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(Spaceport) Volunteering
« on: March 08, 2010, 05:32:37 pm »
Title: Volunteering

Sub-Title: Setup for a Party

Creator: Shippou-chan

Start Date: May 3 2006, 06:54 PM

End Date: March 14 2006, 02:56 PM

Quote from: Shippou-chan
Noiya double-checked her list of what had to be done.  She had been asked to help with setting up an event for the students, and had agreed to do whatever she could, and was pleased to find that the plans for the event had been well-laid out.

It makes life so much easier when people are so organized.

Taking a look at the list, she had asked her husband to help with making the punch, and found several of the culinary students willing to help out with small snacks to help tide the hunger of the often-hungry students.  Now she needed to see about getting the various decorations where they needed to go, and looked to see who was available to help with the task.

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna set down the pastry bag and grinned.  She had been decorating a tray of appetizers consisting of green vegetable sticks stuffed with a nut paste and lined with dark dried fruit, adding realistic heads and legs to the fruit.  "Heh - 'ants on a log'."

Having finished her task, she glanced around looking if anybody else needed help.

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"How very clever" comments Noiya as she spies the treats.  "I'm always amazed by the talents of the students.  I was about to start hanging the decorations if you're available to help." Noiya says in a fashion indicating the choice is up to Prenna.

"Mostly some balloons and streamers around the edge of the room, and a couple of signs."

Quote from: daemonschile
"I can help."  Prenna chirps in, moving over towards Noiya, "Did you want to start with the streamers since that usually needs two people to hang if they're of any length?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"That would be excellent!" exclaims Noiya.  "Do you want to start at this end?  If a couple of other students show up I can start them from the other end."

Quote from: daemonschile
"Ok."  Prenna moves over to the pile of supplies and picks up a streamer roll.  "Did we want to do this in solid colors, or shall we braid multiple colors together?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"I don't think she specified, but it looks so much prettier when the colors are mixed together.  Don't you think?" Noiya smiles as she asks.

She has a good eye for this.

"Do you want to braid, or shall I?"

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna cocked her head slightly, "Well... I suppose it depends on how long you want each strand to be.  If it's going to be a very long strand, we could probably both braid it from the center out to get it done in half the time - as long as we don't braid in opposite directions and unbraid each other."

She grinned slightly, "But if it's not going to be too long, I'll be the anchor and you can braid.  I think you can reach a little higher than I can."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Well, we're only going a sixth of the room's length at a time.  Besides," the adult vixen muses with a smile, "I've always wanted a daughter just so I had an excuse to braid.."

Noiya quickly marks the hanging points for the streamers, and starts braiding from Prenna's end and works her way backwards towards her first mark and a nearby ladder.

Another ladder is already close to the entrance, ready for Prenna to climb

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna snickers a little, "Although having a son doesn't necessarily exclude you from opportunities to braid, but rather may limit which kind of braids they'll let you do."  Her smile widens, "Although braiding ribbons into his hair is probably out."

She carefully climbs the ladder so as not to tear the ribbon or pull it out of the vixen's hand and securs it at the marked level.  "Do you suppose we should put balloons up at the ends here before we move the ladder, or do the whole streamer circuit first and then come back for the balloons?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Good thinking.  It would save time to put the balloons up as we go as well.  And no, my son wouldn't let anyone put ribbons in his hair.  Too girly for a grown kit as himself." Noiya says as she gets about 2/3rds of the braiding done on this section.

"I'm just there in case he hurts himself accidentally or needs something.  That's a mother's life.."

Quote from: Darthtabby
A somewhat nervous wolf with white fur and red hair made his way into the hall, and was somewhat surprised by how empty it was.

Maybe I'm not so late after all, he mused.  Nevertheless, he greeted the others by saying,

"Sorry I'm late.  I keep forgetting how poor my navigation skills are."

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Always glad to have another helper." Noiya replies pleasantly.  "We just started on the streamers, and probably going to hang the balloons at the same time.  I think most of the others are still working on various dishes for the party."

Quote from: Darthtabby
Jared's nodded.

"Alright then.  Where do you want me?  I'm know a bit about cooking, I might be able to help with that if they need any more people."

OOC: Any chance of making them have enough people already?

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"Well.." Noiya says as she thinks.  "I believe snacks are fairly well covered already.  I could check after we get done hanging the streamers and balloons if you like.  Until then, could you help us with this?"

{OOC} No problem.

Quote from: daemonschile
Prenna grins at Jared from up on the ladder, "Want to hand up a couple of balloons for me to tack on while you're there?  Unless you think you can reach the ends without the ladder..."

The tip of her tail twitches a little, "Although I wonder if we've got enough balloons there, or if we need to blow up a few more?"

Quote from: Shippou-chan
"We can hang what we have, and inflate some more when we need them." Noiya replies, finishing one braided section and moving to set it in place on the wall.
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