CaidenKoel Chapter 01 09
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  1. Mmm, yeah, peacock in looks, peacock in attitude.

  2. Zealith

    Karu is pretty! I feel a bit bad for them.

  3. nokota

    I like his coloring. Just because his ear-feathers look a little bit peacock-ish doesn’t mean he’s a strutting showoff, we just met him. Heck, Caiden might refuse to stay with Koel once healed and she’ll wind up with this fellow: He did say he wasn’t worthy to be her mate with just one foreleg, right? It’s all up in the air. He is very pretty. I like the color pattern.


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  1. Ah, glad it’s not goodbye forever with Vas!

    Speaking of Caiden and Koel, just wondering when you’ll need me. I’m free to work on it anytime.