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Title: Tyberius "Frost" Luthera
Post by: Frost on May 12, 2007, 09:31:25 am
Name: Tyberius " Frost"  Luthera

Species: Wolf

Age: 22

Type: Mechanic Leadsman

Function: Lift Maintenance / General Upkeep of Academy Equipment

Quote: "If your gonna be dum, you better be tuff."   

   Frost is a generally good natured guy. He laughs alot, his ideal is that laughter is good medicine. So he trys to make everyone around him laugh and smile. He is a very proud individual, and takes pride in all he's done. On occasion he gets a little moody, usually when a problem arises he can't fix. Frost has a terrible temper, when it arises. Most times he laughs it off. But it on rare occasions it gets the better of him, when that happens Frost seeks to be alone. At times such as this he goes to some place quiet to calm down and clear his head. He never laughs at anyone in trouble unless the they thinks its funny. Frost is also highly opinionated and will speak his mind given the chance. His English has a bit of slang to it. Sort of a southern accent, due to the fact that the person he learned it from spoke horrible English.

What does he like?
   He enjoys helping others very much. Most especially children who usually ask him to fix a broken toy of somesort. He loves videogames and rock music from Earth. Graveball is a favorite pastime, although he longs to play Earth sports such as golf and professional bass fishing. He is attracted to any thing shiny.

   Frost dislikes anyone who would harm a cub or female. He doesn't enjoy seeing others being made fun of. Those beings who think their better than everyone else should steer clear of  him. To him everyone is equal. He doesn't like to talk about his past childhood. He doesn't like for anyone screaming in his face. Anyone looking over his shoulder while he works makes him nervous.

Strong points
   His pride is one of his strong points, because of this he is very devoted to his job. When he starts a project he'll see it through to the end whether good or bad. His emotional strength is enormous. He never panics in a crisis, saying "Panicing only makes the situation worse because you lose your head."

Weak points
   For him his pride is a double edged sword. More than once his pride has gotten him in big trouble. If someone tells him he can't he has to show them wrong.  If told he can't do something and him knowing he can't, he'll try anyway. Most always with bad results. When ever his pride is hurt, he will laugh and bottle his shame up inside himself.

What he wold never do.
   He would never pick a fight or needlessly harm anyone. Frost would never harm or verbally abuse a female or cub. Talking out a problem is more his style and he'll try that first. He won't throw the first lick, but he won't take one without giving one back either. If his temper flairs up it is uncertain what he will do.

How he interacts with others.
   He works well with others. Although he prefers to work alone. This keeps his job simple, not having to go behind someone else looking for screw-ups. Occasionally a job comes up were he can't do it alone, at such times he welcomes the assistance.

  No kind of regular weapons. No knives, guns, or explosives. Although he does carry a bag of tools with him most of the time. Hammer, wrenches, a small torch, etc. Even if it comes to a fight, he won't use his tools as weapons. In his opinion using a weapon is the cowards way out.

   Tyberius " Frost" Luthera is a mature male wolf of medium build. He weighs 237lbs. and is 7' 5". His coloration is brown with blond on the tip of his tail. Blond feet and hands, and blond on his chest and belly. His hair is short with blond tips. His eyes are gold with green in them. His clothing is a bit tacky by most standards. Blue denim pants, short sleeve shirt of some color (depends on  what he's got clean at the moment), and a black vest with several pockets bulging with what he calls useful items. Small flashlight, lighter (for his torch), and useally a bag of sunflower seeds. On his forehead he wears welding goggles.

Quality's and traits
   Frost works well with others and is good at solving problems. He has a nack for making due with what he's got. I believe he would make a good instructor someday. But for now maintenance is fine for him. He's an accomplished welder and carpenter. He is also a tinker, meaning he likes to build useful items, or useless items. Such as a hoverboard with a small propulsion rocket for more speed. He broke two ribs when it exploded.

