Chapter 13 02
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  1. The new site is AWESOME! I am loving it! Can’t believe the Vas storyline is almost done… I’ve been reading it since I was much younger lol. Very nostalgic. I’m sure for Syke as well!

    Interesting that during the hunt, only the two young Shivae with wings participated, and all the wingless Shivae held back…. I wonder if winged Shivae are considered better hunters?

    • Whoops! Never mind, I missed them in panel 2 on the previous page until I looked again lol. They blend in so well! XD

    • TiffRoss

      Thank you so much! I still have some tweaks to make on it, but overall, I’m also much happier with this. It’s easier to manage and navigate.

      I know you saw them, but they all play their parts. The ones without wings at their age, while fast and nimble, are better off staying hidden since they’re not big enough to attack anything. They make good diversions and send the prey off into the direction of the ones actually waiting for the kill. The winged ones are bolder in their interaction, simply because they have far more mobility! :D


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