he would drop the subject. 

At his three recommendations, she sighed. "And I doubt any of them would be interested.  Terrans seem to find the idea of any relationship with us strange, and a nervous mouse?  I would think he'd end up running away screaming before the date was over." she went on with a small laugh. She wagged a finger at Kai. "As for the last one, I doubt he's as dull as you think.  You're very... energetic, so I think anyone less so would seem rather boring to you.  Is he another fox?"

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai was now noticing in Taera's tones that she wanted him to drop the matter of her looks, and so he did. But he still had a few opinions running through his mind...

"Well, I don't know which would suit you." Kairyu replied, biting into another chunk of meat in his curry (with Angel staring from Kai's large pouch-pocket), "First off, Terran's are usualy a bit... 'odd', so I don't think the fact that you're a differnet species will apply to his view on you. They're also very open, too, which can be good." Kai was smiling through realisation of now much he noticed about people, "As for Leikki, he's really shy. Not so much as to run, like you said, but shy. I think all he needs is to be around someone he's comfortable with." he took a while to think of how to describe Rystall.

"As for ol' Rystall... he's a grey-coloured Wolf and bit of a lazy-bones. Most times I see him, he's half-asleep." he began, "He's a nice guy, on the whole; helpful and such. He has a definite desire to avoid certain conversation pieces, such as money, but wont just tell you to drop it. He hints." he looked down at his food, "And I guess he's my opposite in some matters. So, true, I am energetic and he would seem boring compared to me. But I think you'd like him."

Hm... methinks it time to put my job into action. I wonder if Rystall would mind me playing matchmaker? It'd certainly make him happier if he gets a relationship going, and make him like me, again!

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"To each her own." replied Rifa.  "I was born to party."  Rifa replies to Taera.

The curry chicken gives off a bit of a spicy touch that give Rifa a moment of discomfort, mainly owing to the spicy aroma.  The romantic claim also bothered Rifa a bit, but she made no sign of it.

"Well, I will have to read some of your material then." Rifa told Kai with a smile.  "I'll also have to see what Pfeffa thinks of it."

"Am I your test subject now?" Pfeffa asks.

"Oh come now, I've seen those novels of yours." Rifa replied.  "Quite the juicy material."

"Those were my cookbooks." Pfeffa retorts.

"No, I meant the other novels, the ones you hide beneath the bed?" Rifa says with a chuckle.

"Well, there was no room in the kitchen for them." Pfeffa answers her with a witty grin.

"At any rate." Rifa moves to a different subject.  "You're free to come, date or no date, Taera, but only if you want to.  It's nothing too formal.  And for the record, I think you look pretty."

As Kai lists off some names, Rifa ponders if they would be interested.  The mouse sounded a bit like Kylie, whom she knew would never come to a party without being forced to somehow.  She wasn't too sure what this Terran was like, "odd" being somewhat vague.  Rystall sounded like he was potentially interesting though.

"You've been busy meeting folks here I see." Rifa commented to Kai.

{ooc} The same thread where Rifa meets Taera for the first time is the one where Cedric first comes in.  Might I ask when in the timeline that event is set? I'm wanting to suggest it occurs mid to end of Week 1.  It has been accepted by all parties in the thread as being canonical to MARPG, but I don't know the timestamp of it.

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: How about day six of the first week?  From the events that happened, I'm inclined to say sometime in the afternoon.  Hope that is somewhat of a help.

Also, either this thread or the Daydream thread can to be canonical, but not both... they are incompatible, because it's impossible for someone to hear about someone for the first time in a long while and meet them for the first time on two separate occations.  Unless you have amnesia, which Taera doesn't.

Taera also found Rystall interesting, but for different reasons.  "Really... did you catch his last name?" she asked hopefully, her tail swishing excitedly.  "Is he somewhat mopey? Skinny?"

She grinned at Rifa.  "It seems there is a chance I might go after all..." she mused.  "Provided there wasn't a mistake."

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai looked over at Taera, chewing on a large mouthful of rice as he racked his memory. After a quick contemplation, he swallowed.

"Hum-something, I think. Uh... Humlee?" he responded, "Why do you know him?" he added, cocking his head and not noticing that Angel had managed to snatch some of his chicken and was getting curry sauce on the table. Kai was then too distracted by Rifa to notice.

"I get to know folks pretty quick." he told her, smiling, "But I think it'll be a long while before I know everyone, here, in the Academy, no?" he then asked, giving a small laugh, "So... your friend has novels under her bed, eh? Wanna read one of mine?"

Quote from: Madwolf
"I'll bet your favorite meal is a 'big ol' steak,' isn't it?" Taera had retorted in a teasing manner, "The more flavor the better?"

"Actually, steak is one of my favorites," Osric answered, "Though I haven't found too many recipes that have a really flavorful steak. Hey, Pfeffa, what kind of steak recipes do you have?"

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera giggled mischieviously.  "Indeed.  We were very good friends in transition school, before he ran off to Centralis." she replied, still grinning.  "As if he thought that would let him escape from me!"

Taera trailed off and stared at Kai.  "Um... I doubt that the novels under the bed are the same kind you write, Kai." she said delicately, then gave Pfeffa a sidelong glance and teasing grin.  "In fact, from thier hiding spot, I wonder if they are all innocent, pictureless novels."

OOC:  Hmmm... Playwuff? Furmapolitan? Heehee :P

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Karma had obviosly decided to pay Kairyu a visit after he laughed at Taera's small choke, because he almost did the same as she mentioned the 'novels'. But it was soon followed by a laugh- and a long one at that.

"Such a pretty young thing shouldn't know about that sort of stuff!" he joked, waving a finger, "But I, myself, am a reader of one of the best-selling: Vixen's Secret! Though I guess it's just males that look at that one, eh?" he continued with the joke, laughing harder. Still, he felt a chill go up his spine.

Why do I suddenly fear for Rystall? he thought.

Quote from: Red Falcon
OOC: Sorry for the disruption of ICness, but since it seems to be popping up in this thread multiple times, I felt I might as well just post and clear things up. With the current thread I'm active in the MARPG in mind, I figure {Lazy day} would have occurred at week 1, day 6. Whereas {A cynical arrival} would have taken place on day 2 of the same week.

:unsure: 'Course even with that decided, I'm still a little confused as to how Cedric's being mentioned here. After arrival he got stationed him on the mounty floor, people. (That's where humans tend to go, after all.) Meaning I haven't moved him anywhere yet, and he's currently roomed with mystery human NPCs. *Pokes Kai a few times* Although I do plan to move him to the main dorm, no future roomies should know he's going to be there, until shortly beforehand at the very least.

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: There was never any mention of him actually getting put on the mounty floor, Falcon.  It was just brought up that he would "likely be there."  The choice, as a player, is entirely yours, provided you find someone else to room with.  And what with our four-way agreement of rooming, I think it's understandable that Cedric was mentioned.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
{OOC} 'Scuse meh? I thought that the Spaceport was NC!? Since when does chronological-status apply? Or any logical status, for that matter!

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: It can be canon if you want it to be.

Taera raised an eyebrow.  "Young?  Little thing?" she repeated incredulously. She grinned wickedly. "Call me that again, and you may feel my teeth, fox!"

She was obviously joking, but with how wide and revealing her smile was, it made one wonder.  "You'll have to introduce me to your roommate sometime, Kai." she went on, leaning closer.  "Any idea when he'll become available?"

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai leaned back and his ears did the same, and he had a good reason to grin for once.

"I'll introduce you as soon as I get a chance!" he said quickly, aiming his fork in the air, "And as for when he's 'free', you'd be hard-pressed to find him doing anything outside of lessons! Jus' waltz right in and say I invited you over!"
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Re: (Spaceport) Of Wolf and Mars
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2010, 05:33:42 pm »
Quote from: Shippou-chan
{ooc}  That particular thread wasn't canonical by default, but RF had checked with everyone who participated in that thread, and we all agreed to accept it as having happened.  The date for it seems to be set as S2 W1 D2, sometime between mid-day to early afternoon.  From what I understand, this thread occurs before start of semester, since Osric hasn't been to a class yet.  Don't worry too much about the discontinuity for now though. 

The important thing is the interaction of the current characters in order to determine who they are, rather than setting up history for future encounters.  Whichever characters are accepted into MARPG will have a chance to figure out a past for the first part of their life here, and could arrange with other players to have met each other, and determine the circumstances of those meetings, and the results.{/occ}

"For steak?  Let's see." Pfeffa thought for a moment.  After a moment of thought, she commented on the basic quality of flavor for steak, suggesting marinating it in a combination of a red wine, worchestire sauce, and a mix of 3 herbs she particularly liked, ending her recipe with "I've found that works rather well for enhancing the flavor of most kinds of steak."  (Forgiveness asked if this combination tastes horrible, as I am not a cook)

"I'm sure we would both enjoy it, Kai."  Rifa replied with a smile.

Responding to Taera's assertion, Rifa exchanges glances with Pfeffa and responds, "No, they're not those magazines with lots of pictures of sopping wet guys wearing almost nothing."  Rifa thought of such materials as rather demeaning to guys, just as the flip side of the coin was for females.  Some things were meant to remain private.

"They're simply love stories told in order to give femmes like us a mushy romantic feeling, and wanting to find a guy of our own to experiment with," she continues.  "Isn't that right, Pfeffa?"

"Absolutely!" Pfeffa agreed.  "The mood has to be right, and the setting very personal."  Pfeffa makes a gesture as though she were announcing a great truth.

Quote from: Madwolf
(OOC: That stamp sounds accurate to me. I was going to first few days of the semester just before classes began. The time of day would be fitting as well, so you nailed it pretty well, Shippou-chan.)

"I might try that sometime," Osric said, scratching an itch on his head. He then listened as Rifa and Pfeffa described the reading material kept underneath their beds.

'Mood has to be right and the setting has to be personal, eh?' he thought, 'I should remember that as well. Almost makes me wonder how one of those romances would read if they like it so much. Nah, probably too mushy gushy.'

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai's head was working a mile-a-tic at that point. He could tell that Rifa was hinting, and he wanted to go to the party she had mentioned. But he was still afraid to ask, lest he face rejection and then mocking laughs. He had one way of asking 'privately', but he'd have to concider it first.

"Steak's not a favorite of mine, but a nice pepper sauce can make it one." Kairyu said, noting the sudden exchange of food ideas, "But I generaly avoid anything that takes more energy to chew than what it gives you." he added with a laugh.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera chuckled and shook her head.  "Personally, I think salads are tasty." she put in.  "Especially if you top them right.  Some cheese, perhaps meat slices, vinegar sauce... then it's good."

OOC: Incedentally, salad is one of the few things Taera can make without utterly ruining it.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"I can tell you for a fact Pfeffa's steaks tend to be rather tender." Rifa replied, "although a good salad can be surprisingly delicious."

"That might be because I tenderize it thoroughly before I cook it." Pfeffa replied.  "To tell the truth, I prefer setting the sidedishes right beside, and underneath, the main course.  That way, you get the flavor of the meat in the salad vegetables as well.  But there's nothing wrong with a well-made salad to the side."

"Now were you going to join me in asking our prospective dates if they are coming with us to the party, or are you going to wait for him to find the hints?" Pfeffa grinned, always slightly the more forward of the two.

"Don't embarass him that way Pfeffa.  I was sure he was gonna ask me anytime." Rifa answered.  "It would seem she has asked for me, but did you want to join our merry band for the party tonight?" She asked Kairyu.  "Taera and Rystall would be welcome to attend as well if they wanted, perhaps catch up on things."

At the same time Rifa was asking Kai, Pfeffa asked Osric, "So did you want to come along for a night of breaking in the new semester, Osric?"

Quote from: Madwolf
Osric grinned at the offer.

"Sure, I'd be thrilled to come," he answered, "and honored to come with you."

'This is going to be a great start to the semester,' the wolf thought, I bet I could make plenty of friends at the party.'

"So do you want me as protection, as well as a date?" Osric joked.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai did seem the rwgister the question at first, which seemed evident through the absolutely hilarious expression on his face. But, when it sunk-in, however...

"Yes, yes, yes!" Kairyu said quickly nodding fast and letting his tail twitch, "I'd love to go to the party with you! I just need to get someone to watch Angel, and I'm there!" he beamed. Angel, at that moment, was just sitting bordly in Kai's large pocket.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera shook her head.  "I said I might come." she clarified raising a finger.  "The decision lies entirely on whether I can drag Rystall there or not.  If he hasn't changed, he'll probably think it's more fun to sit in his room and mope."

The last was accompanied by a small sigh.  "He's cute when he mopes, though." she added, with a grin.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
"Ooh! Plan!" Kai beamed, looking over at Taera, "I'll tell Rystall that I've gone and set him up with a blind date. And if he says no, I'll just smile and say 'Fine, I need someone to watch Angel while I'm there' and then he'll come-a-running!" he laughed, petting the aforementioned Scythetail who squeaked in pleasure. Attention was something she adored.

"Best of all- it'd be a nice surprise for him to meet an old friend, again, eh? Or should that be old flame?" he laughed again.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Quote from: Kairyu-shin
"Best of all- it'd be a nice surprise for him to meet an old friend, again, eh? Or should that be old flame?" he laughed again.

Taera raised an eyebrow.  "I don't see how that's any of your business!" she sniffed, but ruined the huffy attitude by giggling.  "I take it he and Angel don't get along? I'm surprised... he usually gets along with pets... at least when I knew him."

She sighed again.  "He was also very good at slipping out of things he didn't want to get involved in." she went on. "He could just fade into the shadows at the last moment.  It wouldn't be the first time."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Well, a gentlewolf always protects his date." Pfeffa replies with a flirty grin.  "But if it helps, I can take care of myself as well, so it's light duty."

"Plenty of time until it all starts." Rifa smiles, noting Kai's eagerness.  "And I would be honored to have you along as a date."  Rifa winks and smiles.

It will interesting to see how romantic he can be.  Rifa thought, but didn't give good odds towards the other 2 coming along.  Perhaps it would be best if they met someone quiet to catch up, someplace where it would be easier to think.

Turning to Osric, Rifa replies, "You'll have to worry more about protecting yourself from her, even if she is harmless."

"Now, now.  I promise I'll behave myself for at least most of the night." Pfeffa chuckled.  "Especially if you know how to slow dance, Osric."

"At any rate, I can show you where it is after this meal." Rifa said.  "We can all meet up at the entrance at 8PM or so.  Watch her for me, Osric and make sure she behaves."

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai's mind was working like usual, and he was actualy thinking about how he looked, for once.

I wonder if she likes formal or casual wear? And should I rinse the dye out of my hair, too? No, she wont like grey... I'll keep the dye in. And what about colours? What clashes with blue? What DOESN'T clash with blue!? the look on Kairyu's face was unforgetable- mouth slightly open, eyes half-shut, ears back... so funny!

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"I think you blew his mind, Rifa." Pfeffa teased.

Rifa could see her date was worried about things tonight.  "Don't worry too much about tonight." Rifa told him.  "I'm sure it'll work out just fine."  And with that she leans over and kisses him on the cheek.  "I'll do my best to make sure it does."

"And she says *I'M* the one to look out for.." Pfeffa comments to herself audibly.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera frowned.  "Hey, no fair!  How come all of you get a boyfriend?" she teasingly pouted at Rifa and Pfeffa.  "And I'll be all alone... in a dark corner... with no one to hold me..."

He was unable to keep up the pouting for very long, though, and was soon doubled over with in a giggle fit.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Worry not." Rifa replied candidly.  "I'm sure an attractive wolfess as yourself will have no problems finding someone to dance with.  Plenty of people came without a date to the last one."

Rifa hoped that with her words, Taera would gain some confidence.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Asif Kai didn't have enough to overheat his head, Rifa had just kissed him!

"Gyah..?" was all he could mutter. He was fully aware of what was going on and his head was working normaly again, but his body was frozen for all but the real grin on his face, "I think my brain just stopped..?" he babbled. Angel was glaring at Rifa was jealous eyes.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera rolled her eyes.  "Ah.  Unattached males seeking someone to latch onto." she replied with a wry smile.  "That sounds like alot of fun.  But, again... I'm really not all that pretty."

She cocked her head curiously at Kai.  "Does that always happen when you kiss one?" she wondered out loud.  She giggled.  "That's actually kinda funny..."

Quote from: Madwolf
"At any rate, I can show you where it is after this meal." Rifa said. "We can all meet up at the entrance at 8PM or so. Watch her for me, Osric and make sure she behaves."

"Don't worry," Osric replied with a friendly grin, "I'll keep her out of trouble."

After he said this, he watched Rifa kiss Kai and chuckled as the blue fox seemed to go through a mental meltdown as a result.

"I wonder if that was his first kiss," the wolf whispered to Pfeffa, "He sure acts like it."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"I don't know." Rifa answered Taera.  "I never thought I would be *that* overwhleming."

"Try it again." Pfeffa teased.  "You might have a mate for life then."

Responding to Osric, Rifa replies, "Well, you'll have your hands full keeping her out of trouble.  I think she's full of mischief now."

Leaning over to Taera, Rifa whispers to her.  "Don't worry too much about it if you do go.  The main point is to meet folks, and enjoy yourself in the meantime.  I didn't have a date last time, and I didn't think I'd find one this time either.  And I had a blast anyways."

Pfeffa simply chuckles at Kai.  "Don't worry too much about Rifa.  She's harmless and fairly easy to please most of the time.  You'd only have to worry if your were a machine of some sort."

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai went into sudden shock over Pfeffa mentioning 'a mate for life', and almost fell backwards off of his chair. Angel just squeaked again and tried to escape from Kai's pocket.

"Gyah! I, uh... um... I'll..." he was in his usual overload from something or other, but had a good reason this time, "It's just a date, is all! Just a date!!!"

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera grinned.  "Hey, Rifa! Know what you could do?" she asked mischieviously.  "Find out how many kisses it takes to make him turn into jelly... heheh."

She winked at Kai.  "I'm sure he wouldn't mind too much..." she added.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Rifa chuckles a bit.  "Don't worry so much Kai.  I don't have any magnificent conquest planned.  Just a night of good, clean fun."

Rifa smiles happily and adds, "So you don't hafta worry about me laying claim on you or anything.  Besides, I'll save my next kiss as the goodnight kiss.  That way, you only hafta go from your door to your bed in jelly form."

Maybe that'll help him calm down a bit.  Can't party right if you're all self-conscious, or letting your hormones get the better of you?

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai 'arfed' and tilted his head, almost like a normal animal would. But he quickly shook himself back to reality.

"Well, um, a goodnight kiss wouldn't be enough to turn me to jelly." he laughed, "Now, a good morning one would! I'm not suggesting anything, though!" he was babbling and saying stupid things; it was official- Kai wasn't going to be much of a councillor if he was needing one every three days!

Quote from: Madwolf
"I don't mind having my hands full," Osric said, getting up and checking his luggage to make sure that it was all there.

Now that he was sure nothing had been stolen, he took up his bags and said, "Now I don't really know my way around just yet, so who would be willing to be something of a tour guide for me?"

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera checked something of her datapad.  "I've got nothing to do for a few cycles..." she admitted.  "I guess I could help you."

OOC: And get a feel for the new wuffie... :D

But I assure you my intentions are nothing but "honest".


Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Oh, it would take some doing to get a good morning kiss." mused Rifa.  "But goodnight kisses are fairly easy to earn."  Her words make it clear that while she might be flirty, she wasn't 'easy'.

"Gimme a moment to finish up and I'll join you." Pfeffa said, well into her meal, and more than capable of finishing on a whim, though she preferred to take her time.

"Sure one of us doesn't need supervision?" Rifa chuckles.

"I'll trust you this time Rifa.  Mostly cause they'll want to know where everything is." Pfeffa smiled.  "Are you about finished Taera?"  Pfeffa clearly didn't mind the other wolfess joining in.

"Keep and eye on them for me Taera.  A pleasure to meet you Osric." Rifa replies offering her hand.  "Pfeffa knows her way about pretty well."

Both Rifa and Pfeffa finished their meals.

"Are you doing OK?" Rifa asked Kai.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
"Me, okay? Yup! Fine! Never better!" Kai wasn't going to take much more hinting or flirting, no matter how subtle it was. He'd always been a target for the females back home, but they'd never tried anything because he'd been with Sarrisa. Now, though, he was single and being hit on... overload's would come by the shutle-load.

"Uh, I think I'd better go and pay for my food, okay? Be right back!" he rushed, getting to his feet but leave behind Angel, who'd gotten out of his pocket and at the remains of his meal.

Quote from: Darius Fan
"Keep and eye on them for me Taera. A pleasure to meet you Osric." Rifa replies offering her hand. "Pfeffa knows her way about pretty well."

Taera grinned.  "Of course!  I'll watch both of them very closely." she said with a snicker. "You can trust me."

She looked down at her plate, which was almost empty.  "Yeah, I guess I"m done."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Oh, excellent.  Thanks Taera." chuckles Rifa, knowing full well Pfeffa was at heart a sensible person like herself.  "I'll be waiting in front at 8pm."

"Meanwhile I think I made Kai nervous.  I'll see if I can calm him down or not."

Rifa looks at the small scythetail curiously.  "So you're Angel, eh?  Don't think I've ever really seen a pet scythetail before.  Quite adorable and loyal, aren't you?" Rifa whispers softly to the pet.

{ooc} I don't know if Rifa has met Lenisa officially, so my assumption is that she doesn't know Lenisa personally, but she has heard of her.  As such, I have decided not to mention her here.

Quote from: Madwolf
Osric gave Rifa's hand a solid shake.

"And it was a pleasure meeting you, Rifa," the wolf responded, "See you this evening."

Osric noted that the meals were finished, so he asked, "May I take your trays?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Certainly!" Rifa and Pfeffa pipe up in unison, offering their trays.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera chuckled at thier exhuberance, then offered her with a semblance of more dignity and restraint.  "Might as well take mine too, Osric." she said in a apathetic tone that likely fooled no one. "Someone's got to be mature around here."

Quote from: Madwolf
Osric took all three trays, emptied what remained on them into the garbage recepticle, then put the trays away. He dusted off his hands and said, "Alrighty. Let's get going. Lead on, Pfeffa."

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Angel just stared right up at Rifa, slightly confused. She had a small system set-up in her mind that helped her figure things out, but she had no clue this time around.

Tall blue thing - Brings food
Tall grey thing - Is food
Short red female thing - ???

{OOC} Tall grey thing is Rystall, by the way. She wants to eatses hims! Muahahahaha!

Quote from: Shippou-chan
It seems to be sizing me up. Rifa thought.  "Well, you certainly seem friendly." she told Angel.

"Did you want to see where it will be first?" Pfeffa asks, taking the lead.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Short, red female thing is like tall blue thing... smells very similar... Angel worked her way over to Rifa, and was indeed sizing her up. Angel saw Rifa as like Kai, so she assumed that the Vixen had food to give her.

"Back!" Kai shouted as he returned, still red under his fur from before, "So, where to?" he then asked, wondering where the others were going off to. Angel just chirped and squeaked at Rifa, like she did when she wanted food from Kai.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Well, I could show you where the event will be held.  After that, I assume you may want to get ready.  I don't mind helping you pick an outfit, or if you like what you have on, or have one in mind already, we could just hang out for a little.  I know of a garden nearby that's beautiful at night, and I know of another place where everybody gathers to socialize.  Your scythetail looks like he's a bit hungry."

Rifa is relieved to find she somehow has some snacks for Mekar in a pocket, and offers Angel a treat.

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"See where it is then get clothes... got it." Kai smiled, his ears twitching like usual hen he was excited... well, moreso than usual, "As for you-" he added as Angel snapped the treat from Rifa, pulling away quickly. Kai managed to catch her as she did, and placed her back in his pouch-pocket. Angel didn't struggle this time, and just munched happily on the small treat.

"Remind me to let you watch Angel when I next go out." Kai laughed.

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Taera cocked her head giving the little pet a lopsided grin.  "May I see your scythetail, please?" she asked Kai, holding out a paw in expectation.

Quote from: Madwolf
Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Did you want to see where it will be first?" Pfeffa asks, taking the lead.

"Sure. That way, I'll already know where the party is," Osric agreed. He just hoped that he didn't get lost on the way, however.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai bit his lip as Taera asked to see Angel.

"Uh... Angel doesn't seem to like Wolves, alot... but, if you're sure?" he asked, lifting Angel back out of his pocket and holding her infront of Taera. Then Angel started sizing-up, again...

New smell... like grey thing?

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera carefully took the scythetail from Kai, and began stroking her.  After a moment, she produced a small nut that she had collected from her meal earlier just for the occation and offered it to Angel.

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"Let's hold up a moment for Taera." Pfeffa suggests.

"Or we could check out the location together, since we all seem to be finished here." Rifa suggested.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Angel sniffed both Taera's paw and the nut she was holding, then began thinking again. Either bite the tasty one and get punished again, or actualy get food, for once? Chosing the latter, she snatched the small morsel from Taera's grasp and started eating it.

"Hey! She likes you!" Kai beamed, glad that Angel hadn't bitten Taera.

{OOC} "nut she was holding"- I am not referring to Angel! Heh!

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Osric was fine with waiting a bit. Besides, it was interesting to watch how the pet scythetail reacted to Taera. He was glad that Angel didn't bite Taera, but he would be unwilling to try petting the reptile, himself. He didn't want to risk his fingers and he was never much for reptillian pets anyway.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera smiled and scratched Angel under the chin, then hande her back to Kai.  "She's cute! What does Rystall think of her?" he inquired.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai took Angel back, who was 'purring' from the scratch under the chin. But he seemed rather reluctant to answer Taera's question.
"Well, uh... Rystall..." he mumbled, "He doesn't share a bedroom with me, just the dorm room, but Angel always sneaks in and... bites him."

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera frowned at the feasting scythetail.  "That's too bad... maybe you should keep you door closed?" she suggested.  "Anyway, let's get going!"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Pfeffa and Rifa are already up with their purses in tow.  Pfeffa taking position by Osric, and Rifa by Kai, and they give each other a glance and a grin.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai was started by Rifa's sudden movement to him, but he just smiled and let it slide, as he did with almost everything. He even knew he was half of a quarrel betwen friends (Osric being the other half).

"I do keep it closed." he said back to Taera, "But Angel's smarter than she looks. Small, frail, cute. smart and deadly." he laughed, suddenly thinking of- nah! He wouldn't dare think that!

Quote from: Madwolf
Like any good gentlewolf, Osric shifted his luggage so he could put out his arm for Pfeffa to take. He didn't mind being a part of any sort of friendly competition in between Rifa and Pfeffa as long as it remained friendly. He rather enjoyed the attention.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
{ooc} There isn't any sort of quarrel between the two.  It's not even really much of a rivalry, but more along the lines of anticipation of a fun night.  The teasing you saw between the two was a strange sort of sisterhood, a sort of silly game played between two people who know each other well and know not to take the other seriously.{/ooc}

"Most pets are smarter than they get credit for.  I ought to know.  My wisp, Mekar, likes to cause mischief every once in a while." Rifa responds.  "Fortunately Wisps aren't anywhere near as prying or troublesome as some other pets out there, particularly the ones which turn into large adults."

Pfeffa is pleased to take the arm offered her as the small party starts to leave and simply smiles.

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Taera gives a small frown at being the only unattached female at the moment, but says nothing and follows.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Rifa thinks for a moment and asks Taera.  "Say, do you have a pet, Taera?"

Quote from: Darius Fan
Teara blinked.  "Uhm... no?" she replied.  "Why?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"I was just curious." Rifa replied.  "You seem to be a natural with animals."

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera smiled.  "I spend alot of time in forests as a cub.  I learned how to handle animals..." she explained "It not that hard, really... it's surprising how forceful people tend to be... you have to work with them, not expect them to work for you... unless you're trying to break them or something."

She shuddered slightly at the last thought.  "But I guess it never occured to me to get a pet... my parents never let me keep one..." she admitted.  "Something about learning to follow directions before I can take on responsibilities..."

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai looked back at Taera, and the crush started working it's way back into his fuzzy little head. He felt guilty leaving her walking alone, so he slowed a bit so that he and Rifa were next to her.

"If you're so good with pets, could I ask something of you?" he asked, smiling politely as usual, "I usualy just leave Angel in my room, but she seems to torment my roomies alot. So..." his ears twitched, "If I ever need someone to watch Angel-?"

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Osric quietly listened to the conversation taking place as the group headed on. He wondered where the tour would begin, so to ask without messing up the conversation, he whispered to Pfeffa, "So, where are we going first?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Well, I think Rifa was gonna show her date where we're meeting first. From there, we have an hour or so to kill, and I'm not particular on where we go.  We could just walk and talk if you wanted."

Pfeffa smiled.

Quote from: Madwolf
"I'm fine with walking and talking if you are," Osric replied, smiling as well, "Though it would be nice to have a safe place to put my luggage. Don't want to have to be carrying it around all day, you know."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Well, then it seems obvious a stop by your place is in order." Pfeffa giggles.

"Hey Taera, did you want to help Osric here unpack?" she calls back.

Quote from: Darius Fan
Taera was muttering to herself.  "Something fuzzy would be pretty cute, but what if it sheds?  I don't want to have to clean up all the time..." he mumbled, distracted from the conversation.  "Then again, scales aren't as nice... hrm..."

She looked up with a start when Pfeffa address her.  "Huh?  What did you say?" she asked vaugely, her mind still occupied on other matters.

Quote from: Kairyu-shin
Kai's ears twitched and he looked at Taera.
"Small and cute work best." he shrugged, "Scales, feathers and fur are just side choices. Fur sheds, but it makes your pet really cuddly and cute. Feathers make for a beautiful creature, but they're not nice to hug. As for scales-" he picked Angel out of his pocket, "Shiney, non-shedded and beautiful. Though they do remove entire layers all at once..."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"I was wondering if you wanted to stop off and see Osric's room." Pfeffa repeats to Taera.  "He has to at least drop off his luggage, and who knows, maybe he has a roommate that wants to come with." Pfeffa giggles.

"Well if you want to get a low-maintenance pet, I can personally recommend a wisp.  They don't eat a lot, they're easy to clean up after, and have fairly well-behaved temperament." Rifa replies.  "Although I hear nakolets make very good pets as well, and aren't too much trouble to clean up afterwards."

Quote from: Darius Fan
OOC: Provided the Nakolet is not really a psycotic beast that was mislabled... and you're not Marcus. :P

Taera grinned.  "Okay, I'll come." she agreed.  "Um, I'll look into that.  I think a whisp sounds nice... nakolet too."
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