Why the Academy
   He ended up on Mars because he was a mechanic on a delivery barge that was making a stop there. He got off and never got back on. Asking for a job  he was asked what were his skills, he was hired on after a short hands-on test. He's one of many mechanics working at the spaceport. He doesn't want to go back to Cyantzium, to many memories he says.

   His goals are to one day visit Earth, and hopefully be head Engineer at the academy. He doesn't want to be a Tech-no Mage, "to many implants" he says. "Besides the though of warping from one place to another really freaks me out." Frost wants to visit Earth as a tourist. As of the current situation Earth is too dangerous to be a tourist stop.

Opinion on other wolves
   He doesn't rank himself physically Superior to other wolves. Just mentally 'more prepared' for situations where ingenuity is needed. To him wolves are like any other species you have those you like and those you prefer to stay away from. Females are always a problem for him. If there are any single females in sight range, he'll can usually be found trying to get their names etc., providing he can get a minute to do so. He has come back from such ventures with a bloody nose or black eye.

Other species
   Foxes, felines, etc., his out look is the same as for wolves. You have good personalities and bad personalities.
A curious species to Frost are the handful of skunks at the academy that smell un-skunky. Peaches, strawberry, cedar, and mint. He just can't figure that fact out. Humans are an oddity to Frost, they have no fur, and flat faces. He finds them fascinating to be around. The though of a whole planet where his species is domesticated by these creatures fascinates and scares him.

   Frost's history is a sad one. He was born to a pair of low class wolves in one of the northern wolf-cities. They lived on the sixth floor of an apartment complex. His father was a security officer, and a bit of a junky. His mother was home all day taking care of Tyberius. His father and mother were not a happy couple. Father worked all day and came home late. Usually in a bad mood. Some nights his parents would argue and fight. Father always won in the end. He would leave for a day or so, and return all sorry, begging for his mate to take him back. Which being the loving  individual she was, did.
   One night however, when Tyberius was about ten, Father came home messed up on something. He kicked the door down and yelled out "Come here you *____*, and bring that little brat with you!" Tyberius was on the couch when his mother came running into the room. His father pulled out a  small beam saber and quickly slashed his mate across the chest. Mother was able to step back quick enough to keep from being sliced half in to, but the damage was done. As she lay there on the floor bleeding out watching with horror as father turned to Tyberius and said " your turn brat" With a snarl that would be later explained as a roar, Mother threw herself headlong in to her deranged mate. The force of her attack driving them both out the shattered doorway and over the banister rail. Where they fell to their deaths.
   Tyberius' remaining family took him in only to send him to an orphanage after a short time. After all he had been through he never spoke more than two words to anyone at a time. He never laughed, if he tripped and fell down he never cry-ed. No one could ever get an emotional responce. The other children stayed clear of him saying he was weird. The Mistress of the orphanage would tell anyone who came to adopt what had happened to him and say it left him cold. the other children would over hear these conversations, in doing so they nicknamed him Frost, for being so emotionally cold.
   Sadly he bounced from one foster home to another only to return to the orphanage. This went on until he was thirteen.One winter, after being sent back to the orphanage, snow was falling and the head mistress let all the children out to play. While out there, one of the older children a young grey wolf about fifteen, started picking on a new kid. A female blue fox kit about eleven years of age. Named Maria Vonhirum, she was a sweet child alway laughing and singing. Maria was the only one who could get Frost to speak, though only through persistence could she make him laugh. Frost took a liking to Maria, but he never showed it.
   The bully started calling her names, making her cry. This made Frosts temper slowly start to creep up. She called him a name back. In responce the bully punched Maria on the nose. Frost snapped he'd never been so mad. With a snarl he plowed into the bully, knocking him to the ground. In a flash Frost was on top of him, with his fang around his adversary's throat he proceeded to bite into his enemy's jugular vein, were life bubbled beneath the surface. Then with a loud crack, everything went black.
   He came to later on a bed inside the orphanage. The head mistress had seen what happend, and hit Frost over the head with her walking stick. Security officers came and took Frost away telling him if his jaws had been stronger he could have been convicted of murder. As the carried him out the door Maria rushed up and hugged his neck saying "You would kill someone for me, why?" Frost responce was more than what was expected, "Maria you are a good person, you are kind and gentle. I could not watch him hurt you and do nothing. I sat by once before and lost it all. Never again! Maybe someday I'll see you again. Goodbye friend." With that he was hauled away.
   He ended up in a southern wolf-city mental asylum. Several months of therapy helped to put his past behind him. After he was listed as stable he was released. He was banned from returning to the orphanage. He was finally taken in by an old mouse named Joseph. Joseph was a head mechanic at a spaceport, and he put Frost to work right away. "Dat boy needs a purpose" he would say in his own slang. Working at a spaceport as a helper he learned to fix craft. He discovered he liked fixing things. In working with old Joseph Frost learned (bad) English. When he turned sixteen he got a job as an assistant mechanic on a cargo barge and left Cyantian. Before he left he asked Joseph what did he think?  Joseph told him, in his own particular way, "You grown enough to do what you want. But I say you never give up, and you never lose." He hugged Josephs neck and got on the starcraft. With tears in his eye's he waved goodbye. The door shut and Joseph passed out of his life.
    He worked for the Capitan of the cargo barge for five years. Fixing damage to the hull, and loading and unloading cargo. Then finally the ship he was on went to Mars. He got off totally amazed. After a short while in port the Capitan asked him to accompany him to the ports head office. Frost asked the Capitan what they were doing, the Capitan told him " Their taking applications for mechanics, and your going to sign up." Frost looked confused. "I'm not taking you with me when I leave here. You've got potential Tyberius, and I won't let you waste it being a simple mechanic on an old run down ship like mine."  " Make something of yourself . Make it to were when you look back you can say I did that, and I have no regrets."    After a short hands-on test he was hired on as a mechanic. He's been at the academy for about a year now. Living in a small apartment close to the spaceport.
     Frost has tried more than once, since landing on Mars, to find his childhood friend Maria Vonhirum. Sadly the orphange they met in wont give out any info on her were abouts.
Title: Frost's apprentices
Post by: Frost on August 04, 2007, 07:03:05 pm

Name: Vaughn Orion

Species: Wolf

Age: 16

Type: Mechanics Student

Function: Apprentice

Personality: Excitable. Aggressive.

Description: Vaughn is one of a set of twins. His coloring is a brownish black. His eye's are green. He is always found dressing like his twin brother Virgil, usually pants and a long sleeve shirt. Height is 6' 11", growth spurt pending.

Name: Virgil Orion

Species: Wolf

Age: 16

Type: Mechanics Student

Function: Apprentice

Personality: Excitable. Aggressive

Description: Virgil is one of a set of twins. His coloring is a brownish black. His eye's are blue. He is always found dressing in pants and a long sleeve shirt. Height is 6' 11", growth spurt pending.

History (Vaughn & Virgil): The twins have an affliction with authority. Their father was killed in the Teraplex war. They finished off their pre-adult lives with no father figure to guide and answer all those important questions. Vaughn and Virgil aren't quite certain about what to make of Frost. They see him as an enigma, he's grumpy one moment, and laughing the next. Little do they realize he's trying his best with his own limited father experiences.

Title: Re: Tyberius "Frost" Luthera
Post by: Frost on March 25, 2008, 04:42:32 pm

The supposed girl friend of Tyberius Frost Luthera.


Name: Zeeka Crassadon

Species: Wolf, Female

Age: 21

Type: Minor Security/ Partime Cafeteria Worker/ Girl Friend

Function: To uphold the law, and serve dinner.

Personality: At times she's air headed. Other times her wit is sharp. When it comes to her Security job she's a no nonsense person.

Description: Height is 6' 4". Coloration is black with grey. Black ears. Green eyes.

Added Pic for example of coloration: